Guild Everfall

  • I will apologize in advance if my speech is unclear or erroneous. My English skills still leave a lot to be desired.

    And good evening everyone. I decided to take advantage of this moment to finally start this topic here.
    I'm master new guild, Everfall. My nick in game Si-Qiu-Ri

    I do not know if there is already a guild of a similar orientation and, to be honest, I do not care at all. My desire is to create a guild that will specialize in helping beginners and solo-player in the game. When I smoke bamboo, doing my own thing or restartet story again, I try to keep track of people who need help completing difficult tasks. For example, killing bosses on a maniac or raids. Beginners may simply not know how to kill them, even if it is possible in solo without particularly strong equipment.
    Therefore, I do not approve of the help from the players wearing the equipment of the Valar, who take down bosses in two seconds in such requests for help. They do not help the player to develop at all, and even more so to enjoy the fight. Others may have a different opinion, but the game is needed to enjoy it, and not farm for the sake of farm.

    :haru4:From here:
    I will be glad if those who are ready to help newcomers and solo-players go through difficult missions and raids, in which everything cannot be done without help (Hello defense raids), join my guild, Everfall. Els they are also ready to cooperate with other members of the guild in helping if they themselves cannot fulfill the request. I am not suggesting to lure newcomers into our guild. On the contrary. I want them to grow by themselves. If they end up joining any other guild, that doesn't bother me in any way.
    You can think of us as guards, people following the wind. Not just people who help others out of nothing to do, but those to whom you can turn for help and even agree on a specific time.

    In addition, our help may increase online someday.

    And also, the second goal of the guild, for good, I would like to eliminate the imbalance in the market.
    :haru2:This prices make my cry in first meet.
    Low-level items are more expensive than high-level items due to the oversupply of the latter and the lack of the former. Therefore, if there are enough of us, I would like to create a separate team of people who would specialize in the measured filling of the market with things at prices reasonable for their level in order to stabilize it. From my point of view, this will also make life easier for beginners, since there will no longer be an absurd weapon for two million, which they will use five to ten levels before throwing it away, since they cannot sell it back to the market.

    This is my suggestion.
    I do not expect much enthusiasm from the idea, but those who still want to join the guild, please follow it. As the head, I am always ready to discuss the movement of the guild with those who decide to join it or with other guilds who will think about how to conclude an alliance with us. I hope together we can create a friendly and good online atmosphere in our favorite game.

    :haru3:With all respect, girl with slime in head.

    The duty of the strong is to protect the weak.

    However, the strong do not have to obey the weak.

    On the day when weak flowers forget their place...

    The tree that has been protecting them all, this time will turn into a monster.