The latest report from Starry Forest League Scientists: the magical vibrations of the Akasha Cards have changed! There are now not only new Akasha Cards but their production has also been adjusted. There is also a special login event running till maintenance on 25th July, 2019, that can get you the new Akasha Cards!

Here’s the full scientific status report: General Information

  • The user interface has been adjusted. Among others, you now have a better view of your cards!
  • Hidden Akasha Cards now manifest when you fuse two of the same card.
  • There are new Akasha Cards and Transmitters in circulation!
  • Starting now, you can transform Akasha Card Skills into Akasha Cards without having to depend on NPC Shiho.
  • When you fuse cards, you will receive a random Akasha Card that has one more star than your fused cards.
  • The names for the card ranks have been changed.

Akashic Key

  • WARNING! The magical aura of the Akashic Key is weakening! They are already no longer tradeable and after incoming analysis can only continue to be used for 1 more month.
  • Starry Forest Statisticians confirm that the prized keys no longer drop in districts. You can now find low-quality NeoSanctum Transmitters there instead.

Akasha Cards and Transmitters

  • The new Akasha Transmitters now also hold never before seen Akasha Cards!
  • The old Akasha Transmitters work as before.
  • Star, Nebula and Galaxy cards have lost their magical shine and can no longer be used in the production of Akasha Cards. All NPC traders will however pay their customers a small amount of compensation for each card in the form of dzenai.
  • Cards with 1 or 2 stars have transformed into premium cards!
  • The NeoSanctum Transmitters hold the new Akasha Cards.

Akasha Event

To make the switch-over to the new Akasha Card system as frictionless as possible, the scientists of Starry Forest League have created a special event.

Event period: from 4th July till maintenance on 25th July 2019.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll have the chance to get 1 free NeoSanctum Transmitter every day!
  • You will receive various Akasha Transmitters as a reward after 30, 60 and 90 minutes of login time.

New Akasha Cards in the In-game Shop

The Akasha Transmitters are also available in the in-game shop. With these versions, the chance of getting a new Akasha Card is twice as high!

Have fun collecting!

The SoulWorker Team