Hidden Hideout Gear

  • shiet i was expecting some entilted reply but you actually took the time to write something im sorry sir!

    Guess they will still fck up the Lilly revamp for sure. I thought about going for Haru again but since i can't take this whole game serious i just play what i like to play instead of lvling up another char that is not already lvl 60.

    Would never give anyone SF besides myself tbh, as if i would care about other Players, like most of them do still less dmg then me with my weird loli that is bugged until eternity.

    Probably gonna lvl my Chii to lvl 65 too, ngl having faster runs is most likely more fun then staying in a Dungeon for years.

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  • Please explain how Stella was better when bugged. She was dog before revamp where her numbers were super low and prevented her from bursting mobs with a single ability. Her entire kit was balanced around Bass Wave numbers. Since beta she's never been good in anything as supporting in this game is completely useless.

  • now say it without crying :)

    "Esbirros, sirvientes, soldados de la fria oscuridad , ¡obedeced la llamada de Kel'Thuzad!"

    AltairLoliew (Stella lv65)

    Hestiaewe (Chii lv65)

    Alicetariaew (Haru lv65)

    Maganeewe (Lily lv65)

    Yonaewe (Iris lv65)

    YouTube: AltairLoliew