[Discussion] Soul Worker Story

  • Just keep farming Hh for fragments to craft crit damage drives when that come out. Stock up on EC and antis for when lunar fall comes 1 year later XD

    Anyway, CHii advancement is really nice. Her advancement story IMO is one of the better ones out of the 7 characters. It also fleshed her out A LOT. I found her to be very one dimensional as a character before but her advancement really gave her some depth. I used to not like Chii becuase she felt very bland and poorly written but the advancement quest kind of salvaged her.

  • Corrupted records was AMAZING! I've been looking forward to this and the story exceeded my expectations. I didn't think the dialogue would be as long as it actually was. That being a good thing since it really gave a lot of time to flesh out all the characters.

    This is got to be like one of my top favorite moments in the soulworker story. The other was Renegade's camp ep4, which is absolutely beautifully done too.

    I already knew Stella's story, but this gave me new appreciation to Lily's personality and motivations. She gave up on life after her family died. There was no one she cared about and no reason to continue living. She didn't realize it but she wanted to die. Tenebris using that against her(being the only one that can kill her) to get her to join them was absolutely unexpected move. Ideally she would find meaning in life during her stay but unfortunately events did not transpire that way.

    Well eventually she did after she got out of the void.

    I think this did as much for Lily's character development as advancement did for Chii. Really made them much more complex characters.

    Also Tenebris character got fleshed out a lot. He seems less like this perfectly nice and strong individual that could stand against anything. He feel so much more real and I love him for that.

    Kant's methods are really well written. he subversion tactics he pulled is subtle and not forced. The writing felt natural and didn't handwave anything. For example he purposely triggered Iris with "listen to the adults" because he know that is what Iris don't like. He also purposely targeted convinced Tenebris to give up on saving the sinworkers and just save Catherine in order to prevent Stella from getting salvation. As Tenebris said in the first half, every sinworker have a weakness, and that is their greed. Catherine is Stella's weakness. Kant can't have any of that and he specifically convinced Tenebris to take that away from Stella under the guise of saving her.

    As for Lupan, I really like her even though she had very little screen time. I suspect she later turned back in to a sinworker. She seems pretty yandere for Tenebris so I suspect it is pretty easy for her to fall back in to her old ways. I think that's the ultimately the flaw in Ladi's and Tenebris's methods. While they targeted the sinworker's weakness, they failed to separate them from their past and overcome their desires. It was a temporary distraction, not a permanent solution.

  • It's gameforge, of course there is nothing new since. We supposed to be getting corrupted records part 2 and desireworker together next. Speculation is that it should be before the end of the year. Other than that nothing really. There was also upgrade rework, so its much easier to get good rolls with ECs.

  • There's a new character coming in December. We should get news on that pretty soon. There might also be additional expansions with the new char, but that's just speculation. I can't add more than that since, well, I lack intel. Usually, you would be able to deduct from the storyline, but we are so far behind we don't even get the benefit to even think about catching up.


  • So any news Korean on the baddies on the Grace City expansion?

    Medo goes mad with Sinforce and Lupan is a boss in the first district, again a Sinworker.

    Chii Main, but Iris is awesome.


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