new character ephnel

  • According to the current late and work speed of Gameforge, you can count something like 1 year before to see Ephnel coming on our servers.

    *Lonely lunar nekomata*


    Achievements : 478/487


    - AR cards owned (all types and levels included) -

    F2P AR cards : 146/570

    Limited AR cards : 1/36

    NeoSanctum AR cards : 0/12

  • I'd rather they focus on bringing us everything up to Lunar Fall before than trying to fit in Ehpnel code before the time she's supposed to come.

    tbh, Ephnel is at the very bottom of my want lists right now.

  • I am praying really hard every day for Ephnel to debut in 2020

    pls give us a miracle, slowpoke GF

    Lv1 [Ephnel] Lv62 [Soragear] Lv62 [SoraMetca] Lv62 [RemGareu]

    Tenebris Server

  • Some people want to play Ephnel so obviously they'd prefer that over content :P

    Either way the real problem is how slow we get content, we don't even have Chii Adv yet

  • Ephnel never, Strongly wish people weren't this inconsistent about what's more important... which is content (no characters aren't content don't be a fool and say that they are, you're doing old content with new dialogue with the twist of chii and ephnel who start in candus not rucco)

  • imo, Ephnel makes a huge difference

    ofc I want new content as well

    but both seem to be impossible to deliver in time for GF

    <3 Ephnel <3

    <3 ponytail <3

    Lv1 [Ephnel] Lv62 [Soragear] Lv62 [SoraMetca] Lv62 [RemGareu]

    Tenebris Server

  • she is on my 'want to marry her' LIST lol <3

    she pulls off that tight swimsuit-like costume very well

    although I prefer not so restraint type swimsuit

    it is somewhat uncomfortable to wear, imo :*

    Lv1 [Ephnel] Lv62 [Soragear] Lv62 [SoraMetca] Lv62 [RemGareu]

    Tenebris Server