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  • Also, on henrick: I don't really see him as a bad character, but they could've handled him better. They made him look like a jerk and stupid on Grace city(not sure about chii's story). Like who in their right mind would try to piss off the SFL? The things he said in there are what make him look like a bad guy.

    Anyway, I don't write the story, but I hope they handle him better for the upcoming city or extension on Grace city. It'd be better if this turned to be a war of different ideals than a forced good vs evil type of theme.


  • So I read the Innocent Dream story. While it is not part of the main quest it did say a few things I will briefly cover:

    -Desire is a really powerful emotion that even normal kids can call on it

    -East Cloudream, they exist and the SFL is located there. I'm not sure if the "Central" is located in East Cloudream. He did say that instructions came from East cloudream, so the central must be located there(probably).

    -The central take special kids with power to train them, "she will be snapped up for experiments in one of these institutions for children with special gift."

    Perhaps, after all extensions, we will get an expansion to East Cloudream?


  • *Warning: This has spoilers for those who havent read chii's story:

    Finally It is revealed why Soul workers are not together and how they can come together... If roska messes up then the world will collapse.

    Things out of roska's schedule were(According to the video):

    -Chii Aruel


    -I'm not sure how the banshai girl from Grace is not part of her schedule, but she is. I guess it must be because she wanted to discuss with the SFL at grace city at the end of GCC story.

    Edit: That ending though, reminded me of marvel.


  • Is Amad(kent) also Splitting himself up?I mean we see him in every SW's each world grace city with tenebris.


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  • Hey guys, I hope this thread is not dead yet. I also love the lore of this game and I would like to point some things from what we get to know so far now with the release of Chii Aruel, since there are many interestings bits information you get to know only by playing with her.

    • The red toy that Catherine has (Red Rocket or something like that, I think?) that is mentioned when doing Chapter 2 with Chii, is probably the same red mecha toy you see in Stella's record when Kant separates Catherine from her and thus making her a DesireWorker. We see in the record though how Kant steps on the toy in front of Stella, so whatever the toy was fixed later or not when Catherine returned from the Great Void is not made clear.
    • The voice that was always mentioned that Catherine hears and everyone that is about to turn into a SoulDreg, while not confirmed directly, is pretty much safe to assume that is Roska, and because of Catherine that made a promise with Chii to not go out, she had to intervine this time around by whispering her that Chii was in danger.
    • The NPC character Shiho knows about Roska, and with both of them having a similar gold outfit, is safe to assume that she's also a "deity" like her. It's safe to assume that Shiho's role as a deity of Earth is keep recording all the history in Earth, while Roska's role on the other hand is to preserve Earth from Kant's threat.
    • Kant (known as Amad for the first time) is shown to be very surprised for the first time in seeing another Soulworker that he never heard about before, that being Chii. He also confirms the identity of all the other Soulworkers and that they were their comrades (obviously when they were Desireworkers), but he didn't know what made them disappear all the sudden. This also confirms that Kant is not aware of Roska's activities, and he probably doesn't even know her.
    • The NED Company was actually aware of Kant's threat unlike the SFL, and Chii could be the bridge that will allow the SFL and the NED Company to work together.
    • Lex mentions that Soulworkers because of their nature, usually all of them tend to feel loyalty and trust towards the SFL, while feeling rejection towards the NED Company. However, there was a SoulWorker long ago being the only exception apart from Chii that worked for the NED Company.
    • Naomin mentions about Kant and that he brought Phlema to his knees. The identity of Phlema as far as I know is not known, but it must be probably the name of the leader of the Firestream Batallion, at least that being the case before Kant was able to take control of the organization.

    I still haven't completed Chapter 3 so that's all for me for now, I'll update new information I might find relevant once I complete all the main story with Chii.

  • Hi guys, I haven't been able to play Soulworker a lot these days but I'm already about to beat the story with Chii, just need to beat the Meat Factory once I'm able to grind enough to level up. Anyway, other things interesting to point as far as I remember regarding her story:

    - Chii is the only Soulworker that is able to win against Suzie and Roska/Lakasha doesn't need to intervene. While probably if anything, among the most powerful Soulworkers that are currently playable, it is implied that she was able to win because Suzie's resurrection wasn't fully completed unlike in the story of the other Soulworkers since Chii's blood isn't pure, being half a Soulworker and half Souldreg/Souljunk.

    - We now know exactly the things that were outside of Roska/Lakasha schedule, to be more precise, what happens to Catherine, how Naomin becomes an ally of the SFL sooner thanks to Chii not hating the NED Company and discovering sooner that she worked for them, and Suzie becoming also an ally of the SFL thanks to Chii beating her in the fight.

