A new update is available for your favourite game – this time it’s all about our heroes. What does that mean? Keep reading and find out what you need to know about Desire Workers:

More Power for Your Heroes

With Desire Workers every playable character now can receive a new ability: SinForce!

  • When SinForce is activated, some of your character’s abilities are strengthened, and you be more powerful than ever before.
  • Get in touch with your alter ego – give your hero a special, new outfit including an alternative voice.

Now Play Viilor’s Altar Solo

Prove yourself in this new solo district and you’ll unlock the SinWorker quest if successful.

The quest for this district is given to you by Yorhaka who you meet as an NPC in Grasscover Camp this time.

Get the Yorhaka Ticket (Rating) to take part in a solo ranking for the district. You get the ticket from Xivus in Grasscover Camp and in Dipluce Horizon.

The SinWorker Quest Series

You can start the brand new SinWorker quest series as soon as you have completed the district mentioned above or the corresponding quest series and have reached level 65. You must also have unlocked the first and second Nova skills.

As soon as these requirements are met, travel to Grasscover Camp and meet Tenebris who entrusts you with the SinWorker quest.

Following the quest, the new SinForce Explosion skill replaces your second Nova skill.

Your New Ability

Your can use your new ability, SinForce Explosion, when destroying enemies in a maze. This gives you SoulNova which is needed to activate your new ability.

By activating the ability, you perform special attacks and the strength of some of your abilities increases. (By opening your skill overview, you can see which of your skills are improved by SinForce – pay attention to the red highlights and icons with purple borders.)

The SinWorker Outfits

Once you have completed the first SinForce quest from Tenebris, you can receive a new quest from Yorhaka in which you can earn the material for your SinWorker outfit as a reward.

After making your outfit, equip the new Equalizer to make your hero speak with the voice of a SinWorker in battle! (You can only change the voice outside of missions.)

Records of the Corrupt

Now it’s Erwin’s and Haru’s turn – with the sequel to ‘Records of the Corrupt’ you can now relive the memories of both SoulWorkers and learn what circumstances made them the heroes they are today!

  • For single-players starting at level 60.
  • The district is available after completing the ‘According to Plan’ key quest.
  • You can gain entry to the episodes of the new district using a warp item from the ‘Dirty Shelf’ NPC in Grasscover Camp. The warp item from Episode 5 can only be acquired 1x per day.