[Discussion] Soul Worker Story

  • Huh interesting, didn't think of that.

    Well if so do you think Edgar might b part of the Nihil kingdom? Arua is from Nihil kingdom and was in Holy Grounds. Those giant cubes with crystal sticking out of them resemble a lot like the ones seen in Rucco town's Rower of Greed.

  • You can search for Unholy Sanatorium ep4 on youtube, which has spoilers related to Veneris (and Henry) if you're curious. Though I'd say they're some massive spoilers even if you don't understand Korean.

  • In regards to Veneris, I'm just gonna say that I was surprised when playing Soulworker Zero because you get to know certain bits of information you only get in the original game much later. The translation of the story is pretty much Google translation, but it's mentioned that Mad Edgar was supposed to be dead by the hands of the Soulworker Veneris long before the beginning of the story, that's it of course until he appears in Rucco Town to confirm that he's still alive.

  • Wait, we never get that information at all in the original game though....

    And is the game region locked?

    First sorry for the late reply, but anyway yeah, I live in EU and I can play the game without any problem. I did try the demo before though before the full game was released and of course it wasn't released worldwide by then (the only playable characters were Haru, Lily and Erwin I believe, right now all the characters are playable except Chii and Ephnel). Check this to see if you live in some of these countries to confirm if you can play it.


  • Wait, does anyone want to tell me what is the Nihil Kingdom, are they Bashai or something because I tried to get information about them I got nothing. I would really appreciate it if any of you help me and, more importantly, this thread.

  • Yes, they're a group of Bashai just like the Firestorm Battalion is.

    And apparently Edgar was the bodyguard of Luna Nox, now it makes sense what Edgar always meant even back then with "All I wish is to make her smile" or something like that

  • I forgot what exactly Veneris said that drives Firestorm but they're obviously more on the savage side. Nihil are driven by Honor and as it is obvious, they are much more organized and less chaotic.

  • Ok that make sense. Anyway, I’m making an encyclopedia of the Soulworker universe. It involves anything from SoulDregs, to Bashai, to group like NEE Company and the Starry Forest League. Any help from you and others would be helpful.

  • Soulworkers and Bashais are both driven by emotion. One is driven by what is normally seen as a positive emotion(soulworker) and Bashais are negative ones.

    Tenebris is justice, Maverick is bravery etc.

    The characters are different because they use to be sinworkers, so they are driven by negative emotions despite now being soulworkers.

    Bashai can be generalized as greed in some form but can manifest itself in different ways. Firestream Battalion is driven by their lust for power and strength. Nihil Kingdom is by honor and loyalty.

    I feel like calling honor as greed is quite a stretch but I guess you can sort of frame it as 'seeking honor,' hence in some form selfishly greedy.

    I suspect there is probably some sort of translation issue in regards to 'greed.' Maybe the original Korean word is a lot more broad than the English equivalent.

  • Sometimes I wonder if Lily and Iris are somewhat related.

    On some costume official art they look so similar.

    Lily was adopted into Bloomerchen family and Iris had many sisters.

    For now this is my headcanon ::love: