Why Can't Stella Use a Gun?

  • I thought it would be nice to poke some fun at Soulworker after my last article’s deep dive about character analysis.

    So this is a 1477 word light-hearted shorter piece about Soulweapons in general. I originally thought this out after talking about lore on the official Discord server, and finding no answers. There is almost no official description of these weapons as well. So I did my own digging, and now I’ve decided to write this joke piece. I also wanted to practice my comedic writing skills because let’s be honest, nobody has the chance to use them after middle school. I hope you enjoy this style!

    Besides, it’s pretty funny to imagine Stella with a gun.

    This contains SPOILERS.


    Have you ever farmed AoV Manic so many times that you’ve wanted to scream? Then when the weapon finally drops, you can’t even equip it because it’s not the right weapon type? “If only I could switch my weapon to this!” you must have thought.

    Or maybe you’ve started up a new, different character and thought, “Gee, I wish I could equip my main character’s weapon and make this so much easier!”

    So today, we’re going to be answering the following questions that nobody asked for:

    Why don’t Soulworkers use ranged attacks more often?

    Why can’t the military use Soulweapons?

    Why can’t Soulworkers switch weapons?


    #1. “Why don’t Soulworkers use ranged attacks more often?”

    On the surface, this seems like an obvious question.

    Why do Soulworkers have to fight at melee range? Wouldn’t it be much easier to just kill everything from far away? Haru can use Cross Strike, Wind Rupture, and literally create swords out of thin air with her ultimate. Lily can shoot dark chains and create guillotine blades. Stella can kill everyone with sound waves. Jin is literally Goku. Iris can shoot friggin laser beams. And Chii can just look at enemies and they will explode because that’s how broken she is.

    But aside from that, the reason Soulworkers can’t fight at ranged for too long is because Soulforce doesn’t work well at long distances.

    During the main story of Grace City, Taifon were used to gather Soulforce from people to run Henryk’s experiments. However, it is not as simple as sucking out people’s life force. First, the Taifon machine pumps people with huge amounts of Soulforce until they pop. Then, they vacuum the air to gather up the dispersed Soulforce. If it wasn’t gathered up in a timely fashion, then the Soulforce would just be blown away by the wind.

    On a side note, this also explains why soldiers can’t use Respawners in combat, as they would burst open due to the sudden Soulforce injection. (Now that I think about it, how and why does the Trader Alliance even sell Soulforce Packs?)

    We know this because in the Cold Rain story in Grace City, Dr. Lex reveals that Soulforce is present in the air but in very minute amounts. When people die, their Soulforce is dispersed rapidly. So because Soulweapons use Soulforce to attack at range, the Soulforce would continually disperse until it can no longer deal damage. Now on to question #2.


    #2. “Why can’t the military use Soulweapons?”

    If only it were that easy! Imagine a squad of troops with Gun Jazz (or better yet, Howling Guitars), easily fending off the wave of oncoming Souldregs. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way.

    To answer this, we have to understand how the main characters use these weapons, and then we can see if normal people could use them in a similar way. I hypothesize that Soulweapon attacks can be divided up into two main categories: physical and special. I used be 1600 ELO in Smogon OU so here it is.

    Physical attacks are attacks where the Soulweapon is used to directly strike an enemy to deal damage. So when Haru cleaves her sword through an enemy or Iris smashes a Souldreg’s face with her Hammer Stol, those are examples of “physical” attacks. Non-Soulworkers do not have enough Soulforce to enhance their physical capabilities, which means that they do not have enough strength to even carry these weapons, let alone swing them with enough force to deal damage.

    Special attacks, on the other hand, require the use of Soulforce channeling to deal damage. So when Jin shoots Chi Blasts Quadra Orbs and Lily shoots dark chains, those would be “special.” Although every person has a little bit of Soulforce, it is not enough to use a special attack that is strong on the level of a Soulworker (although it’s still enough to kill a person). Even Soulforcers - as stated by Major Benjy and Xivus at the beginning of the game - do not have enough Soulforce to channel through a Soulweapon.

