Neo nerf? Is GF even playing the game? Or know how the game work?

  • Why is gameforge double the chance of big plastica and Rita? Isn’t whole purpose of neo is the new card? By double the chance it big plastica, gameforge is indirectly nerfing the chance of getting the new 5 stars card. Example: if we have 10 type of 5 stars card, if chance of getting all the 5 stars card is the same. It means we have 10% chance it getting each type of 5 stars card. And now by double the chance it big plastica, big plastica became 20% chance and others indirectly got nerf and the chance of getting the other 9 is 8.88% )

    Instead of double the chance of neo, why not double the chance of plastica and Rita on normal akasha transmitter? That way it helps new players out. And the make neo have higher chance to get the new card instead.

    If neo really stay the same have double the chance of plastica and Rita, it’s better to wait for the new card to be place in normal akasha. The chance of getting is will be higher than stupid neo. Lol

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  • For real, if they wanna help new players, double the chance to normal akasha. So they can farm normal akasha or if they want fast way can buy straight from premiums shop.

    And by increasing the chance it getting new card on neo:

    Then veteran players that don’t need plastica or Rita anymore, they can straight up buy neo.

    In a way it gives two options for different ppl from what they needs. It’s a win-win situation. Let’s see if GF will do anything or keep it the same as now. Hopefully they revert the double chance on neo for plastica and Rita and put it on normal akasha.

  • Yeah so I saw the announcement and did a major WTF.

    Why are old original cards being given rate-ups in the neo transmitters??? The prefix NEO literally means NEW!!!

    Then there's the question of if Tenebris, Shiho, and Equaleon still going to be neo exclusive as well or are they moving to the regular pool as we should expect with each neo transmitter update? As mentioned above, this is an implicit RATE DOWN on new cards like Tenebris which, even with rate-up, are already almost impossible to roll with how rare they are.

    On top of all of this, we are still missing most of the pixel character cards (we have 2/7), GC bosses (only 1 of 5?), Henryk, as well as Arua/Veneris both 4 and 5 star versions. Why are we getting rate-ups on Plastica and Rita instead of NEW cards from the fairly large pool that we are still waiting for??

    This whole thing doesn't make sense. Does GF even have the slightest idea what they are doing here?

  • threea

  • This game is pay to win. Gameforge wants to be paid more money while people try to get a Tenebris card.

    exactly! The whole point of neo is for ppl that willing to pay to support the game company to gain advantage over other for a few months until the new cards went into regular transmitter. And what’s point for veteran players that willing to spend for neo to get stupid big plastica and Rita? When pretty much they all have it already?

    and doesn’t matter what game, you need spender or whale to support company. If everyone is F2P then company will go bankrupt. U need both f2p and p2w players.

  • hope that CM see this and able to pass the message to the team and discuss over it. It make more sense to increase higher rate to get new cards than this new changes.

  • Hello,

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  • I agree with your statement Albus.

    But the players have their reason for being frustrated for this pending change to neo transmitters. It really doesn't justify the use of the cash item to change the rates for the contents on current Akasha that aren't even new.

    If you are able to inform the team about this, it would be a start. I understand GameForge wants profit, but this is counter-intuitive as it's only going to have people move away from buying the neo transmitters since it's literally telling buyers they are getting cheated on the value of what they are buying into.

    The feedback thread I have made here exists for a reason. There are lots of ways to improve on the game's situation and improve its revenue for GameForge. Is the team making attempts to look at it every so often? Or was it after reading through it once where they did not bother anymore?

    Not all feedback was addressed in Threea's response for that matter either.

    I understand GameForge has criteria to meet, and want to profit on the matter, but even then those criteria may as well be checked on.

    For example, releasing newer content for one on a more regular basis to actually get our servers caught up will bring in more players to play the content, and that effectively means more potential buyers on SC products. Yet, we still have not received the new level 65 content.

    I know there are quality checks, and even the possibility for translating content. But what stops the team from machine translating the content and releasing it for now, then providing translation refining in later patches? With the track record that patches have been released and what has been broken/fix far as ratio concerned, a lot of the player-base may as well consider the team working on the quality check as being incompetent, bluntly speaking. This is below the quality any Game Partner should be having.

    There are a lot of things still not fixed. If that truly was the reason for delay then the quality checks that are brought in have to at least be at above satisfactory. With the DZ exploit that happened, we lost a lot of players due to how it was handled.

    We want to build player-base, not kill it.


  • I don't think other servers ever did that. Is this just an excuse to keep Tenebris in Neo Sanctum pool? Or slow down updating speed? Big Plastica and Rita have been in the pool since beta and makes 0 sense putting them on unknown rateup in the NeoSanctum pool, which is only available through purchase. It'd make sense if the developers did that for the normal transmitters to help out newer players, but I assume they will say something of the same sort but for NeoSanctums.


  • Sorry to be painfully blunt, but why did threea lie to us about what would happen with the neo akasha transmitters?

    Not only are BPP/Rita NOT new cards (we were told once a month new cards will be added), but they are not cycling the previous rate-up cards to the normal pool (we were told this would happen each month in combination with the former).

    Yet again we were told to expect something that turned out false. Intentional misinformation or not, this is by definition a lie.

    I think we deserve answers as to what is going on.

    EDIT: last update's cards WERE cycled to the normal pool (Shiho, Tenebris, Equaleon) so this did hold true. Still a little confused about putting original akasha cards as rate-up in the neo transmitters, but I think people were more concerned about being able to roll normal transmitters for the most recent cards so this is good news. Thanks Threea for responding with clarification.

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  • Hello everyone,

    as this was a small patch we had for the new event, we did not include any new cards yet, but the next new ones will come soon.

    In the meantime, so that you don't need to wait that long, we decided along with Lion Games to add older, but still powerful cards with a higher chance to the NeoSanctum transmitter - and make the previously added new ones already available in the normal transmitters as well.

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  • Yes, the last new cards that were added with the Chii update, are now available in the normal akasha transmitters.


    so is this plastica and Rita rate increase only temporary for current patch? Or permanently increase for neo?

    When new cards added on next patch, will the new card have higher rate of getting it on neo? Like how it was done in the beginning.

  • Is anyone keeping track of what cards we're still missing?

    If you are not including the ones in the limited akasha:

    Erwin 4 star, Jin 4 star, Arua 4 star, Arua 5 star, Venebris 4 star, and Venebris 5 star come to mind. Honestly just waiting for Venebris 5 star and Arua 5 star then i'll try my luck.

    Also, thanks threea for the update. I think you guys need to work on making discord an actual community center though. Like your explanation saying Tenebris and what not from the Chii Patch are now in the normal transmitters? No one knows about that except those in this thread. Also... The lack of response in the channels makes it feel you guys are automated.

    We as players love to hear from our mods. Communication is key for every business, especially between the customer to business part!

    I mean unless you do not like being moderator for SoulWorker with all the angry posts, pretty sure that can be handled if the team starts communicating more.