All data on the Lakasha (DE), Rucco (FR), Grace (PL), Amaryllis (ES) and Uriel (IT) servers has now arrived safe and sound in Candus (EN)!

Simply log in as usual and get to know thousands of SoulWorkers on a shared European server! Enjoy packed instances in all level ranges and battle with friends old and new for the survival of humanity.

What has happened?

  • As previously announced, the Lakasha (DE), Rucco (FR), Grace (PL), Amaryllis (ES) and Uriel (IT) servers have been merged into the Candus (EN) server.
  • In total there are now 2 servers for SoulWorker: Candus, the European server, and Tenebris, the (unchanged) North American server.
  • The following languages are now available: EN, FR, DE.
  • All European characters are now located on Candus. If you now have more than 6 characters as a result of the server merger, these characters will now be spread across multiple pages in the character selection pane. You will have 4 weeks of free access to these and can then play all your characters as you desire and distribute them across the pages as you wish.
  • Move the 6 characters which you wish to play with in future to page 1. Once the 4 weeks end, the other pages will be locked. If you wish to continue playing with a character on one of the other pages, you will first need to delete a character on page 1 and then you can transfer a character from one of the other pages to the first one.
  • Your name/guild name may have been changed. Read more on this in the FAQ:
  • Running offers in the Auction House will be cancelled and sent back to the owner via HEMS.
  • All items that are currently located in your apartment will be sent to you via HEMS.
  • If you have more than 6 flower pots in your garden, these will be refunded to you.
  • The VIP boosters on all your characters that were located on European servers will be combined/added to the destination server.
  • We will send all the items in your bank and your HEMS inbox that were located on European servers to your HEMS on the destination server.

What exactly is going to happen to the language versions?

  • The translations for Italian, Polish and Spanish will be removed from the game and the website (and Steam).
  • The game clients on which the languages Italian, Polish and Spanish were installed prior will likely download the English version on login.
  • Support will continue to be available in the Italian, Polish and Spanish languages.
  • A while after the server fusion, the Italian, Polish and Spanish forum sections will no longer be available. The topics created under the ‘General Discussion’ section in each language will be transferred to the English language forum and you will be able to continue there in each language in the subforums. All other sections of the English forum will continue to be operated in the English language.

Why are the languages being removed?

Unfortunately the amount of players in SoulWorker has reduced as time has passed. Uniting all European players on one server is an important step in the construction of a large and active community. Removing three of the languages from SoulWorker helps us to reduce the time resource costs in translation so that we can release updates faster. We are currently working on releasing the updates as fast as possible. We will continue to try carry out at least one update each month, particularly large updates such as the new character Chii Aruel. Reducing the translation time is necessary in order to get the update out as fast as possible. Any questions? Take a look at the FAQ, ask us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) or in the forum.

On to new missions!

The SoulWorker Team