    To be clear, the military cannot simply equip high level gear and expect to kill Souldregs because they simply do not have the physical strength nor Soulforce to use them at the same “level” as a Soulworker. Now on to question #3.


    #3. “Why can’t Soulworkers switch weapons?”

    Like all the examples in the introduction, it would be too good to be true if we could do all those things. But just to repeat, I am strictly adhering to lore reasons in this explanation.

    The main reason Soulworkers can’t switch weapons is simply because they wouldn’t know how to use them. We are told at the beginning of the game that the Soulworkers had been stuck in the Great Void for 15 years, but most of them didn’t even know how to use their original weapons at the start.

    According to the Corrupted Records, Tenebris states that Haru’s skill with her Soulum was “like a girl swinging a kitchen knife.” It took her at least a week to learn the basics of posture with her Soulum from Barber Camp. During Lily’s opening cutscene, we also see her swinging a golf club wildly, which is not even close to how one fights with a scythe.

    Iris and Chii’s fighting are not specifically mentioned, but I’m sure that learning all the functions of the Hammer Stol would be difficult for the other characters (not to mention its massive size), and the Daito sword is infamous for its high discipline requirement even for martial arts standards.

    Jin and Stella are the only exceptions when it comes to prior experience with their weapons.

    But even though Jin’s weapon looks like it would be easy to learn (they are just a pair of gauntlets), fighting “barehanded” has tons of nuances aside from physical ability. Learning how to throw a good punch takes a lot of technical skill and practice, and with countless variations/styles in posture and balance, it can get tricky very fast. Luckily, Jin has worked in the police force, so it’s easier for him.

    As for Stella, she has played the guitar from a very young age and is used to the language of music. It is notoriously difficult to learn how to play a musical instrument as you get older, so I doubt any of the other characters would be able to play even a G chord, much less a riff. Or they can just disappoint the Souldregs to death.


    You might have noticed that in the sections above, I did not mention Erwin’s Gun Jazz. This is because the Gun Jazz is the only weapon that’s fine! Let me explain.

    In the latest update of Dipluce Horizon, we see that Colonel Aaron shoots one of his subordinates with a Gun Jazz out of frustration. Surprisingly, the man survived the injury but only because the shot missed the heart. This is the most important fact.

    Because Aaron was able to use the weapon while enraged, this means that the Gun Jazz does not require a high level of focus to channel one’s Soulforce into an attack. In fact, it should not be that different from a regular firearm, considering that it can transform between dual pistols, a machine-gun, a sniper rifle, a grenade launcher, and more just by using your imagination. This means that the Soulworkers should have no problem learning how to use the Gun Jazz.

    Additionally, because we know that normal people do not have enough Soulforce to use these weapons, the fact that Colonel Aaron almost killed a man shows that the Gun Jazz can turn even the smallest amounts of Soulforce into a concentrated bullet-like projectile. With their enormous Soulforce reservoirs, Soulworkers inherently have enough Soulforce to channel through the Gun Jazz and execute powerful attacks.

    And even though the Gun Jazz is inherently a ranged weapon, it would be less affected by air dispersion like I mentioned in question #1 because the Soulforce attack is highly concentrated and shot at high speed. With less surface area to its attacks, it would not be exposed enough for the air to pick it apart. And due to its muzzle velocity, the attack would be less likely to fall apart in the air by the time it reaches its target.

    Therefore, I have concluded that there is absolutely nothing preventing the Soulworkers from using the Gun Jazz in combat.

    We’d better see Stella be able to shoot a gun in the next update.



