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  • Ephnel is more like a blood soulworker like those in Ruin Fortress (those don't really dress modest either except Nita)

    She isn't exactly on good terms with every human in general so it makes sense she is more on friendly side with Naomin than the other soulworkers.

    Maybe this helps if you didn't read it yet:


    I think Naomin in the video you linked is either referring to Amad or Flamar with "him". Flamar if I remember right is the upcoming raid boss and seems to be the actual leader of firestorm battalion, because when you kill Sukkarak in Cold Rain he mentions him saying "Flamar... I'm sorry"

  • Ephnel is more like a blood soulworker like those in Ruin Fortress (those don't really dress modest either except Nita)

    She isn't exactly on good terms with every human in general so it makes sense she is more on friendly side with Naomin than the other soulworkers.

    That's quite interesting, but the thing that gets me is why would she work for the SFL if she isn't on good terms with humans? SFL literally dedicates to protect humanity but most importantly their own interest.

    The only way I can think of is that they bribed her with a lot of money but wouldn't that make her a hypocrite which is what she dislikes?


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  • I'm not sure if it was bribe with the promise of some reward, or Catherine softened her up (she starts in Candus), or something else. But what I like about Ephnel is that she's not the typical Goody Two-Shoes with the mentality that "I must save everyone!" and that everyone in conflict with humanity is pure evil. She actually listens to Naomin without prejudice in Grace story from what I seen on videos.

    The other thing is, not all Firestorm Battalion hate humans and wanted this war, Kurisu even says "the war was a mistake, both you and I made wrong choice" or something like that. Naomin also shows up to Toru at end of Grace story for the first 6 soulworkers and says "what do you think I was fighting for?". My theory from this is that not all of those (maybe just Sukkarak because he wants power) wanted this war at all with humans, and it was Flamar or Amad, the "scumbag" Naomin says, who forced them to, and Naomin becomes a rebel.

    Naomin also shows up to talk to Ephnel in her Ruin Fortress story, but I'm not sure what it is about since it's in KR. Probably about the rebellion though. So while for the first 6 soulworkers Naomin is hated with prejudice and the "rebellion" only happens at end when she talks to Toru, Ephnel is more understanding and starts talking to her without hate.

  • Yea the other 6 soulworkers are baised af, so are the SFL. They both are biased against the Bashai and NED company. Not entirely without merit but considering the SFL is the governing body over cloudream, you would think they can make more clear headed decisions.

    Both Chii and Ephnel are open to listening to the other side.

    But anyways, Naomin cooperates with the NED company(revealed in Chii's story) because Flamar, the leader of the firestream and the upcoming raid boss, was defeated and dethroned by Kant/Amad. The Firestream knows him as Kant iirc. The firestream supposed to follow whoever is strongest but Naomin and basically every Firestream boss we fought so far do not like Kant and want Flamar back.

    Kurisu likewise is part of the antiwar faction. Hinted when he dies, he said this war was a mistake, as mentioned by Alisaa. Although he doesn't seem to be cooperating with the NED, since he led the counter-ambush during Flame Breaker. He likely followed Kant's order since Kant is the new leader, but he probably didn't truly want to fight. Falconai also told us when he dies that we don't even know the true enemy was(likely implying it was Kant)

    Naomin also reveals in Chii's story Sukkarak was also helping the NED but couldn't stand losing to the main character and wanted strength to help Flamar. Naomin jumps in to help him during the fight because they still know each other.

    The following is me bashing the SFL basically:


    But I want to get back on the SFL because I really don't get why people in the story trust them so much. I seriously question their competency, but that's is just my personal opinion and probably can be attributed to the writing. Everyone in Candus city, especially Shade was unfit for command. Shade was so bad when trying to negotiate with Henryk and really made everything worse.

    First she goes and insult the guy she is going to ask help or information from. Very good start. She then revealed how important Catherine's safety was to them, and in fact the purpose in which they came to him in the first place which gave Henryk leverage to make demands. She also destroyed evidence against Henryk, which she could have used as blackmail for him to cooperate. Almost anyone could of done a better job than her in Candus.

    Grace city isn't much better but to a lesser extent. It also irritated me when Avon who had reasonable suspicion on Abel was reprimanded by the others for literally no reason. They had no reason to dismiss his concerns yet they did anyway becuase 'he's a kid.' Y'know the kid that was still alive in that abandoned place filled with crazy robots for months and in clean NED clothes sized for a child. A kid that never questioned about his parents when saved. I mean i know it was supposed to be obvious to the reader, but the others couldn't have been that dumb right?

