72DEMONS [Northern EU GUILD ][ Casual/Hardcore]

  • :!:Requirements are simple:!:

    1. Be active (2 days of inactivity KICK)

    2. Be serious and a sense of humor

    3. Scandinavian Players COMES FIRST IN LINE

    4. LVL 30+

    5. DISCORD
    Guild Name : 72DEMONS (From The Book Lesser keys of SOLOMON)
    Level : 2, Evolving fast
    Guild Master : Lyfh
    Guild REQ : lvl30+, ACTIVE, Discord
    Guild started in: SWEDEN-30FEB2020

    Server: CANDUS[EN]

    (The guild is an oldschool gaming guild, roots from TIBIA/CS1.6/MUONLINE/Warhammer/WOW/GUILDWARS/WC3.

    I have played online since 17years back!

    Founding guilds/clans since 4ever, when I was 15 years old I was MANAGER for a SERIOUS Counter-Strike Clan at #FRAGBITE.