• b4 i start, i do want to note a few things:

    - i only play official version [NA]

    - i do follow content on KR version

    - this is my personal pov and i <3 Soul Worker very much

    - i do hope Gameforge improves after reading this


    - very well written story, i enjoy reading it

    - every class has own dialogs

    - <3 anime style

    - <3 voice acting, especially JP version

    - combat is very fast-pace, fluid, and personalized (everyone has different skills set up/chain)

    - most armours & accessories can be shared which means easy to play/gear alts

    - cosmetics releases are very much up-to-date with KR version

    - advancements are the best i've experienced (character matures, overcomes inner self, new OP skills w short cd, old skills revamp, gains sub weapon/weapon attachment), advancement is not just simply getting stronger, there is a story behind every advancement


    - VERY slow progress on advancements releases

    - since NA follows behind KR, KR only has 2 years worth of content, so i do not mind much that content release is slower, plus i play bns & ps4 while watch anime & read manga on the side so i keep myself occupied and free from boredom

    - loot box & fortune wheel (RNG chaos)

    - +7 +8 +9 (RNG chaos)

    - quality of life release needs to be faster!!

    - where is PIN pad security??

    - y Iris is missing Maid & Lewd Maid cosmetics when GF re-releases them?

    if i come across any, i'll try add them



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  • I can think of a few that contradict this though.
    Very well written story? The translation is kinda wonky. And a lot of things are translated differently than they are in the original text. For example: A lot of the NPC names are different. Rather it's for flavor or not it's still wrong.

    The combat is iffy at best on NA. Constant crashing when the game first launched. Now followed by FPS issues after Lily's advancement is hardly close to be considered "fluent combat."

    A lot of what you mention on the Pros has nothing to do with NA in particular. It's universal on all servers.

    Cosmetics releases are very much up-to-date with KR version. At the cost of a very limited amount of people owning them thanks to loot boxes for more than half of all released costumes. And it's obviously going to continue into the future.

  • I'd change written to translated. These pros are pretty much game core features and have little to do with Gameforge.


  • i <3 reading through Soul Worker story

    i do feel sad that ur not enjoying the story as i do

    since i cannot read Korean, translated version is the closest i can get

    at least GF version translates better than p.server previously

    my combat on my screen seems pretty okay

    but i do hope GF fixes any lag issue soon across the board for everyone

    i know that some MEGA RARE cosmetics are owned by very few players

    thus i put 'loot box & fortune wheel' under CONs

    i do not like Gameforge as a gaming company, but i do very much <3<3<3 Soul Worker

    i can only hope GF starts listening to players' feedbacks and taking them to heart and making positive changes


    Lv1 [SoraMetca] Lv60 [SoraMitsuka] Lv60 [RemGalleu]

    Tenebris Server

  • well after reading your threat I can see your passion for this game and I love this game too but I have to disagree with some points. The p server never translated anything so its not appropriate to compare them. I will leave it at that.

    You also said that the combat is fluid but without fixing lag issues you cant enjoy the gane to the fullest. Its true that the combat system in general is pretty fun. After farming your aov gear someday you will feel what true enjoyment in Soulworker is. I only added my pov about your post not the game yet but thats enough.

    you can mention that you enjoy the voice acting but you shouldnt say here that you enjoy the jp VA since its not allowed on GF xD

    Anyway I hope that you keep enjoying this game.

    There are other possibilites to enjoy this game if you ever feel tired of gf. (just a lil reminder)

  • they do not fucking care about this game. dont you get it?

    Just because you assume they don't care does not mean we should stop providing feedback

    this assumption is supported by a lot of facts and experience. but i see, it's pointless.

    have fun providing your feedback :)

    I'll just leave it there.

    Okay, let me point even the obvious things out, again :3

    First of all, the game stutters at the start. This issue exists since the launch of this game. Maybe it's working as intented.

    To be honest, it doesnt matter to me, but it's just an example for the effort that GF put into it.

    Second, in the early months of this game, the game had a massive problem with Goldseller spamming megaphones.

    Suprisingly GF had a solution. After 6 months, after all goldseller already stopped advertising their website, GF set the minimum required LvL for megaphones to 25. I guess they put high-effort in working this solution out. /s

    As a Reminder: the promoted websites are still not censored ingame.

    Third, we are getting patches with unwritten changes.

    -Lilly-Adv included a performance patch, a bad one. General performance got less. Hovering over items in your inventory causes the game to stutter. Opening the friendlist causes dropping to 2/10 of your Fps.

    As a Reminder: the rebalancing of the classes was mentioned in the patchnotes. finding out what got changed was up to the player.

    -Stella-Adv included a bugged quest(Aov). Stellas advancement quest has also wrong text. Did GF even test these things?

    -Im not sure when(i took a break after the performane issues), but in one patch GF patched Tag-Items in Primal-Raid.

    Thanks for messing with player who actually used a lot of ressources upping their weapon.

    -Slumbering Soulstones. my assumption -> player who start the game soon are probably screwed.

    Link where feedback got ignored:

    GCC Monster-scaling

    Or just scroll through the technical & bug section.

    Why these things dont get fixed as soon as possible?

    Instead of that we get most of the newest fashion in the beloved fortune wheel.

    Pros: good coommunity -> make a lot of good friends in this game.

    Cons: see the text above.

    Dont get me wrong. I like the game as much as you do, but we have to be realistic and face the cruel truth.

  • I don't know guys, NA got it pretty good.

    The country made some highly unethical decisions in their history and didn't get punished, so they swim in money. They can easily p2w, throw their money on lootboxes and get the full content. Game's not so bad when you have everything available.

  • hey OP run, the community is even more toxic now.

    it's not only this thread, this whole forum is a shitshow.

    Sorry, there is nothing toxic in this thread at all. salzia pretty much listed the flaws the game currently has and for me the stuttering you have when opening your inventory or even switching the tab is ridiculous and that isn't fixed in months. It's just sad and same goes for first dungeon lag/stuttering.

  • @Gameforge & threea

    Thank u for giving a 33% discount off valentine cosmetic

    Wouldn’t Sweetie Pie (lewd maid) cosmetic be valentine theme as well?

    Can we pls get it as well, and this time for Iris too <3


    Lv1 [SoraMetca] Lv60 [SoraMitsuka] Lv60 [RemGalleu]

    Tenebris Server

  • They listen the comunity, i not said they making all time good choice and do all thing they can do to make the game better for people.

    Sure they will continue to follow there way to making good profit from player ( FortuneHell, RNG Box, etc...)

    You are agree or not the game is totaly free and all the stuff maybe making your character more pretty or making you a bit more strong on dungeon, but he not making unable to like the game for what it is.

    Is better to make a way for F2P to have it but you not will die if you never have a outfit or a aka card +18% damage on boss

    They fixing crash

    They fixing Gold Seller ( Im not sure, )

    They giving EC and WUC for everyone ( but that ruin the economie )

    They change Daily reward

    They making more event and try multiple event at same time

    Telling they do nothing is a lie, or try to defending GF for their greed is a one too ( 2000$ for a untradable limited crad is not just P2W is pay for nothing )

    사공이 많으면 배가 산으로 간다

  • Look at threea close down all the problematic threads that questioned the game and how good it was.

    (yes The state of the game - The Population(New Players) deserved to close, it became a toxic mess, but the one bitching about adv (WILL WE EVER BE ABLE TO CATCH UP ?) did not. They simply stated problems with the game. hey closed it just because it badmouthed the developers with its ridiculous prices, p2w and bugs)