GirlsSruel Guild recruiting !!!!!

  • This guild I made by myself but it own by both me and my boyfriend so were both the GM of the guild :S and were looking active players who play female chars only cause its a girls only guild but for chars only so if your a guy who plays a girl char its ok and we do have a few rules for you to follow if you want to join we also have a discord which is in the guild description.

    1. you have to be active don't join if your not going to be active and same with alts

    2. if your not active for 30days you will be kicked unless you tells why your not going to be active

    3. plz be nice and kind and don't be a jerk or a perv ect .

    4. don't ask for dz or costumes ect

    5. don't brag or complain about stuff.

  • Xeny

    i'm glad u found a nice guild to join in NA server :)

    and not having to go to EU server

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