A concept art for a new Soulworker

  • Hello everybody. I'd like to present to you a basic concept about a new male souworker I created due to me being extremely bored so I hope you will like it and let's get to it.
    Also before we start there's a high probability that somehing may not really work in the game mostly because of my lack of some details so I would be happy if you point them out to me.

    Name: Ray (can be changed in future)

    Age: 17

    Source: Fear


    Before the Void appeared: Ray's backstory is one of those more tragic ones. From the very begginig of his life he wasn't happy. His parents abandoned him as soon as he showed any signs of being able to take care of himself. So from that on he had to live on streets. He was beaten up on daily basis, he was stealing everywhere he could, just basically lived at the edge of society. This all caused him to create a "shell" around himself. He had to play a role of emotionless bastard who worked everyday hard for his own survival in that enviroment. Personally he hated this but knew he had to do it or otherwise he wouldn't stand a chance in that society. To compensate the lack of love and support which he never gained in his life he took under his wings a young girl which ened on street just like he did.

    After the Void apeared: Ray wasn't sucked into the Void right after it appeared. He was lucky to survive few months in the hell that was the earth turned into. Unfortunately one day a pack of those wolf-like souldregs attacked them. Thanks to him being the stongest he hold them off and gave everyone chance to run away. Only that small girl stayed because she wanred to see her "Hero" win his fight and that changed everything. He wasn't able to beat them. They all were tracking to her, wanting to kill her first and when he had to protect her and himself, he wasn't able to last long. In the end he fell to the ground, to the pool of his own blood. Unable to move the only thing he coud do is watch the last souldreg coming towards this girl, slowly preparing itself to kill her on the spot with no mercy. Maybe it was a coincidence, when at the same time Void started massively sucking everything it. On the other hand this gave Ray opportunity to save that girl even though it will most likely cost him his own life but he didn't care about that. He would die anyway. He took every last bit of streng he had in him and with a steel pipe jumped on that souldreg, stabing him in the back. As both of them were slowly sucked up by Void he let out his final breath with knowing, that he as at leas good for something.

    In the Void: As that soudreg started panicking he tried to eat every last bit of Ray's body, eating some void fragments with him. Nobody really know how but this caused some sort of fusion between those Void fragments and Ray's body, creating a living part of the void, that was attached to Ray's soul and body spliting his personality in half.

    Personality: As mentioned above his personality was splited in two. One was his created character, which he had to play in everyday life. Rude, violent almost as he was loosing his sanity. The other one was more calmed. More rational, intelingent, the part of him that he never showed to anyone. After he got back from the Void he had some problems. The "good" personality never wanted to use his gained power because he was 1. scrared the he coudl accidentaly hurt someone and 2. the "bad" personality would go on rampage killing and dominating anyone he could or who would stand in their way. Since this was a bad situation for both of them they had to make a decision. In the end they made a compromise. The "good" personality will do all the talking, while "the bad" personality will be given freedom every time they would go on a mission with once condition. He had to promise to NEVER hurt anyone, who wasn't their enemy.

    A bit about his soulforce: As I said the source should be Fear but it's little complicated. Due to him having two seperate personalities he kinda have 2 sources. The good one's being the fear of hurting anybody around him and loosing control and becoming like the "bad" personality. On the other hand "bad" personality's source is that Dominating feeling people have when they see others are afraid of them. That feeling of power and pride. That's at least the best way to descibe it.

    Also I forgot about his weapon which I'm not sure about at this point. I was thinking about two shors swords with a bit curved blade. These blades themselves would be long about like whole human hand. If it comes to a colour of souforce (or the skills) I was thinking about white colour. And let me explain: first the colour palette for skills is quite limited thanks to other soulworkers taking mostly all of those iconic colours and second it would be kinda ironic. His soulforce is white. White is the smyblof of pureness and innocence and it's kinda ironic for him to have it because of his not really good backstory, his source and his motives.

    I think that's all I have for sharing for now. Hope you guys like it and I'm happy for any sort of feedback

  • Nice.

    Actually both personalities can have fear as the same source of their power but in different ways:

    The nice personality: passive fear as in fear of problems,fear to hurt others and escape.

    The cold personality: aggressive fear like wild animals when somebody approach them,they get nervous and can attack out of fear that somebody might be getting closer to hurt them.So fear of others who insist to approach him (bit like Stella's sinworker story with Ladi),fear of others getting stronger and beating him,etc and that's also how he'll fight enemies with fear because,he's scared their influence would extend and delete him so driven to fight by and out of fear.

    Anyway,I still want Lex,the soulworker of sleep and laziness making everybody sleep with the mighty soul flute then I can play soulworker while sleeping. :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


    Main Character: Vengeannce lv 65 Iris EN Candus :santagrutin: