• I was Trying to do raids but it said i need to do chain of raids where can i find it i been looking it up but cant find where anything will help and what level is the quest call chain of raids

    thanks for the help if someone helps me:)

  • The first thing you need to find is proper sentence structure, punctuation included. The second is the proper way to provide us with necessary information.

    I'm just going to give you the general idea on how people do this nowadays:
    1. Get to level 57;

    2. Take the red advancement quest;

    3. Do what it asks you to until you need to enter Last Carnival;

    4. Take the red quest in Rucco Town asking you to clear Last Carnival;

    5. Clear it in normal mode;

    6. Repeat the same pattern for other raids.
    Basically, you need 3/4 rookie raids for advancement quest anyway so you do both at the same time while paying attention to your quest objectives. The rookie raid quests can be found in their corresponding cities. I did those ages ago so I don't remember too well though.

    The quest to enter golden citadel appears in grace city or ruin fortress if i remember correctly and it's a red quest too, as is the Primal quest (that one appears after you complete the GC quest i believe). Basically whenever you're looking for something important, try the red ones first. Also, some later raids like VA require you to be level 60.