SoulWorker "SoulArchives" - an encyclopedia GDoc for the game [GF version]

  • Hi there o/

    . I've passed a lot of time to work on it, but I can finally release this big document. For some people, this one can remember the SoulWorker Mega Guide from Ice (topic here), and the latest version of this guide by Asher13 too. It is normal, I mainly took my inspiration from these docs to build mine.

    However, mine contains (I think) stronger guides for newbies and have (potentially useful) additional info that those docs don't have. Moreover, it contains names and descriptions for GF version (which is easier for people who play only this version and not the JP one, or somewhat want to play both and help people on GF/JP).

    I may still recommend Asher's version for JP version though since this one has Ephnel basic stats + quests lists for content after Holy Ground.

    . I've made this topic instead of putting this message in the existing Mega Guide topic, so that it can be easily noticed by new players or those who don't bother with checking the whole forum often.

    Here is the document's link

    (Please read the "Doc Info" page first)

    . I especially want to thank StrikeRaid for her quite active contribution to the doc; she fixed (and continue to fix) my grammar mistakes and added few things I didn't think about in it, and also helped me to gather info about male characters.

    . All used resources I could access that helped me to build this doc (third-party guides, videos, discord servers, etc.) have been credited into it, generally on sheets' footers. People who helped me to build this doc are also credited on sheets' footers.

    I hope this doc will help people over here to find answers to their questions.

    Cya on the game. :stella1:

    P.S: the doc isn't finished yet. In that case, other sheets and info on existing ones will be added later. Moreover, an FR version is being prepared.

    EDIT: the FR ver. is now available and reachable through the main page of the doc or this topic.

    EDIT 2: the SoulArchives' development has been cancelled after the game's closing announcement, since I am not planning to play this game anymore after shutdown.

    Therefore, the GDoc received his last update today (15/02/2021) and will be left abandoned from now on. Functions to copy and print the document have been unlocked, so if you want, you can copy it and update it in order to make it fit with the content of the international server, or another version of the game.


    Here is somewhat a global table of content of the doc, what does it contain overall:

    About the game

    - FAQ

    -- Game basics

    -- Servers related (selection, in maintenance?, transfert)

    -- Settings related (turn off skills cinematic, turn off/on UI)

    -- Ephnel on GF?

    -- Character to pick

    -- Skill builds

    -- Quests rewarding Strength Expansion Tickets

    -- Districts related (team search, in-run crashs, note calculation, PvP)

    -- How to level up fast

    -- Level 55/60/65 cases

    -- Advancement/Desireworker details

    -- Equipment/Upgrades related (reached limit for upgrade attempts, unusable Antis, broken pieces)

    -- Stats related (stats to aim, boss damage cap (inexistent), stats priority)

    -- Endgame and rankings

    -- Fashion related (fashion mode tickets, wings of the corrupt, all-in-one outfits effects)

    -- Cash Shop related (happy hours, outfits rotation)

    -- Items/Materials related

    -- Ways to farm DZ/Aethars/Grutin golds fast

    -- how do event passive bonuses work (improved upgrade rates mostly)

    -- Sprint event rewards (SoulWorker, Returner)

    -- Levelling boxes content (from lv1 to lv60)

    -- Silver/Gold VIPs bonuses

    -- Downloadable loading screens / wallpapers + background musics

    -- Akashas' empty models (so that you can make memes/custom cards with them)

    -- Lambda fun facts

    - Troubleshooting

    -- technical issues

    --- accidental deletion of items/characters

    --- blocked/banned accounts

    --- graphic/sound issues

    --- errors (with or without error message) and technical bugs

    --- game optimization (FPS)

    -- in-game issues (bugs mainly)

    - Settings details

    - Chat commands

    - Leveling guide

    - Energy system guide

    - Raids Guides & Requirements

    -- Rookie raids (Last Carnival, Junk Hive, Bandit Highway, Iron Castle)

    -- GC/Golden Citadel

    -- Primal

    -- AoV/Viilor's Altar (hard, manic, solo rankings)

    -- HH/Hidden Hideout

    -- SCP/Skyclock Palace

    -- IDD/Innocent Daydream

    -- CR/Corrupted Records

    -- LF/Lunar Fall (only prerequisites yet)

    -- VS/Violent Sun (only prerequisites yet)

    - Current Event (related to GF ver.)

