Character Builds

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    Characters builds for all 7 characters. These are not in-depth guides but are more of an explanation of my current builds with collected opinions from other guides. I use a 40+ cdr build so certain things aren't applicable for those with lower cdr. This generally means that I have a close to 100% buff time for most characters and my major concern for skill builds comes down to the skills that do decent damage and/or have quick cast times. Certain things might be better for leveling but that isn't covered in these guides.

    I recommend reading the in-depth guides or watching some of the rankers on youtube if you want know how to play a character. These guides do not cover rotations, boss skips, skill layouts, general skill ratings, scenarios and advanced tricks. My intent was to make these guides as brief as possible.


    Example builds and skill layout are also posted for those that need an explicit example. While there isn't a correct answer for skill layouts, there is some "efficiency" that should be followed. Try to take notes on the third row skills. Skill layouts aren't mine but are from KR guides which are linked in each respective guide.

    Character Skill Tree Skill Layout Skill Guide In-depth
    Haru tree layout link None
    Erwin tree layout link None
    Lily tree layout link Icy's guide
    Stella tree layout link Holo's guide
    Jin tree layout link None
    Iris tree layout link None
    Chii tree layout link Dinner's guide

    Other Notes

    • Special thanks to the kr wiki contributors and other guide writers.
    • The Chii guide is based on her advancement
    • Erwin, Lily, Jin,Haru are based on their KR revamps but pre-revamp and post-revamp builds are also posted as well. Post-revamp Jin doesn't change his build whatever-so-ever.
    • I'm not the best Jin/Erwin player so take my opinion with a grain of salt.
    • I use Character Revamps/Buffs interchangeably so that's just poor wording on my part