The new character Chii Aruel brings free items and great events!

Chii finishes off her opponents with nimble sword techniques. Her Katana ‘Daito Fatale’ is the manifestation of her mixed nature – for she is a blend of girl, cat and SoulDreg!

Are you ready to discover Chii’s soul? Be prepared because she’s a character who will demand a lot from you! She starts with a few skills at level 14 in Candus City.

Here is your gift<3

You’ve decided to forge a path with Chii at your side? Excellent! Get the free pack with great items in the in-game shop for a perfect start!

  • 1x Chii Aruel Poster
  • 1x Random Dye Pipette
  • 1x Inventory Expansion Ticket
  • 10x Bonus Keycard
  • 10x HP & SF Kit
  • 10x Respawner

Chii Sprint! Event

To celebrate the new SoulWorker Chii Aruel, we’re also running the Chii Sprint! Event. This runs in the same way as previous Sprint! Events.

Running: from 17/9 to 10/10/2019 (at 9 AM CEST).

Event: Turbulent Beach Holiday

Snorkels, fishy hats and all sorts of summer fun await you!

:!:How it works:

  • The Turbulent Beach Holiday event is running from 17/9/2019 to 10/10/2019.
  • Visit the Event Grutin, who is in Grace City, and buy a ‘Turbulent Beach Holiday Orb’ for 100 dzenai – or get the orbs from the in-game shop.
  • Each day you can receive 3 orbs, but you can enter the event dungeon up to 10 times a day if you have gathered more orbs during the event period.
  • The reset for the purchase of orbs and the event dungeon is daily at 9 AM CEST.
  • The orb can be purchased from level 1. But you can first activate it at level 26 to then enter the event dungeon.
  • Once the event ends on 10/10/2019 you will be unable to activate the orbs.

MORE FREE ITEMS: During the event period, we’ll give you a ‘Refreshing Watermelon Box’ per account every Saturday and Sunday. Get what you need from the in-game shop!

Don’t want to charge blindly into the unknown? Here’s an overview of what’s in store for you in the event dungeon:

  • You’ll bump into beauties Nita and Naran in the dungeon, along with their minions, who are all dressed in summer outfits. Defeat them so that the final boss appears.
  • The defeated monsters will sometimes leave ‘Refreshing Watermelons’. Gather these to exchange them with the Event Grutin for some summery items.

Have fun discovering Chii’s combat style and events!

The SoulWorker Team