[Fanfic] Iris's Obsession

  • It's a crime that you can't pet dogs and cats in the game. At least give Iris a special animation for it since she likes all things cute. This story is far from canonically happening but I think it's adorable~ I can't sleep so I'm just rolling these things out one after another...

    Character appearances: Iris Yuma, Chii Aruel

    Word Count: 756


    When Miriam promised me I could pet the dog when I finished my mission all the way back at Control Zone 43, you couldn't believe how happy I was. That little corgi is so cute! He's the only dog that occupies the part of Rucco Town where the Luckforce is stationed. Every time I see that adorable tan-and-white pelt walking right up to me with his little stubby legs and wagging nub of a tail, and his big, beady eyes staring right into mine demanding good boy pets... I'd be a madwoman to resist.

    ...But every time I tried to pet him when I see him, something would come up. Big Plastica threatened to blow up Rucco Town, the dumb clown and all his mannequins kept trying to invade it, then I eventually got sent to Candus City, and I soon found myself seriously deprived of doggy pats. Being a SoulWorker has me being pulled left and right to all sorts of different places that need my help...

    Well, guess what?

    Today is the day I can finally pet that good boy.

    I was sent to Grasscover Camp right after the business in Ruin Fortress couldn't make any more new developments since the Blood SoulWorkers went dormant. I have to pass up Rucco Town on the way, so this would be my only chance to at least get a few pets in before I throw myself into the void.

    So now I'm in Rucco Town... And there he is! That's the corgi I hadn't seen in ages, and he's running right up to me again! I knelt down immediately and pat his head, scratched behind his ears, and glided a hand down his back allowing my fingers to coarse through his ultra-soft fur. I think I'm in heaven.

    Nah. This is heaven. He just now lept up into my arms so I could carry him. Oh my god...

    "...Iris?" Chii stood in front of me looking unimpressed. Her eyes traveled between the dog, me, and then the dog again.

    "What is it? Can't you see I'm busy?" I retorted still keeping the corgi in my arms.

    "Put the stinky mutt down. We have to get going. You're just wasting your time."

    I gasped. "Mr. Barker here takes offense to that. And he's not a smelly mutt!"

    "That's a dumb name," Chii frowned.

    "No, it's not! See, Mr. Barker likes his name, right?"

    And as if on cue, the corgi barked his agreement. I mean, he could just be barking for no reason at all but that's what I think his bark was for.

    When he barked, Chii froze up a bit and took a step back.

    "...Oh, you don't like dogs?" I tried asking next.

    "I'm a cat. Of course I don't." Chii replied as if it was the most obvious reason in the world. I questioned her constant claims of being a cat at first, but since she's so cute too, I decided to let her get away with it and played along.

    "But some dogs can still be friendly with cats," I argued. The corgi just panted in my arms totally oblivious to the conversation.

    "Well, this cat doesn't trust them." Chii turned her head away to accentuate her words.

    "Have you at least tried to get along with a dog before?"

    "No, but I..."

    I cut her off and set the corgi down. "Today's the day you'll see the happiness a dog can bring you. Go play with Chii, Mr. Barker!" This dog and I must be on the same wavelength because he gleefully bounced right up to Chii with his tail going a mile a minute.

    "N-No! Get away from me!" Chii stepped back again. The corgi took another step forward. Chii took several steps back. The corgi followed her every move. Soon, he just blatantly started chasing her all around Rucco Town.

    "Iris, make him stooooopppp!" Chii begged as confused onlookers kept looking at a small dog run after a known SoulWorker.

    It took all my strength to not laugh. "If you'd stay still, all he wants you to do is pet him!"

    "I'm not touching that flea ridden thing! Just make him stop!"

    "Alright alright, let me grab a piece of bacon or something to distract him. That should work!" I shouted back.

    "Hurry! He's gonna eat me!" She's in the middle of actually climbing a tree in order to prevent him from chasing her.

    Ah, Chii... You could've just told me you were afraid of dogs from the start. I wouldn't have put the corgi down if I'd known.

    But this does make for a funny sight. Just wait till I tell the other SoulWorkers about this~

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