Delay and more delay

  • so its been 3 weeks already with no new cosmetics except Lily's adv costume (alternate color)

    now GF decides to put Magical Girl into fortune wheel (basically loot box)

    and still no update on Stella's adv ... what are u trying to pull here, GF D:


    when can i get new deck of AR cards (Lucy, etc)?? current deck has been here for too long and too plain while brooch has already adv to Fortress

    where is my Hammer of Rage for Haru?? when is Stella's adv?? when can we expect Iris' adv??

    that Q&A vid back then was a joke ... "may combine rest of adv in one go" ... just do 2 at time is all i'm asking


    Lv1 [SoraMetca] Lv60 [SoraMitsuka] Lv60 [RemGalleu]

    Tenebris Server

  • I stopped playing this version available and I'm sorry to sound harsh, but what do you expect?
    Me and MANY others said months ago that gameforge would practically abandon this game with minimal effort of maintaining it. This was just another cash cow for them.
    They will never put the decent/high quality outfits for sale anymore. Gameforge wasn't resisted or fought against and now have normalised lootboxes and fortune wheels (glorified lootboxes)
    I envy the dedication you guys have to a company with a worse record than EA, but at the same time I pity all of your blindness.

    So I'll say it again, you guys will never get frequent content or communication from Community Managers
    They have practically already moved all of their resources to their main game, Tera. Other games like Soulworker are short lived wallet expansions for gameforge and you guys have been played to your fullest.

    This will probably be taken down by Threea or another one of the Community Managers in an attempt to censor anyone spreading the truth about them. They don't care about you, they never will. They just want your money.

    Only really OG members will remember this name but Nyoka was the only good CoMa and she was moved ages ago. The rest are just tools of gameforge to censor anyone who tries to slander their name, even if it is the truth and nothing but the truth.
    Gameforge is a game killer.
    Look it up.


  • In the words of a wise man:"Gameforge is a joke, and not even a funny one".

    In all seriousness tho I knew all along it would all come down to this, and I still remember Nyoka and the overall "good old days",even those I blatantly white knighted GF, deep down I knew I was the dumb one, I just didn't want to believe it.

    sadly, I still think I'm too burned out atm to restart in another server, and I doubt my ping would be even half passable in things like ksw