Soulworker New Player Guide

  • Hello all, this is a guide that I made that contains most of my knowledge about the game along with some tips from Korean players. I made this guide since information about this game is extremely scattered or is usually kept inside guild discords + Soulworker is a rather old game and its age is showing up as a couple of new player traps. Hopefully this is helpful for someone.

    Keep in mind that I'm not a competitive player and this guide was formed using my own experience as a bum on the KR server. My goal here is to give informed choices and not to give full BiS knowledge about the game. The guide itself is just a suggestion and you are not forced to abide by anything.

    Feel free to point out any mistakes or if you have something to contribute.



    1. EU/ Candus is the most populated server (Population split is 5% NA / 95% EU)

    2. Leveling Trisha's loyalty/VIP is a must and Don't rush leveling. If you rush to Lv55 without having level 2 loyalty then you'll potentially have a bit of a bad time Lv55+. If you somehow rushed to Lv60 without Level 2 loyalty, then you're highly likely going to need someone to carry you in endgame raids since you'll have difficulty with meeting minimum requirements/contributing. Try to have Trisha loyalty at Lv4 before attempting to enhance endgame weapons.

    3. Complete District Progression