Make Room, the New Chii is Here!

SoulWorkers who enjoy charging into battle as Chii have something to be happy about – the new Chii is here! But what has changed? We’ve given Chii 6 new skills to keep her enemies on their toes. Plus her transformation appearance for Budo S has been altered.

6 New Abilities for Chii

  • Indestructible
  • Kyudo Fatale
  • Shin Zen Bi
  • Budo 1b - Mistral
  • Budo 2: Red Kiwi
  • Budo S - Purrfect Dusk

Event: Turbulent Beach Holiday

It’s hot! Really Hot! So all the SoulWorkers are meeting up for a Turbulent Beach Holiday. You should join the fun! The event starts on 6/8 and there will be great items to win – look forward to summer fashion, energy converters, anti-destruction items, Akasha transmitters, Chip Flexor Dispensers and more valuable rewards!

Here’s how to get into the summer fun:

• Starting at level 26 you can enter the event district.

• Purchase a Turbulent Beach Holiday Orb for 50 Grutin Gold at one of the Mister-o-Mats you can find in any city.

• Each day you can receive 3 orbs.

• You can enter the event district three times a day.

• The reset for the purchase of orbs and the event district is daily at 9 AM CEST.

• The orb can be purchased from level 1. But you can first activate it at level 26 to then enter the event district.

• Once the event is over, you will be unable to activate the orb.

Don’t want to charge blindly into the unknown? Here’s an overview of what’s in store for you in the event district:

• You’ll bump into beauties Nita and Naran in the district, along with their minions, who are all dressed in summer outfits.

• Defeat them so that the final boss appears.

• The defeated monsters will sometimes leave Refreshing Watermelons. Gather these to exchange them with the Event Grutin for some summery items.

New for SoulWorker

Good news for those who appreciate a fresh pair of underwear: with the latest update, fans of panties, shorts and bikinis can finally see the individual underwear of their heroes! Before, you could only see the standard underwear when undressing characters.

This change comes at just the right time with the high summer temperatures outside!

Enjoy the update!

The SoulWorker Team