[EN/NA] {Tenebris} Haru Main Solo Player

  • Hello, my name is Air2oh. (

    Recently i have taken up SoulWorker to be my MMORPG that i stream.
    I started playing fully off stream about 2 months ago and decided to introduce the game itself to my community on twitch.
    I play only 1 character so its fairly easy to get in touch with me in game and basically because it keeps my gold(dz) spending in check lol.^^^^^^
    The more i play the more i want to stay online and make friends/learn about the game. With that being said i hope to see you all either in chat or in-game
    IGN: Angel!
    if you see me wandering around feel free to send me a smiley:) or a heart<3

    Screenshot_73.png                     Screenshot_96.png


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  • Awesome Streamer be sure To Raid Their house (Angel's Utopia), Upvote it , and Fall asleep on their bed with the door Open :iris3:
    He totally loves that promise :erwin4: