[FanFic] How Jin Stays In Shape

  • I kinda hate myself for liking the hell out of this game because I end up writing stuff like this and I don't stop lol. Welp, Jin is best boi so he was for sure going to get a story out of me.

    Word Count: 1,063

    Characters: Jin and Iris


    Every morning at six o'clock on the dot, I go jogging. I didn't start this regimen until Miriam kept insisting I work too hard... She said I needed to blow some steam every once in a while, and exercising was the first thing that came to mind. I know I don't have to do it anymore since I'm a SoulWorker now, but it's still fun to me. So I guess that means keeping my body in check is a hobby of mine? I didn't think I had one, really.

    Or maybe I'm just doing this because Miriam said to do it, so it's just another job...

    Anyway, it doesn't matter. It turned into a habit in the end, and I try to do it whenever I have the chance. The solitude kinda helps me clear my mind, too. It's really nice.

    I thought that running in Ruin Fortress would make me freeze to death. Surprisingly, it's tolerable when you keep your body active! Maybe this is what Amanda does to stay warm considering her, er, attire. And after spending a whole week here, the cold merely turned into an afterthought. This little diversion transformed into something useful after all.

    I finished today's run a couple of minutes ago, and now I'm heading back to where the SFL is stationed. Hopefully, they figured out how to make the showers have hot water because I've been using cold water all this time. Now that I think about it, maybe those showers are the main reason why I essentially turned into a polar bear at this point and not the jogging in cool morning air...

    Out of nowhere, a hand slapped me on the shoulder from behind. "Good morning!"

    Whoever it was is trying to give me a heart attack! Who'd even be up this early in the morning? "WAH!"

    "Ha, that really scared you?"

    I held on to a shred of my mind under all of that panic trying to well up in my chest, and I recognized that voice. I turned my head enough to see another head of long black hair gently illuminated by the orange light of dawn.

    The sigh I let out was comically, embarrassingly loud. "I-Iris..."

    In response, Iris kept smiling at me albeit a bit apologetically. "Sorry, sorry. I just didn't think you'd scare that easily. Besides, who else would it be aside from the SFL members and the other SoulWorkers? No one else is out here."

    "Even so, I wasn't expecting to run into anyone this early in the morning..."

    "I guess that makes sense~"

    "But what are you doing out here, Iris? Plus it's not like we're all that close to the base."

    "Hmm..." Her eyes looked off to the side staring at nothing in particular and returned back to me. "I've been watching you."

    "You what?!"

    "Don't get too worked up! I've been waking up early like you, too, for some extra exercise. It's not full-on jogging like you; I just take a calming walk. A certain 'someone' as to not name any names says I have a bad temper so..."

    If Iris kept talking, I couldn't hear it The blood rushing in my ears blocked out all sound. A girl watched me exercise. The simple sentence played in my head like a mantra.

    "...Do you need a minute? Your face is as bright as a tomato, Jin."


    She laughed, although I didn't find it funny. I'm still trying to get used to women, alright? "It's fine~ Even after I spent all that time trying to pick the right words..."

    "I... I'm sorry..."

    "You apologized already~ You're funny, Jin~"

    "Hahaha," I laughed, but it was one of those 'I'm not too sure what you mean by that' types of laughs. I just need to calm down a bit; yeah... I sighed and took a moment to try again. "So if you've been watching me, how come I've never noticed you?" I'm certain I would have caught at least a glimpse considering we're the only people active out here.

    "You're always so absorbed in your workout that you never pay attention to me! I've tried calling out to you before, but you ignored me and kept going. I figured I'd for sure get your attention if I was more direct and, whaddya know, I was right~" Iris beamed at me. The way she kept smiling, I guess she wasn't too torn up with how I failed to notice her before.

    ...Was I really that naive?

    "Ah... I didn't mean to ignore you," it felt awkward saying that without adding a sorry, but I managed.

    "I know you didn't. You're not the type of guy to do that but anyway, to get to the point... How about we try exercising together sometimes? It beats being alone every morning and it gets kinda boring."

    "So like... A training partner..." I mused aloud. And the more I thought about it, the better the idea sounded. We could both give each other tips and maybe push each other to go the extra mile with our exercising! I'd be totally on board with it.

    "That's perfect, Iris!"

    She laughed. "And here I thought you'd get all flustered again since you're so shy around women."

    I shook my head. "The complete opposite. Just imagine it; we could have races for who can run the fastest!"


    "Or maybe instead of speed let's try endurance? Since we're both SoulWorkers, we probably have similar strength!"

    "No, Jin, I-"

    "And did you know there are some exercises that require two people? I've been wanting to try them for a while so we could probably do those!"

    "Hey," Iris' tone grew sharper, "I hate to ruin your excitement and all but I was thinking more of just joining you on your jogging. I don't want a regimen."

    I think my heart sunk. "...Oh."

    "Mm... But I'll think about it. Let's just stick to jogging for now and we can build towards your... idea."

    "Ok... It's a deal," I tried my best to smile again but I did guess I let my hopes get a little too high.

    "Alright. So tomorrow as long as we aren't bombarded with work?" Iris proposed.

    "Yeah," I said with a small nod.

    "It's a date~ Now stop making those puppy dog eyes and let's head back before everyone starts wondering where we are."


    "Ha~ You're just fun to tease~"

    We finally did go back once Iris quit making anymore quips at me. I just hope exercising with her is going to work out ok in the end... Please let there be no regrets?


    A/N: I might write a second part with Erwin instead. We'll see~ And I hope the colors actually helps with seeing who's talking even though my work now looks like McDonalds hurled all over it lol. Removed the colors because it was hard to read. Thanks for the suggestion! ^^

    I main Erwin but still like... Jin is forever best boi~

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  • That was fun to read but for me with these colours of the font it's uncomfortable to read. Maybe just try adding first letter of character's name like

    I: Hi!

    J: Hello.

    Or just using this symbol - when they speak. Eheh but it's only a suggestion. Keep up the good work!


  • I removed the colors! Thanks c:

    I main Erwin but still like... Jin is forever best boi~

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    "It's a dark philosophy, and it haunts her constantly. She's a false alarm to me. She's a false alarm!"

  • Last one for now until I get motivated to write again, or if I get a really good idea/scenario to write about~ I wish these two will interact in the game canonically someday!

    Word Count: 1,230

    Characters: Iris, Jin, and Erwin


    "H-how much farther..."

    Iris kept dragging along behind me during our jog.

    "You can't be out of breath yet! This is only the fourth mile!" I encouraged her. Besides, we've faced tougher challenges fighting against the SoulDregs and Bashai and whatever else in between. A four-mile run is nothing to us SoulWorkers! And today, the goal is to reach six!

    "I'm not some mega athlete like you! I haven't run this far since-" she cut herself off with a cough. Uh... I should probably stop. I slow my sprint to an abrupt halt, and Iris did the same with an exhausted grin on her face, still trying to catch her breath.

    "Ha... I'll get there... One day, I'm gonna keep up with you. Surpass you, even," Iris managed to say in between pants.

    "And I can't wait to see it happen," I replied returning her smile with one of my own.

    To be honest, I'm glad that Iris actually got into the whole exercise stuff. We did start off with light jogs as she agreed with, but over time, she's been steadily more receptive to heavier workouts. I'm not exactly sure what caused the change, but I can make a good guess. The SFL team out here is taking what feels like ages on how to enter Ruin Fortress. Work has been slow, and I think Iris is simply bored. That's why she's probably pushing herself like this. She has nothing else to do, and I'm not complaining at all! Having her around is really fun.

    "...Let's head back? The sun's up a-and it's like I can't feel my legs anymore." She asked, and stretched them for emphasis.

    Is she in pain? I want to help! "Oh, need a piggyback ride?" I offered.

    Her answer was instant. "Haha, we aren't little children. I'll manage~"

    "Ok. Just as long as you are feeling fine, Iris."

    "I'm not that delicate~"

    We eventually walked back to our makeshift station with no issues at all. Iris kept her word. We returned, yet there's once again nothing major for us to do. How long is this going to take?

    For the time being, I'll just go back to the 'barracks' and change out of these clothes. There's a building not far from Ruin Fortress that likely used to house NED Company soldiers before it got totally abandoned. The SFL repurposed it for its own soldiers when it started the investigation, and us SoulWorkers stay here too. It's covered well and the SFL installed a few heaters in it, so it's not too bad. It doesn't beat the luxuries we used to have in Grace City, though.

