Customer Support

  • Filed a ticket on the 23rd, they replied on the 24th but after a reply back there still hasn't been a reply. Assuming that gameforge is on break for christmas, when is customer support back online?

  • Thank you, for future reference could I get the hours that customer support is active? I know the hours are based around German time but that's around the early morning for me (3am ish) and I was curious on whether I could wake up early enough to catch them with another reply.

  • Hello,

    keep in mind that a response from our team might need a while to get answered when there are holidays or weekends in the middle and many requests are sent when we are off. If you are in NA, consider we have around 6 hours difference, which means our working hours are late night to early morning for you (around 03:00 AM as you said). :)

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  • Hi, I hope at least someone will answer me here, I’m already waiting for 5 days to answer from the support soulworker, does she even work? XD:rolleyes:

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