Help us pass corona time

  • I request some kind of special event to pass this difficult time caused by the corona virus, it will be nice to give players something to take out their minds off what is going on.

  • only this man can save us


    "Esbirros, sirvientes, soldados de la fria oscuridad , ¡obedeced la llamada de Kel'Thuzad!"

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  • Honestly, most of the events suck. It doesn't introduce any actual unique or different gameplay. Maybe the Christmas and summer event map that gets rehashed every year or the grutin world. But that's all you get for actual event content. Everything else is 'grind for stuff.'

    Since gameforge isn't even the developers, nothing new will happen. The only thing we going to get from a event is 'crafting' which isn't content and isn't going to help you pass time.

    I do miss the time when games have dedicated content for major events.