    The cool thing was that Avon seemed try and get Abel to reveal as much information, in order to confirm if Abel knew TOO much. It's not like they instantly criminalized Abel, Avon just wanted to interrogate him a bit to make sure.

    Secondly, during Flame Breaker when the SFL got ambushed, Ava went like "It couldn't have been one of us, it must be the NED" in regards to leaking information. Ok, the NED provided that information, and while had so far been suspicious, there was hardly any evidence to say it was the NED company. Yet Ava instantly pinpointed it on them because... well because SFL hates the NED with a passion. Like bruh. Well now they can do without the funding or additional military aide.

    Also in Rucco, and later expanded on in grasscover, the SFL attempts at negotiating with the Bashai. Apparently Ladi led the negotiations with the Bashai. But Ladi was then killed during the negotiations. The blame was put on to the Bashai. I mean sure, it seemed likely, but according to Avon iirc, they couldn't even recover Ladi's body to confirm he was dead. They never attempted to negotiate since. I mean seriously??????

    And finally, the SFL is just shady. What is up with these highest order guys. They never make an appearance, and give orders through some unknown channel. This shadow government is like straight out of a dystopia novel. Not to mention the SFL is both the military and the government. A military dictatorship basically, which I guess might be a necessity in such hard times but during the IDD quest, Benjy warned the player not to say anything because the SFL would basically take the loli and experiment on her if they found out. So we got a shady military dictatorship that does shady things. HMMMMMM, really makes you think.

    So I'm fairly certain the biggest betrayal will come from the SFL and not the NED.

  • Yeah those Lords at SFL leadership are very fishy for me, probably they're Bashai themselves like Veneris, sort of Tokyo Ghoul style xD

    Because I don't know if Veneris was lying about lords orders or not but they seemed to be obsessed with getting to the souljunk queen as well and not care of casualties.

  • I would like to add a few things, well a half-assed theory as to why soulworker trust the SFL that much. My theory only applies to the first 6 soulworkers though because they are pretty much the main group and the one that Kant was trying to manipulate. Anyway, We've seen how they have pretty screwed up mentality and saw the crimes they have committed against humanity. Considering these things, it seems that Roska manipulated and forced the main group to be "heroic good" to prevent them from creating the same mistakes they did while in the void. By doing so, she successfully brainwashed and isolated them which changed their nature enough to prevent their corruptness from leaking. Back in rucco town, you can see how Haru feels an urge to the "heroic things" - "An indescribable feeling took hold of me, to know my aid was decided upon others over all things." I don't honestly think that their personality was heroic at all before becoming soul worker especially Erwin's. Anyway, other than what I've said, I don't really have any evidence to support this other than Roska's obvious attempt to foil Kant's plans.

    And I pretty much agree with your criticism. Another thing I would like to add is how I find it hilarious how Ava and Chloe were listening to Kurisu's last words as they even noticed --" Kurisu is talking!" Yet they ignored whatever he said as if he has said nothing at all when the things he spoke can be quite controversial. Whenever I'm doing alt farming that gets stuck with me because, at the very least, they should've said something. I mean what's the point of mentioning he's talking when you aren't even gonna comment or elaborate on that?


  • Found very interesting video and images while browsing through Ryua's discord:

    We get to see North Cloudream maps! Very interesting indeed.




    The person who shared this was Shaiko on ryua's discord. All credits to him.


  • Wiat is Project soul official with Lion games support? Or another copy. Although it seems the story is quite different if so focusing on North cloudream instead of the West...

    The in game map design looks complete different from Soulworker, but honestly i like the mobile style more. The buildings have interior and more random AI roaming, not just soldiers. Overall just more lively, I would like that on the main game tbh.

    The artwork looks convincing enough though to the original game, so maybe same artist?

    Also the skill system have the 3-combo system and such, so also seems convincing, but how do they use jump attacks? I see skills, basic and dodge, but not jump. It seems to be more accurate than ZERO at least.

    EDIT: NVM they go back to Rucco. Then what the hell was all the stuff in the other place. The soldiers look different too. Oh and it seems the jump skill is just a normal skill now with the jump included in the animation. The fighting also looks open world? What?

  • Apparently this was a game for CN back then but I'm not sure what happened to it. However, I do know that Soulworker: Anime Legends is the one official and is under gameforge.