    Everyone should be awake and assigned some type of duty no matter how meager it was, but I was surprised to find someone still sleeping in one of the beds...

    Surprisingly, it's Erwin. I don't think I've ever caught that guy slacking before, or for that matter, I've never seen any SoulWorker sleeping on the job.

    "...Erwin? You should probably wake up by now."

    No reply. He just turned over in his sleep.

    I tried gently shaking his shoulder next. "Hey-"

    "I'm up. Don't get your panties in a bunch, boxing boy." He must have just woke up based on how groggy his voice sounded.

    Even if his behavior is odd right now, that attitude of his doesn't change. I kinda wished it did. He can be... insufferable to be around sometimes. Maverick said SoulWorkers attract each other but all Erwin does is repel me away. I wished he was at least a little friendlier...

    "My name is Jin..."

    "It doesn't matter how many times you say your name, I'm not gonna remember it. Save your breath."

    "Nevermind, just... It's rare to see you laze around like that."

    It would be nice if he at least looked at me when he spoke. His back was turned the whole time. "There's nothing to do. I went to that hopeless glasses man; he had nothing. Dr. Frances had nothing. Amanda was lost too, so what am I supposed to do? Sleep all my time away?"

    "...Well, why not try exercising?" I suggested.

    "Sounds lame." He shot the idea down with a deadpan tone.

    "Me and Iris have been doing it in the mornings. It's really fun and helps pass the time."

    Something I said must have finally got Erwin's attention because he threw the sheets off himself and immediately sat up.

    "What was she wearing?" He suddenly asked seriously starring me directly in the face.

    I should have seen it coming...

    "I don't think her clothes are that important and that sounds really inappropriate."

    "Pah, you're such a too-goody-shoes."


    You're too girl crazed, is what I'd love to say back, but the words never came. I'd rather not pick another fight with Erwin. I'll leave. I woke him up. My job is done. I started to head towards a fresh set of clothing tucked under my bed; the whole reason why I was here in the first place.

    "I guess I know why you've been getting up so early in the mornings now..." Erwin commented. It sounded more like he was talking to himself, though.

    "Yup." I continued on with my business.

    A long pause.

    "...What kind of exercising do you two do?" He asked next.

    "It's just some running. Although, we might do something new soon," I got my clothes and was on my way out.

    Erwin waited until I got right to the door frame. "...Like?"

    ...For a guy who called exercising 'lame', he certainly shows a huge interest in it. This is also the most social he's been around me in quite a while. Maybe the boredom is just that strong?

    "Uh, you really want to know a lot about this," I replied. For now, I guess I'll stay. Walking out as is would be rude.

    "Of course~ Iris is there, and also Amanda keeps gawking at..."

    He paused again and twirled a piece of his bangs between his fingers.

    "...She mentioned she liked men with muscles, so I thought maybe you could... Ugh, I hate asking men for favors."

    Whoa... I'd never thought I'd see the day this would happen!

    "Leave it to me! I'd love to train you, Erwin!"

    "Idiot! I wasn't gonna ask you to do that!" He snapped back mildly annoyed, but he only had to think about what he said for a second!

    "Well... I guess it's kinda like being trained... I was gonna ask you for pointers," he added, lowering his tone again.

    "Then why not join me and Iris to start off with? You have to get up extra early is all."

    I surprised myself with how happy I felt then. It's almost like I'm starting a mini exercising club! We'll have three members as long as Erwin accepts!

    "...Alright. Iris' presence will be a good motivator~" He said with a suspicious-looking grin.

    Ah, I hope Iris will be ok with this...

    The next day, Erwin joined us as he promised. He luckily didn't harass Iris too much since she straight up told him she won't hesitate to deck him in the face if he tried anything funny. She really takes no nonsense, huh?

    Since Erwin was new, we settled with sticking with running again. It's the easiest type of exercise to do. It went well for the first couple of minutes. Erwin can actually outrun both me and Iris! And today, Iris can keep up with me without trailing behind anymore!

    ...It would have been perfect if only Erwin knew how to pace himself. He was drop-dead tired in only 10 minutes trying to outperform everyone.

    I see why he wanted pointers~

    I main Erwin but still like... Jin is forever best boi~

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