SoulWorkers need some downtime too! Starting at level 8 you can chill out in your own room.

Use the following options to enter your home:

  1. Press H to open up you accommodation menu. In the top-right there is a button that you can press to get to your appartment.
  2. In every town (excepting the Golden Citadel) there is a device with the name of Home Manager. You can use this to reach your home too.
  3. Visit Rucco Town and speak with the NPC Glain. After a short dialogue you will receive the Carpenter Set, which holds some crafting items you can use to make furniture. Additionally, you will get access to your new Home.

The Sprint! Event: Get the Art Nouveau Furniture

The Sprint! event kicks off with the new update, located under the following symbol:


:!:Event running: from 7th June to 21st June 2018

How the Sprint! Event Works

  1. Click on the event symbol in the top-right, next to the minimap.
  2. Complete the quests in the ‘Round 1’ tab and you will receive their stated rewards.
  3. A new round will be activated every day.
  4. You can complete quests from previous rounds on later days during the event period, should you wish to.
  5. Once you have completed all the quests in the event for 7 days, you will receive the event qube ‘Art Nouveau Furnishings (Event)’ and the rounds will start again anew.

Contained in the event qube:

  • Art Nouveau Wallpaper (A)
  • Art Nouveau Floor (A)
  • Art Nouveau Mirror (A)
  • Art Nouveau Terrace Door (A)
  • Art Nouveau Window (A)
  • Art Nouveau Entrance Door (A)
  • Art Nouveau Floor Mat (A)
  • Art Nouveau Bed (A)
  • Art Nouveau Chair (A)
  • Art Nouveau Table (A)
  • Art Nouveau Cabinet (A)
  • Art Nouveau Iron Bath Tub (A)
  • Art Nouveau Table Clock (A)
  • Art Nouveau Vase (A)
  • Art Nouveau Ceiling (A)

:!:Important: You can access housing at level 8 but the quest is available once you are on level 10.

What are you waiting for? Your beautiful apartment with a great terrace awaits!

The SoulWorker Team