[GER]Twitch Streamer Ryukori_Boy arrived

  • Hey everybody this is Ryukori from german server Lakashin.

    I also wanted to ask for linking my stream to the Forum.

    Usually I stream I couple of times a week.

    I love to share my gameplay to all other people of the Lakashin Server or also other Servers if they want to watch my Haru (:

    I'm playing since beta day 1, so I guess I have a lot of experience I can share to everyone with now almost 3000h playtime.

    I would be glad if you can add me to the streamer list Nyoka   threea  

    Here's my the link to my stream:

    Server Lakashin | Dragonfruit (Haru) LvL 60 | Gilde Insanity

    Ich bin der Geist, der stets verneint!

    Und das mit Recht; denn alles, was entsteht,

    Ist wert, daß es zugrunde geht;

    Drum besser wär's, daß nichts entstünde.

    So ist denn alles, was ihr Sünde,

    Zerstörung, kurz, das Böse nennt,

    Mein eigentliches Element.

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