    • Normal people can’t use a Soulweapon cause they’re not important strong enough
    • Every weapon except for the Gun Jazz is hard to learn
    • Gun Jazz is not affected by Soulforce dissipation in the air
    • Soulworkers have enough Soulforce to use the Gun Jazz effectively
    • Every character should be able to equip the Gun Jazz
    • Erwin is best catboi
    • Erwin is best catboi

    That's all I pulled from your analysis and can confirm that Erwin is best catboi

    3 of his cash shop costumes have chokers you don't need anymore proof (-w-)b

    I main Erwin but still like... Jin is forever best boi~

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  • "In the latest update of Dipluce Horizon, we see that Colonel Aaron shoots one of his subordinates with a Gun Jazz out of frustration."

    I was going to point that out. Pretty sure Gun Jazz is just a normal gun as with basically every other weapon in the game.

    The difference being that soulworkers can channel their power in to the object to enhance their combat effectiveness.

    And in the case of the hammerstol, normal humans can't carry that around.

    Curiously, they have said soulforcers can't fight effectively with a weapon.... Even though Aaron who is a normal human can use the Gun Jazz. If you can channel soulforce in to a weapon, why can't soulforcers do it?

    My explanation would be that a weapon have resistance. Think of electrical current, where resistance opposes current. I imagine that a soulforcer don't have enough power to overcome the resistance, and so when they use a weapon, it is no different than a normal human using it.

    So it is far more effective to directly channeling in to concentrated energy instead of through a weapon.

    I suspect soulworkers are strong enough to overcome it and trading some raw power for other utility, like range and penetration. Maybe higher level weapons with higher attack power simply means less resistance/energy loss.

    But this is just a fan explanation.

    As for using another weapon... I think they just don't know how to use it. The easiest to learn is most definitely the gun jazz. No offense Erwin... But firearms is comparatively easier to use, although one would still need training in it. Particularly trigger discipline the trigger pull, steady aim etc.

    I put Ephnel as next easiest. The spear is a amazingly effective weapon that require much less training hence why it was a mainstay of ancient and medieval armies. It have a long reach(massive advantage) and the minimal requirement for effective use is 'pokey bit towards enemy.'

    I would say that the sword(Haru and Chii) is the hardest. Edge alignment, stances and so on and so forth.

  • You know, I can ruin your theory with only two words: bad translation.

    In one of the side quests on Ruin Fortress, Avon asks you to bring him a Hammer Stol. And before you start wondering, "What is he talking about?" you see that he actually wants you to bring him... "hammer drills" (don't remember how that thing called) from those small drill-headed robots. No screenshot for this, didn't thought that it would be useful, but if i'll get to RF with any other character (I have already done this quest with my Erwin and Chii), i'll add it.

    Also, nearly all quest text in Dipluce Horizon is bad. Really bad. Be it story or side-quests. Some characters change their gender between dialogues (OR EVEN IN ONE DIALOGUE), like that soldier whom Aaron shot (can't remember his name, rly) - sometimes he is addressed as "she".


    Veneris calls "Orca unit" in his red quests "orca", "Orka" or even "Orcs".



    Also, Naran in RF in Chii's story addressed as "he" by Nita once Naran is captured.



    (second image to confirm that she's talking about Naran and not anyone else)

    So, what's the point of all this text? I think Gameforge just did their job not really better than Google translator, and all those "Gun Jazzes" and "Hammer Stols" in my opinion are just replacements of regular "guns", "hammers" and so on.

    A little bit of irony: I used Deepl translator for nearly whole this text. I can understand English quite well, but when it comes to writing something... well, you see how it is.

    I hope somebody can understand what I wrote.

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  • I mean... it looks like a gun jazz to me. I don't think there's really anything special about soul weapons at all.

    Trisha during the tutorial quest said that inhibitors were placed on soul weapons implying there's a huge stockpile to begin with.

    Bashai and even Aaron have used what appears to be soul weapons.

    When Lily was preparing to fight Naomin, she had a entire chat with Maverick about knowing her enemy as they used the same weapon. unless the entire thing was made up by gameforge, I doubt it was a translation issue.

    Also this looks like a gun jazz to me...


  • When Lily was preparing to fight Naomin, she had a entire chat with Maverick about knowing her enemy as they used the same weapon. unless the entire thing was made up by gameforge, I doubt it was a translation issue.

