Some of my Soulworker gameplays (Updated)

  • Hello everyone, I just wanna share some of my video clips captured while playing, I am lazy to edit stuffs so I just upload it on my youtube channel straight away.
    I will update the thread every-time I upload something new about Soulworker so if so ever you are interested about it feel free to visit my channel - My Youtube

    Below are some clips of my gameplays and some tricks maybe or might help you :

    District/Raid Gameplays :

    Primal Park :
    - 28k HP Iris - here
    - 25k HP Iris with new weapon - here
    - Primal Sunday with weeb friends - here

    Golden Citadel :

    Old GC with pugs - here

    New GC with Discord buddies - here

    Last Carnival
    - here
    Junk Hive - here
    Bandit Highway - here
    Iron Castle - here
    District 6 "Crisis Event Gronco" - here

    Events :

    Summer Event - Turbulent Beach - here
    During "Upgrade Event" - Attempt 1 - Attempt 2 - Last Attempt

    Salty Sad Moments :

    Upgrading - Why am I so unlucky
    Akasha Transmitter - here
    Brooches - here

    Tricks and Tips :

    Easy and Fast District S+ Farm Trick for Jin - here
    Easy and Fast District F Farm Trick - here
    Last Carnival "Fire Carpets" Pattern (open CC for the instructions) - here
    Easy Bandit Highway Run Using "Black Top God" Akasha (open CC for the instructions) - here

    Class Overview/Skill Demo :

    Primal Access Quest/Old Lily Skills Pre - patch October 24 - 2018 - here

    Lily Advancement Skill Demo/Preset -

    Some clips are outdated or old specially in the Trick and Tips section but it still works up to now - If you have questions DM me here or DM me on Discord - Awoo#4399
    Thanks for reading this thread and have a great day :)