Lilly hits Full Madness!


Cute curls and an adorable outfit paired with this glassy stare and a bloodthirsty scythe – this is Lilly as she lives and cleaves. Now available, she is here to give her enemies the full force of her madness: Lilly’s soul bulks up with the class expansion quest, available at level 57.

The other characters will be getting their class expansions in coming updates, so that we can ensure all characters are at the same level as soon as possible.


Lilly’s Free Box


In celebration of the class expansion we’ve put an item pack together that you can collect for free in the in-game shop. Simply check the Top Offers category.

The offer is available until 13/11/2018.

Included in the pack:

  • 1x Lilly Bloommerchen Figure
  • 1x Powder Blue (Lilly, hair colour)
  • 1x Inventory Expansion Ticket
  • 10x Respawner
  • 10x Bonus Keycard
  • 10x HP & SF Kit

Your In-Game Home in a Lilly Style


Together with Lilly’s class expansion, you have the chance to get Lilly Style furniture and decorations. Feel as happy as can be in Lilly’s noble yet morbid home!

Included in the ‘Lilly’s Home (Decorations)’ pack:

  • 1x Lilly Bloommerchen Poster
  • 1x Lilly Bloommerchen Figure
  • 1x Lilly’s SD Doll
  • 1x Lilly’s Decorative Cardboard Cutout

Included in the ‘Lilly’s Home (Furniture)’ pack:

  • 1x Lilly’s Noble Bed
  • 1x Lilly’s Emblem Mat
  • 2x Lilly’s Morning Chair

Give your madness free rein!

The SoulWorker Team