    - Like Kant, Tenebris also didn't know about the existence of Chii as a Soulworker.

    - Tenebris confirms that not all the Soulworkers are born by their nature and desire of saving other people. There was once a Soulworker for example that was born because of her strong desire to play beautiful music (at first I thought he was talking about Stella lol). He also confirms that Soulworkers like her, are unable to put up a fight because that's not in their nature, in other words, they are not born for that purpose (this is just me, but it kinda feels like the existence of Soulworkers might be thanks to Roska/Lakasha. She was the one that was able to turn all the characters from being Desireworkers to Soulworkers after all after their Desireforce left their bodies during the beginning of the game).

    - Kant (with the disguise of Amad of course) does know the existence of Roska/Lakasha after all, and he uses his power to bring both Jin and Iris to the real world, but their bodies are still trapped in the other world that Roska/Lakasha created.

    - Jin is the only person that actually knows about Chii and Aruel, to be more precise, he reveals that both Chii (while being a Souldreg/Souljunk cat) and Aruel lived in Dunforrid Camp (new city incoming after Dipluce Horizon?), he also remarks that the reason why Aruel's body is in such good state after "eating" her is probably proof of how much she loved Aruel, and he agrees to keep the secret that she's a Souldreg/Souljunk.

    Finally, an awesome trailer because of the succubus outfits that has been released, here's the english translation from キャルKyaru.

    We get to see Edgar again and finally the face of the real Tenebris that is working together with Kant, he looks like a really cool antagonist to be honest, unlike the Tenebris from Grasscover Camp. The trailer also confirms that all the Soulworkers will finally be reunited by the end of Dipluce Horizon.

    And Roska is called Lakasha here. Why they must always change names..


    I just learned recently that Suzie is actually called Shion in the KR and JP servers. I don't understand this need to change names and even terminology like Sinworkers instead of Desireworkers when people that actually play an anime game like this would never ask for it -_-

  • -he also remarks that the reason why Aruel's body is in such good state after "eating" her is probably proof of how much she loved Aruel

    Luke III says the same on Candus so Aaron decides to trust Chii when they get to know that she is half SoulDreg.

    He explains that when a SoulDreg takes over something, that is still alive, that body shows some wounds and its skin darkens quite a lot. When talking about Aruel's body, the skin keeps a "humanly possible" color and there are no wounds and so it keeps the theory that Aruel accepted that merge or was dead before it happened.

  • I'm back to update on the story, but I'm quite disappointed that we still dont even have Diplus Horizon on our version.

    With the most recent patch in KR, I can say that the main story has reached its climax.


  • More spoilers:

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  • and Roska... lost her power to easily?

    Roska was Maintaining 8 worlds at the same time.
    Even Splitting the world's took most of earth's energy.
    She also used her power to enter the void and intervene with the Rampaging Desireworkers,Which also took lots of her power.

    and merging 8 world's together isn't an easy feat.
    (The 8th i'm mentioning is the upcomming 8th soulworker which i doubt would have the same result as the 7 soulworker's we have now)


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  • New character coming soon whose name is "Epnell."

    Epnell was abandoned by the NED company after a failed project in Ruin fortress. It is possible that she is a bloodsoul worker rather than a soulworker whose power is equivalent or greater than the other 7 soulworkers. Maybe even greater than Suzie's. And yes, the new soulworker is a female yet again. She uses an spear and possibly taekwondo.

    Chances are she'll start in Ruin fortress or even after the events of ruin fortress. It'd be nice if it was somewhere else other than west cloudream, but I'm afraid they can't do that with the current team size.

    Now, Considering all that has happened so far in the story, I'm not sure how she will fit in, but they will probably just implement her like she always existed in the current story. Meaning she will have her "own" universe where she is the only soulworker rather than being shared. It'd be nice if it wasn't like that though.

    New 8 raid dungeon called Luna Fall (LF). Boss will be CODE: QUEEN with apparently two bodyguards.

    Edit: After analyzing the new soulworker intro again, I have to say that this intro would make the most sense: Eptim was one of the subject experimented by NED in order to increase the militia; however, Eptim ofailed the Bloodsoul worker transformation and therefore, was abandoned. However, because of her strong will to survive or live, she reincarnated or regained her life but as an actual soulworker.

    Something along those lines is gonna be her intro that will officially make her a soulworker rather than a blood soulworker.



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  • Wait, level 68 raid? Wasn't 65 the cap or it was raised again?

    And sorry for slightly off topic but does anyone know what music is in the first audio movie starting at 2:03, it's awesome!

