• hello everyone, here's my doubts/ how paranoid I am!!!

    1- is this game dying?

    2- I saw a lot of negative posts here in the forum which is really a bad thing for any returning or new player.

    3- every time I want to invest my time in this game, I feel demotivated because of the negative posts. Like almost all of the posts are about how the game is dying/will shutdown within a year which makes me feel investing money and time is a waste of time.

    4- the positive thing that gameforge done, for example, they implemented the loyalty system which is very good and kinda makes u feel that if the game stays strong hopefully, a lot of things will be changed towards the best.

    lastly, please threea give us a real answer about the state of the game, will it shutdown within a year or 2 or its still going strong.

  • From my experience with games, MMOs and life in general, you won't know about game's condition and neither should you be exposed to such info. There's a "self-fulfilling prophecy" factor many good willed but harsh and bitter game communities ignore.

    Developers and publishers are often tied by strict contracts. Games are products made for profit. If your "tower defense shooter" online game stops being popular you can close it or morph it into something else by stealing ideas and whoop - there goes Fortnite. Some are surprised by level of success like Steve Sinclair, co-creator of Warframe who admitted his project was designed to last two years top.

    You gotta admit the initial EU launch was bold, with small local servers each demanding patch translation and steady pace of updates making us always hungry for more content.

    Expecting a prediction for year or two in the future is somewhat naive. You're pretty much asking for consolation and can get it but will it make you certain it's not a standard "we're fine" copro babble?

    The game is fine, everything is fine, you are fine. There's some shenanigans going on behind the curtains but before you know it you will grind Xmas event with Chii. Or scavenge for scraps of food after nuclear holocaust wipes our civilization.


  • It's not dead, just extremely boring...

    There are many more events on Korean and Japanese versions, why are we so much left behind...

  • the game is fun. We should start talking positively about the game, especially if we want new players to join the game. Glad to hear from u guys that the game is "hopefully" not dead. Everything can be changed towards the better when we all support what we love and soulworker is a game that we all should make our best efforts to make sure the game is not dead.

    note: yesterday I logged into the server "NA" and rocco town was full of players.

  • If Gameforge continues to slow-walk the content KR is getting (and KR's pace has been picking up recently it seems) then our version will die. Period. The main problem is the existence of the private server and how it almost mirrors KR in keeping up to date with content so because of GF's slowness we are losing players to them. This is imo the biggest existential threat we face right now. If that server didn't exist then Gameforge's unreasonable slowness could maybe work as a 'strategy', but since it DOES exist GF is committing suicide by not keeping up the pace and staying competitive. I honestly can't tell if it's ignorance or incompetence or they really just don't care that's leading to this insanely slow content release schedule, but I can say with absolute 100% certainty that the slowness is doing more harm than good for us. If we can't fully catch up and stay no more than 1-2 months behind KR max we're screwed.

    Also I've recently witnessed entire guilds switch server and once they are spoiled with new content only half of them ever come back for 'new' content here (which is now content they've already played). If LG/GF or whoever isn't going to take legal action against the server their only option is to PICK UP THE PACE OF CONTENT RELEASE. There's literally no other options, although I guess if we actually had GOOD events worth grinding that might help a little but instead we get stuck with things like having to run 12 rookie raids for a single tag trans that can't even go beyond grade 5. It's a mess and it's so frustrating to see what's happening first hand and know how much of a problem this is becoming.

    On the bright side the negativity means there are still people around who sincerely care about our version of the game (most don't seem like trolls) but it also means GF really needs to work on doing better as it's worrying to see such a large fraction of the player base upset.

  • So I am still waiting for the server merge and look how it will look like PVP, because pve does not bring anything. I really did not think that game will die so fast oh wow.

    If gameforge does not do anything about content we will be less and less until the game is finally dead. The server merge brings nothing. But no wonder if you make such mistakes as gameforge does, it does not surprise me at all lol. But the stars rating proves almost everything.

  • then, gameforge or lion games must do something about the ( can't say it's name server) if they really care about the profit/popularity of the game. Gameforge please if u want more players then u should listen carefully to our complaints or else don't know what will happen to the game,,,,

    so, I guess there no motivation to ply the game after all... if what Keita saying is true then the game going into a death road unless gameforge decided to listen to us,,,,

    on the bright side they listened to our "nag" for the loyalty system. so, hopefully they will keep listening!

  • I could enumerate 100 things that makes gameforge mistakes! I take my ult (jin) away for 1 month? Or bugs you use, but you're told you should refrain from doing so because you'll be banned otherwise? Can you just fix it instead? No, they do not. So how stupid do you have to make such mistakes ?? wtf.
    But I also do not understand why the server I can not call expand capable, better server, you can almost as much as anything farm, so why does some illegal server and not the

    Take an example to the other server I can not call.

    Gameforge finally has to learn about quality of service ... talk about speed, bugs etc.

    And once again coming to the topic, you would not make as many mistakes as erasing an ult from the game, etc ..., not so many would quince this game ... but that's just one of many reasons.

    gameforge pls....

  • let's keep talking about improving the game. let's motivate each other. we should all convince gameforge to change the game towards a better "resolution"

    enough is enough!! we should stick together and start doing something positive about the game.

    Let's all support each other!!! support the game support what we love and that illegal server must be closed and if gameforge can't do it then, at least let's convince the players to join the official and leave the illegal one

  • I assume who you mean with let's defend gameforge, I assume that you mean it with money. Which is completely nonsense, because there are so many abnormal cashers who spend on this over easy play. They have enough money and could do more than enough. Do not do it. They sit around lazily and watch how much money they get during the day. And every 2 months, they watch, whether they put some event or something in the game, that we have to do minimal what brings us anyway nothing.

    but that just makes me sad the gameforge ignore all these suggestions and everything, and they do not bother to mend themselves. but well you will not have to be surprised if the game has no players online.

  • Until it is time for the information to be available I cannot tell you anything else than to wait for it. :)

    There are some final details to be determined, but as I told you before, we will have the info posted soon!

    ..She threw away all of her masks and put on her soul..

  • Until it is time for the information to be available I cannot tell you anything else than to wait for it. :)

    There are some final details to be determined, but as I told you before, we will have the info posted soon!

    Okay well ty anyway, hope it will not take to long. :)