Soulworker is Ded we need content

  • WhY dOe i NeEd tO wAIt sO loNg FoEr contENt?

    I have nothing to do in this game... you think scp was a big update??
    Well maybe i forgot that Soulworker is not a Grinder, maybe i should look for other games then SoulWorker?

    i really hate it to wait.
    Why am i still here doin nothing? Why do i wasting my Free time playing a Ded Game? Gameforge why do you need to give a <3 about your community.. yeah that sucks sadly.

    I really like Soulworker..

    I really hate Soulworker now.. because Gameforge did everything to make it as much fun as possible ha ha ha. . . atleast i can stream my 10k run in AoV manic and get nothing good do i have fun?

    I play since the first day lol i don't know how im still here but somehow i really like this game~

    Im still here and i don't know why i should just leave because i hate this Game now!

    i would like to have fun again playing Soulworker in the Gameforge Version... but they won't give us more Content... that means more and more Players will leave.. BUT..... Gameforge don't care because the "new" players will cash enough to keep the Server alive... they don't need you!? you that plays since the first Day.. why should Gameforge care about you.. they want you to leave... new Players will cash more.. i will not leave Gameforge... just gimme Content? I will leave maybe.. everyone is playing something else... because the new "event" is trash for players that play a long time.. you know why you can't make good events.. because Gameforge does not play their Games.. how will they now that we have a lot of guys playing with Cheat Engine.. just ban them lul yeah great Job Gameforge I really like that Gameforges Support is very fast maybe you get your answer on your ticket in 2 weeks lul Why should i try to defend Gameforge in my Streams? why should i? they have enough Players they don't need Streamer that can bring new players in a Ded game right? Really Good that they put the Lootboxes out of the Cash shop they really start to listen to the Community aww shit here we go again.. Can i stop here? I hade a strocke and can't really write much without getting some problems like gameforge lul

    but the best part is that you can meet a lot of nice new players and maybe start a new Friendship It's sad that you can't even find new players.. because they leave at Candus city.. not because they lvl to slow.. it's because no one is playing this game lol?did they not want to do a merge? Yeah Gameforge we are still waitin why would you try lvl to 60 on DE? Yeah im from DE.. sad right? maybe i should have started at EN Sad that even EN and NA is losing a lot of players :stella4:or do they?i know a few players and they all say the Same lol Press F for what? i suck at this game... atleast i feel like it why does everyone do so much less dmg with their Stella than me? Do we get the Ranking from KR? I think we would get a few more Players. Maybe not maybe it's tooooo late for Gameforge version? I still have some hope left~maybe a little bit? am i the only one? why do we still talking about that? I wish yall a great day!:iris1:

  • Gameforge did its best to keep this game alive. Take a closer look at sarcasm here.

    Venit aevus ille :erwin4:

    Server: Candus (EN) Character: Erwin Guild: Vale

  • You have way too much free time on your hands. An IRL hobby might help.

    Was that something to roast me? You don't know me, you should research for an Hobby if you write that. Btw~ Gaming is my Hobby :) i have time for that

  • I've counted « GameForge » 13 times in your post! :ChiiHappy:

    Nobody likes waiting but complaining won't help (we've already done that lmao)! As stated above, an IRL hobby is a great idea! :3

    (I don't intend to make you upset but the wavy sentences gives me seasickness é_é)

  • Hey :D Im Rockyta and i play since day 1 Beta too. I can say, SoulWorker currently is having problems with content and its bad. Too much people is leaving the game cause its boring. None want to be on one game only playing one Raid everyday. People and me want content, new characters, news, information about patchs 1 week before they release it on forum, but not content only, there is a difference between content and content more constant. Im sad, cause this game doesn't deserve end of this form, and sadly its happening. I dont want look bad none, but GF could do best.

    One more thing, If this game dies, ill remember this game like SoulWorker, not like GF.

  • with the passage of time every game will come to an end. with gameforge's help it's just 10x faster lul. jkjk ^^

    Yea I kinda get it. It's not fun anymore. Players leaving faster than new players coming. Last content (scp) was buyable so a lot of players didnt even need to play it. Just let the game be at it is and let time pass, at the end if it will live or die I really don't care anymore.

    That's the mind of a player who used to love this game but doesn't care anymore.

    everything will come to an end~

  • I've been playing this company's games for 11-12 years. Now I know more or less what the company can do. They uninstalled Wizard101 Turkish and made mistakes. The producer of the Airrivals license is now canceling and publishing his own. RockShot, Orcs Must Die, Dropzone projects were ignored. Lose, lose. Boiler, nothing is done for the boiler.

    Now the same thing can happen for SoulWorker. The product manager follows a very strict policy. Some product managers do not care about Turkish, Czech and Russian. Go out like Metin2's product manager, explain your 1-year roadmap. The producer doesn't trust the game, the player. Don't trust your own project. She eats her nails wherever I go. Empty content is able to update empty. With 1000 players this game can not go forward. He has no future. There is no anime-type game in Europe that could be another opponent (I think).

    There is no quality where there is no competition. Quality is possible through competition. Unfortunately, there is no quality on SoulWorker's European server.

    Let them try to compete a little. And then maybe they can, or if they can't compete, they will shut down the game and the server completely.

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