    Yes, both use scythes, but Naomin's weapon doesn't seem to be a Mist Scythe like Lilly's weapon. I think that was just mentioned because both were scythes, not implying Naomin's weapon was a SoulWeapon.
    But, that's just how I saw it when I read that part of Lilly's story

  • I think I can now answer the main question on this topic.

    Why can't Stella use a gun?

    It's simple - it doesn't match her emotions.

    Soulworkers use their weapons as a medium, an instrument to transform the power of their emotions into real power. Stella's emotions are Sadness and Hope, and such things cannot be shown with a gun.

    But what about, for example, a musical instrument? Like, you know, a guitar? It's completely different. Music can express a huge variety of emotions, and with some training Howling Guitar is a weapon that can truly be used by nearly any soulworker (that can play guitar and express their emotion with it).

    Gun Jazz is a different thing. Especially if its owner - Erwin, who desires Delight or driven by his eternal Promise. Did you ever wonder why his weapons are the only ones with such a wide variety of shapes? Because our boy genius sees the potential in these at first sight simple and boring pistols. He transforms them into many other guns - a grenade launcher, a laser sniper rifle, and especially his " ultimate weapon" - the SoulLauncher - is kind of the true form of his power.

    He's The Unpredictable Walking Arsenal. From his playstyle (and corrupted records form) it's seen that he changes shape of his guns quite a lot. You don't know, what form of them he will use next - will it be rifle? Or grenade launcher? Will he shower you with napalm or strike you with paralytic shots? The two pistols can be boring and seemingly easy to use, but only Erwin with his powers and "non-standard thinking" (he's a genius, and it requires some of those to be one, I think) managed to unlock and achieve their true potential. Others may try to use those guns, but they probably will never be as successfull with them as Erwin does.

    Because they all are waaaay too serious.

    "How long can you keep me entertained?"

    "C'mon, entertain me~!"

    "Let's... make this fight more fun!!"

    Those are some of his quotes in voicepack from desireworker update (translation by Zero's Story, check his other videos, he's a cool guy!).

    By the way, Erwin's "Promise" thingy reminds me of the Twelfth Doctor quote from "Doctor Who": "Because love, it’s not an emotion. Love is a promise." and part of Danny's speech in the same episode: "This is a promise! The promise of a soldier!"

    Judging from his soldier-like look of his advancement outfit...

    And I think I saw somewhere that "orb" in some situations may be a synonym to a "ring"...

    Erwin's soulforce power may be not just Promise, but Love.


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  • Just look who's back here! It's me again with the bunch of useless text that nobody needs!

    Anyways! Not so long ago I came across a Korean site namu.wiki (a kind of korean wikipedia for everything and anything), where I found quite a lot of detailed information about this game. In general, from what I understood, the weapons of soulworkers are (after all) created by their souls, and they take the most suitable form for it. However, possibility of buying/crafting/receiving weapons as drops in locations, as well as the ability to upgrade them are purely gameplay mechanics.

    Original Translation (Google translate)
    묘사가 다소 모호한데, 스토리에서는 소울워커 스스로의 소울 에너지로 만들어내는 것으로 묘사되지만 인게임에서는 메이즈에서 드랍되거나 연금술사 제니스를 통해 제작 할 수 있으며 설정상 별숲리그에도 소울워커의 장비를 제작하는 소울리스트라는 직종이 있다고 언급된다. The description is somewhat ambiguous, but in the story, it is described as being created by the soulworker's own soul energy, but in the in-game it is dropped from the maze or can be produced through the alchemist Zenith (Jenna in our version).

    I think it is called ludonarrative dissonance.


    Well, summing up all the information that I have now, I can assume that the soulworker' s weapons are truly unique for each one of them, the possibility of obtaining and improving these weapons is purely gameplay mechanics, and all the names of the weapons in the dialogues is simply a translation screw-up

    Link to wiki page: https://namu.wiki/w/소울워커(소울워커)#s-2.1

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