monetization ideas for Gameforge

  • I think your company needs more money so i'm proposing some monetization ideas:

    - 5 Hidden Hideout tickets for 1000 soulcash
    - Chii Advancement as Wheel of Destiny Jackpot
    - Luna Fall Unlock After 50 Akasha Bonux box Purchase
    - More Haru Buffs for 10000 Soulcash
    - Corrupted Records in a random box
    - GoFundMe With a goal of 100000 USD to release SIN brooches for the second time

    I hope you like my grand ideas, i am open for hire as your marketing head.


  • Great Ideas maybe Bug fixes could also be added to Random Boxes

  • Logging in costs 100 SC
    Creating a new character costs 150 SC
    Open a Patreon with rewards as follows
    1$ Pledge - You get to support us and show us how much you enjoy the game!
    5$ Pledge - You get to see which new bugs are gonna be introduced next, so you can get ready for exploits!
    20$ Pledge - You get to access to our very top secret 2020 roadmap (Includes 0.01 kb file)
    50$ Pledge - You get to personalize a bug in the game and be banned for it afterwards!
    100$ Pledge - We will send you a picture of content you could have if this game was published by a different company signed by all the staff at GF as well as a 15% discount on the next 10 Fortune wheel spins!