Any guilds looking for more people on Tenebris server? level 63 erwin here

  • Any guilds still active on the server and searching for more members ? Tried contacting some of the other guilds listed on this forum but I think most have become inactive since they are from 2018. Post your character name or discord here and I'll reach out to you soon.

  • Join ChurchOfJin we have a discord server ^^ it acts as both the guild server and people that aren't in the guild still use it too

    We’re a helpful little guild at level 5 and we’re accepting everyone that’s willing to join~

    - No level requirement
    - 2+ weeks inactivity = auto kick
    - You are allowed to have up to 2 characters in the guild
    - You have to pray to Jin everyday

    - Join through searching the guild in-game or you can DM me on Discord (StrikeRaid#5303)


    I main Erwin but still like... Jin is forever best boi~

    Server: [NA] Tenebris / [EN] Candus

    My YouTube Channel :D

    Twitch Channel Here <3

    "It's a dark philosophy, and it haunts her constantly. She's a false alarm to me. She's a false alarm!"

  • Forgot to put my char name here, its just ErwinGuns. I think its on my forum profile but not sure if anyone checks those. Just waiting for the expiry time of 1 day to end or I cant be invited I think. Would have quit the guild I was still in a few days ago if I had known about it. No one has logged into my guild for several months now. lol