Maybe a solution to launch correctly the game

  • Hi everyone.

    I'm a french player, so I'm really sorry about my English writing skills, I hope you'll be indulgent. I see that a lot of people meet some issues with the launcher, such as me before. Well, I think I have a solution for you, if you meet the issue "Soulworker is not working".

    Go to your firewall, and, in "outgoing traffic rules", create a new rule. Choose "program", and then, you have to choose the program you want to authorize. In your Soulworker's folder, choose the game app, and not the launcher one. In the next window, you have to authorize the connexion, then you keep everything checked, you give a rule name, and voila, Soulworker must work fine.

    If it's not the case, don't worry, just do something else. In the "client" folder of the game folder, right-click on the Soulworker icon, then properties, check "execute this program in a compatibility mode for" and choose Windows 7 or 8, and check "run as an administrator" too.

    With these tips, you should run Soulworker perfectly.

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