[11/10 - 8/11/2018] Halloween Event: Trick or Treat!


A mysterious anomaly has leapt out of the Great Void and is now spreading across the towns of Cloudream. The Starry Forest League has discovered that small metal pieces appear when specific mission parameters are completed. Spooky pumpkin heads seem to grin uncontrollably as soon as you hold the coins in your hands.

And so they were given their name: Halloween Coins.

Yet the scientists suspect that this anomaly will only hold out till 8/11/2018. They recommend that all SoulWorkers gather these pieces of metal as fast as they can.

They are totally harmless, but really valuable: research seems to suggest that the anomaly will reach its peak at the end of October and that the coins are well suited as a material for skins, costumes, titles and decorations.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click on the ‘Daily Quest’ symbol next to your minimap.
  • The Daily Quest window will open. Select the ‘Events’ tab and select one or more of the following event quests:
    • Terror in Rucco Town
    • Terror in Candus City
    • Terror in Grace City
    • Terror in Ruin Fortress
    • Terror in Grasscover Camp
    • Terror in Steel Graves
  • Complete up to 6 event quests each day (amount dependent on how many towns you have unlocked).
  • As a reward, you will receive Halloween Coins among other things, which you can then use to produce the following items up until the end of October as part of another event:
    • Halloween weapon skins
    • Yin Yang Costume
    • Halloween decorations
    • Event title


Further research from the Starry Forest League:

  • You can complete the event quests daily with all characters.
  • Halloween Coins cannot be stored in the Bank.
  • If you have no plans to create anything using the Halloween Coins, they can be sold to an NPC for 50,000 dzenai.

Have a spooky time!

The SoulWorker Team