[Discussion] Soul Worker Story

  • I want to use actual facts, not theories, facts. For example, do you know that the SoulDregs can transmit diseases that infect children with weakened immune systems?

    What I mean by that is that I use materials from side missions in the game. While not all side missions have useful information of certain things, some have extremely useful information, like the one side mission Voy have us do in Rucco Town involving the Dradar boss in Control Zone 34.

  • Guys who can comment about the dialog after you done the primal park red quest? When you go to Grace city to talk to Ava. When you talk with her the screen is fade-out and then fade-in and she say, smth like this: "now you can play" or smth. And nothing really happens or changes (maybe i didn't notice though).


  • Who are the two people in the west war expansion of Grace City and their goons?

    Actually, I can't comment much of that since we are so far behind, but the dude is likely to be the little kid from grace city while the other I'm not sure yet. I do know her name is Leurpeine though.


  • Who are the bozos in the Untouchables Pass and Hell City?

    Does anyone knows the story in Untouchable Pass and Hell City?

    It's pretty hard for us to know that unless a Korean YouTuber records it and translate it for us, but even then it would be hard to understand unless they do the whole thing from the beginning of Diplus Horizon part 3 which is what we are missing.


  • We didn’t fought against Cherry Umbel, or at least not yet. With the new hub area coming, we may have to fight a recon force of Cherry Umbel in one of the mazes. Oh by the way, can Silvery and Haruru-Chan go this page and help along it. Soulworker Encyclopedia

    I'm not as active on the forums in past few months, but I'll think of something to contribute I guess.

  • Also, something that I've noticed about Ephnel, but I'm not certain since we are missing so much translation, is that her behavior might be inherited from someone else?

    Before I get into it, I would like to mention I have not read her story so what I'm about to assume is strictly based on what I've seen off videos. Anyways, I've seen that Ephnel seems to be immodestly dressed and her idle animation is quite unique, I guess? but I'm not quite sure if this behavior is justified or strictly fanservice(perhaps, her personality is like such too); however, I can see how this kind of behavior can be justified.

    First, let's take a look at this and, of course, be aware of spoilers since this is from KR:

    If you have read the storyline then you should know Naomin well and if that's not enough just look how she dresses, I mean do I have to explain? Lol. Anyway, from my understanding, it doesn't seem that Ephnel is together with the gang until this happened.So It might be possible to say that Ephnel inherited her behavior from Naomin since they share a similar behavior or this all could just be entirely fanservice for cash shop reasons.

    Anyways, that's something I needed to add before I forget lol.