SoulWorker "SoulArchives" - a crossed DB/Guides doc for both newbies and veterans [GF version]

  • Hi there o/

    . I've passed a lot of time to work on it, but I can finally release this big document. For some people, this one can remember the SoulWorker Mega Guide from Ice (topic here), and the latest version of this guide by Asher13 too. It is normal, I mainly took my inspiration from these docs to build mine.

    However, mine contains (I think) stronger guides for newbies and have (potentially useful) additional info that those docs don't have. Moreover, it contains names and descriptions for GF version (which is easier for people who play only this version and not the JP one, or somewhat want to play both and help people on GF/JP).

    I may still recommend Asher's version for JP version though since this one has Ephnel basic stats + quests lists for content after Holy Ground.

    . I've made this topic instead of putting this message in the existing Mega Guide topic, so that it can be easily noticed by new players or those who don't bother with checking the whole forum often.

    Here is the document's link

    (Please read the "Doc Info" page first)

    . I especially want to thank StrikeRaid for her quite active contribution to the doc; she fixed (and continue to fix) my grammar mistakes and added few things I didn't think about in it, and also helped me to gather info about male characters.

    . All used resources I could access that helped me to build this doc (third-party guides, videos, discord servers, etc.) have been credited into it, generally on sheets' footers. People who helped me to build this doc are also credited on sheets' footers.

    I hope this doc will help people over here to find answers to their questions.

    Cya on the game. :stella1:

    P.S: the doc isn't finished yet. In that case, other sheets and info on existing ones will be added later. Moreover, an FR version is being prepared.

    EDIT: the FR ver. is now available and reachable through the main page of the doc or this topic.

  • EDIT: after a mistake of my own, I've broken the previous doc.

    I have therefore re-uploaded a new link leading to a working doc. FR ver. hasn't been impacted though.

    This new one is still up-to-date, don't worry about that. Make sure to use this link if you want to access the EN ver. of SoulArchives again.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.