    ● Gameplay mechanic guides

    - Levels/XP Ranks List (how much XP do they need to level up)

    - Stats guide

    -- Basic guides

    -- Characters basic stats

    - Equipment

    -- basic guides

    --- equipment crafting

    --- upgrading

    --- how to repair broken pieces

    --- damage ratios between upgrade levels and rarities

    --- durability impact and how to renew durability

    --- quality damage range between rarities

    --- changing stats on pieces

    --- sockets (drives/familiars and soulstones)

    --- Equipment Rescaling/Correction (depending on levels of difference between it and enemies)

    --- unbind a soulbounded piece

    --- stats to aim at endgame

    -- set effects from Aurith to Violent Sun (excluding AoV H)

    - Skills database (from Haru to Chii)

    -- skills damage details

    -- skills descriptions

    -- personal note field (giving tips about skills to use or not; empty yet)

    - Skills chain quick guide

    - Drives/familiars

    -- basic guide

    -- drives list (names + stats)

    - Akashas

    -- basic guides

    --- How to equip cards

    --- How to upgrade cards

    --- How to make cards become hidden

    --- merge/hidden merge and upgrade costs

    -- fast list of all available akashas (Gameforge ver.)

    --- normal akashas (from 1 to 5*)

    --- limited akashas

    -- AXP feeding details tables (how many fodders required to +1/+2 cards)

    -- drop chance details tables (excluding special premium, limited and inferior transmitters)

    -- recommended akashas/akashas builds

    -- drop locations

    - Unreleased Akashas (Gameforge ver.)

    - Brooches

    -- basic guides

    --- brooches types and names

    --- requirements to activate a set effect

    --- activate visual brooches effects

    --- how to merge brooches

    --- equipping brooches

    --- activation probabilities calculation

    --- remove costs

    -- all brooches set effects

    -- all brooches effects

    -- old brooches set effects (another sheet)

    -- old brooches effects (another sheet)

    -- recommended brooches/brooches sets

    -- drops locations

    -- brooches proc details (how do they proc and if they can stack)

    - Soulstones

    -- basic guide

    --- global efficience

    --- types, elements and pairs

    --- upgrading

    --- equipping restrictions

    --- farm locations

    -- soulstones damage/resistance + upgrade costs details tables

    -- dismantling details tables

    -- swap costs details table

    - Tags/Flexors

    -- basic guides

    --- types and ranks

    --- possibility to remove/replace

    --- what is better between flat bonus (+511 for example) and % bonus (+12% for example)

    --- equipping

    --- drops locations

    -- tags list

    -- weapon flexors list

    -- armour flexors list

    -- jewelry flexors list (not on GF yet)

    -- applyance success rates

    -- crafting and dismantling details (materials involved)

    - Full titles list (including obtaining details; related to GF ver.)

    - Full achievements list (including rewards; related to GF ver.)

    ● Quests lists

    - Tuto quests

    - Story quests

    - Side quests

    -- regular quests

    -- raids quests

    -- Corrupted Records quests

    -- Desireworker quests

    - Special quests (red/orange)

    -- regular quests

    -- advancement quests

    - RPLY quests (including Desireworker ones)

    - Daily quests

    -- Basic guide

    -- Daily quests list

    ● Districts

    - Steel Graves

    -- Basic guide

    -- Rewards details tables for all chapters

    -- Rewards details tables for all chests

    - Progress Info (number of runs required to complete phase V progress)

    - SoulSequences

    -- Basic guide

    -- SoulSequences locations list

    ● Fashion/Appearance

    - Full photoitems list (characters' photos; based on KR ver. evolution)

    ● Guilds/NPCs

    - Guilds

    -- Basic guide

    --- creation and transfert

    --- how does GXP work

    --- self-leaving restrictions

    --- daily contribution (GXP/DZ)

    -- Guild levels details table (how much GXP required to level up, how much GP per level, etc.)*

    -- Guild skills details table (GP and DZ required, effects, etc.)

    - NPC VIPs

    -- Basic guide

    -- VIP details

    --- Effects

    --- daily contribution limit

    --- required points to level up VIPs

    --- number of required days in total to upgrade VIPs to lv5

    ● Miscellaneous

    - formulas

    -- offensive formulas (normal/crit hit, partial hit, accuracy vs evasion relation, etc.)

    -- defensive formulas (defense rate, damage reduction, etc.)

  • EDIT: after a mistake of my own, I've broken the previous doc.

    I have therefore re-uploaded a new link leading to a working doc. FR ver. hasn't been impacted though.

    This new one is still up-to-date, don't worry about that. Make sure to use this link if you want to access the EN ver. of SoulArchives again.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.