Returnee player Looking for friends and carry

  • Hello, I'm a returnee and I was wondering if there's any players who still play on NA and would like to play with me and carry me on AoV manic ;w;

    I noticed the NA server seems a bit quieter than how I remembered it. Would love to play again actively if I can find friends and carries

    However I am not limited to NA server only, I do have characters on EU as well

    --My Characters--

    Yuukihimechi (Haru) Lv60
    AyameNakiri (Chii) Lv56
    LisaImai (Lily) Lv31
    AyameNakiri (Chii) Lv55

  • Well have too much to do on the EN Server already but I wanna give you one piece of advice: If you dont have anything thats holding you back to completly change to EN change to EN since the population is just much bigger on EN than on NA (as you might have noticed) only problems could may be ping, gronco times and finding players in your time zone if youre from NA.

    With best regards


  • I'm not from NA and I have better ping in EU but I started in NA cuz I moved with my guild from JP. I can play on EU fine, it's just that when I started on NA I did some $$$ stuff and so it'll make me feel bad if I just suddenly drop the char ya know. And my Haru on NA is like LV60 ;w;

  • I noticed the NA server seems a bit quieter than how I remembered it.

    Just wait for another server merge to save imaginary code and stuff so they just make a global server since theres no players left on one server.