What do you think about the shop pop up

  • Do you think is usefull or annoying ?

    사공이 많으면 배가 산으로 간다

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  • Extremely annoying. I don't know 1 single person who likes it.

    It also breaks the feature where if your game crashes mid dungeon and you load back it's supposed to return you to your party but instead the popup happens and breaks it.

    Gameforge did not think this through and caused more harm than good by forcing this on us. It needs to stop.

  • If I would still play, still annoying.
    I think there is no point anyway.

    I mean, who uses the shop every time, right after they logged in?

    Probably not about 99% of the players.

    I do think there may be some people who use it every time, for whatever reason that may be.

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