Primal item loots

  • Noticed that primals stuff got a recent nerf on loot rate, not just about rng ,doing 20 runs a day to get 1 to 2 item per day.
    Anyone else feeling that change , since 1 week more or less .


  • I feel like having more on the previous weeks , like 3-4 but well if you say so . I still think the loot rate is bulls**** , not dropping my last part on over 250 runs is just completly ridiculous. I really wonder how poeple that can't do 10 runs a day still play with this rate.


  • The short answer is: You don't play with this rate. I've learned to just wait for drop rate increase buffs. Events or World Boss buff.

    I was fortunate enough to drop the 4/4 + Weapon in a matter of 12 runs. (I mainly took advantage of the 100% drop rate event). But I'm not going to bother with trying to drop a 4-liner for every piece (weapon is more than enough), accessory set, the weapon again for any other character that I play.

    It's a hassle trying to find a team for Golden Citadel (which takes hours if not days), Primal (which takes hours if not days) and have all of that coupled in with a pretty crappy drop rate when you exclude events being active. I can stand around in game all day and stare at my screen until parties start forming because I'm a neet inrl, but it's not enjoyable to do in the slightest.

    If you're not in a top guild or one of the popular players (at least on NA), people won't join your Golden Citadel party or Primal party. I've seen people wait in queue all day (quite literally) for Golden Citadel.

    I think it's most wise to hold out until Altar of Void. Since it looks like you can solo that.(Correct me if I'm wrong though). And being able to solo it takes out 50% of the bullshit involved with getting legend gear.