Brooch Guide 2020 Edition

  • Basics about Brooches

    Brooches are items that you can equip into costumes. You can equip brooches into:

    - Hat costumes

    - Top Piece costumes

    - Bottom Piece costumes

    - Gloves costumes

    - Shoes costumes

    Brooches can be divided into:

    - Types (Attack/Defense/Utility)

    - Sets (SD/BSK/FOT/ASN)

    - Rarities (Bit/Kilo/Mega/Giga/Tera)

    To equip a brooch, find a costume with open brooch slots and right click the costume, then select Brooch Management option. A new window will open. Drag your brooch from inventory into an open brooch slot to equip it on the costume. You must equip brooches in order of Attack Type first, then Defense Type and lastly Utility Type.

    To unequip a brooch, you must obtain brooch extractor or simply pay a fee of less than 1,400,000 dz, then right click your costume to open Brooch Management and right click on an equipped brooch.

    Keep in mind costumes comes with rarity too, so some will not have all brooches slots unlocked which you will need to open them with a Brooch Puncher from events or cash shop. All Item Mall costumes have 3 slots. Costumes crafted in-game usually have less brooch slots, or have some of the brooch slots locked.

    While leveling your character, don't worry about brooches or costumes. You won't need to use brooches until you reach level cap. When you're capped, try to look on the market for cheap costumes with 3 brooch slots, or simply buy some costumes from Item Mall. At first, try to buy cheap Mega brooches just to get some set bonuses, then slowly work your way up to getting Giga or Tera brooches with good stats.

    Brooch Types

    Brooches come in 3 Types:

    - Attack Type

    - Defense Type

    - Utility Type

    Each costume can only equip one Attack Type, one Defense Type and one Utility Type brooch. You cannot, for example, equip two Attack Type brooches on one costume. You also have to equip brooches in a particular order: Attack Type in the first slot, Defense Type in the second slot, Utility Type in the third slot. You cannot equip Defense Type brooch if you haven't equipped Attack Type brooch first, and you cannot equip Utility Type brooch if you haven't equipped Defense Type brooch first.

    Brooch Sets

    Brooches come in 4 Sets:

    - Standard (SD)

    - Berserker (BSK)

    - Fortress (FOT)

    - Assassin (ASN)

    Brooches from each set have different stats and different set effects. More info on that in a later part of the guide.

    Brooch Rarities

    Brooches come in 5 Rarities:

    - Bit (green)

    - Kilo (blue)

    - Mega (yellow)

    - Giga (red)

    - Tera (purple)

    Bit and Kilo brooches can be obtained from basic Brooch Cubes obtained while leveling, doing raids, or simply purchasing them from Mister-o-mat with grutin coins.

    Mega, Giga and Tera brooches can be obtained through cash shop, merging, log-in rewards, or events.

    Brooches of higher rarity have better stats. The chance to obtain the highest rarity brooches is very low.

    Equipping 3 brooches from the same set and of the same rarity on a piece of costume will grant you a brooch set bonus.

    Set bonuses depend on:

    - Costume piece (hat/top/bottom/gloves/shoes)

    - Brooch set (SD/BSK/FOT/ASN)

    - Rarity (Bit/Kilo/Mega/Giga/Tera)

    Credits to Ice

    Brooch Set bonuses





    Comprehensive List of Brooches

    SD - Attack

    SD - Defense

    SD - Effect

    BSK - Attack

    BSK - Defense

    BSK - Effect

    FOT - Attack

    FOT - Defense

    FOT - Effect

    SIN - Attack

    SIN - Defense

    SIN - Effect

    Recommended Standard (SD) Brooches

    Attack Type SD brooches:

    - Smelter - increases Penetration (up to +5%)

    - Valour - increases Damage on Bosses (up to +5%)

    Defense Type SD brooches:

    - Nautilus - increases Damage Reduction from Bosses (up to +5%)

    - Camouflage - Evade +52 (If you run with brooches that rely on evasion)

    Utility Type SD brooches:

    - Swift - increases Movement Speed in combat (up to +5%)

    Recommended Berserker (BSK) Brooches

    Attack Type BSK brooches:

    - Smelter - increases Penetration (up to +5%)

    Defense Type BSK brooches:

    - Hellcat - Received damage has 30% probability of increasing your attack damage for 5s up to +1080

    - Rhino - Evasion has 30% probability of increasing critical damage for 5s up to +2400 (Only recommend this for Erwins)

    - Bluff - increases Critical Damage (up to +1500) for 5 seconds with 30% probability when hit by enemies

    Utility Type BSK brooches:

    - Ecstasy - Increase Armor Break up to 16% when defeating an enemy

    - Feverish - increases Attack (up to +1350) for 5 seconds with 10% probability when using a skill

    - Heavy - increases Critical Damage (up to +3000) for 5 seconds with 3% probability when using a skill

    Recommended Fortress (FOT) Brooches

    Attack Type FOT brooches:

    - Bunker Siege - increases Penetration (up to +5%) and decreases Evasion by -45

    - Ballista - increases Penetration (up to +5%) and decreases Accuracy by -45

    - Conquest - increases Critical Rate (up to +5%) and decreases Evasion by -38

    Defense Type FOT brooches:

    - Erosion - Damage received has 30% probability of regenerating HP up to +1000

    - Stability - Damage received below 50% increases defense for 10s up to +770

    - Ceasefire - Damage received below 50% HP increases crit resistance for 10s up to +27%

    Utility Type FOT brooches:

    - Strategy - Victory increases attack damage for 5s up to +1200

    - Reconnaissance - A hit has 10% probability of increasing attack damage for 5s up to +400

    - Sharpshooter - Using a skill has 10% probability of regenerating SF up to +15%

    Recommended Assassin (SIN) Brooches

    Attack Type SIN brooches:

    - Brute Force - Armor break increase up to +5%, defense -5%

    - Impact / Raid - Increase critical rate up to +6%, Evade -30 / HP -5%

    - Sneaker - Increases critical rate up to +5%

    - Tetanus - Increases Attack Speed up to 4% and Armor Break up to 2%

    Defense Type SIN brooches:

    - Assassinate - Taking damage has a 50% chance of increasing crit dmg for 3 sec up to +1930

    - Doppelganger - Taking critical hit has a 50% probability of increasing critical damage for 2s by +1560

    Utility Type SIN brooches:

    - Tactics - landing critical hit has a 10% chance of increasing attack power up to +760

    - Chaos - The use of consumables has a 20% probability of increasing attack damage for 5s up to +936

    - Cat's eye - Using a skill has a 5% probability of increasing crit damage for 5 sec up to +2200

    Credits to Shaiko for compiling the BSK/FOT list and Ice for creating the old guide back in 2018. For most of the part, this thread is almost finished and updated.


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