  • Wait, level 68 raid? Wasn't 65 the cap or it was raised again?

    It was raised again.

    It will keep raising and possibly soon again. Probably around the same time they updated Diplus Horizon last year to lv 70 or 75. Then after that, they are going to update a new zone from lv 70 to possibly 85 in Grace city extension, then 99 in ruin fortress's extension. Keep in mind, that this is speculation though.

    Perhaps, we will be done will West cloudream story in lv 99.


  • I've been avoiding this topic because I didn't want to get spoiled on Chii's story. Now that I finished her story, I can join in.

    I also never thought Henryk as evil. In fact in Grace city he made it quite explicit that Catherine's sacrifice would further humanity. So he was exactly the "means to an end" type which is a idea I lean towards, so that probably earned him some sympathy points from me.

    He was definitely a jerk though, and he still acts quite like a A-hole. Part of the issue I see is actually Shade's aggressiveness. She is really unprofessional and picked a fight the instant she went up to him. Don't expect help if you are going to start by calling someone a fatso. There are plenty of other mistakes she did that gave Henryk the upper hand in the negotiations(Like showing her desperateness).

    Well if I was a soulworker in the story, I would still chase after him and charge him for gross negligence, improper waste disposal, illegal human experimentation and the lists goes on. He was in no way responsible for killing Catherine so can't really charge him with murder.

    I'm actually not sure how no one noticed Roska/Lakasha throwing her giant lance/spear in to Catherine. Even if she is that fast and can suppress her energy or whatever, the attack wasn't done in a vacuum, there would still be some blurred yellow object zipping by, or even a shockwave if fast enough.

    So, currently Chii is probably the most successful soulworker so far, but I doubt she is necessarily the strongest. Shion was only defeated because she's not at her full power. And that was because Chii don' have pure soulforce. I think Chii would of nearly died like the others if she was a normal soulworker.

    Although I'm not a fan of her overall character, her willingness to listen to the other side is commendable and something I found annoying on other character's story.


    Regarding Earth's overseer. I also think Shiho was the previous overseer but lost all her powers. Rosca took over and now she lost all her powers. I don't there will be any 'single' replacement for her.

    My guess is that the soulworkers will kind of join together and become the new overseer at the end of the story.

    I'm also thinking the blood soulworkers will join the fight eventually. That's just a lot of firepower going to waste if they aren't helping.


    Also is Veneris really the clown? I actually don't want to know since that'd be a big spoiler but also am still curious since Edgar's return with clothes awfully similar in style.

    Finally we get o see the souldreg queen. Additionally Tenebris look really cool, probably the coolest design so far.

    I do wonder if we will ever see Phlema and the other parts of cloudream.

    Additionally, i'm happy for a spear user finally but also want more males tbh. There's too much girls and not enough guys.

  • Has anyone notice that there seem to be a ghost of catherine in Dipluce Horizon? I swore I saw her pop up for like a second near the Christmas tree.

  • So finished the story for the new content.. Honestly, too short and not as much juicy stuff as in Grasscover. But oh well, we'll get more juicy story in part 2 and 3 whenever that comes out.

    I want to mention how the player is told to return to Ruin Fortress if anything happens. It seems they are suspicious of SFL. I was suspicious at SFl at the start of the game but not sure if I ever mentioned that. But with some of the new story videos stuff released, I changed my mind.

    However the whole unknown 'highest order leadership that never shows their face' is awfully suspicious. I would honestly not work for a organization like that. With Avon and co. warning the player, I'm starting to feel like SFL might be a potential future enemy.

    Or they might worry there is a civil war and so is offering refuge. Maybe they are seeing some of the same dissatisfaction among the troops as in the previous rebellion? Not sure.


    On a side note, I always felt Shade was rather incompetent in Candus city, especially with her negotiation skills. And rather lack of any real planning. In the extension, she finally seem more competent, although very much a defeatist.

    Not to say that the operation is a good idea or not, but if you are assigned to the mission, you must carry it out. Constantly wanting to retreat and saying how hopeless it is is just demoralizing. She's not the infantry, she's part of the general staff and should be the last one to lose hope. So I do think she deserves some criticism.

    Also I thought Veneris was Edgar. Similar hair color, covering his face.. even his voice is similar! But given that he gives us red quests, it can't be Edgar. If he turns out to be Edgar, they will have to remove his avatar. Which means the red quest can't be completed if the player didn't complete it prior to the storyline.

    Any character that give out non-story quests are guaranteed to remain and not die or otherwise disappear. Which rules him out as being Edgar, which was my initial suspicion.

    Just my two cents.