• I thought this was going to be a thread asking what's in the Desireworker/Sinworker update and how to get the new changes, not some idiot misunderstanding the post.

    Chii's Desire form was shown in the thumbnail of the Desireworker trailer.

    So uh...

    Yeah it's obvious that she's going to be the one pictured here.

    That said, when we eventually get Ephnel she'll be at base form, and we'll have to wait 4 months to get her Advancement and Desireworker xD

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  • Chii had adv after 1 year so ephnel should wait like she lol

    And im asking cuz its GF so i wonder if they want lose even more players with some cringe idea LUL

  • Chii had adv after 1 year so ephnel should wait like she lol

    And im asking cuz its GF so i wonder if they want lose even more players with some cringe idea LUL

    No you dont ask cause you want to know, you ask cause you want to trigger the community. Its more than obvious that we will get ALL desire workers when the last char that was released is shown. If you cant get that then IDK.

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  • make the "4 months" to 1 year to be accurate

  • Chii had adv after 1 year so ephnel should wait like she lol

    I know you're just trying to stir up controversy but you're completely wrong here. Yes, Chii adv took way too long between her release and advancement but if you look at how KR did it her adv actually arrived here right on time (shortly after HH release). Chii's initial release here was early and because Liongames aren't very good programmers apparently, after breaking a bunch of game code from doing things out of order (which tbh shouldn't have been an issue for competent devs) they decided to step back and generally follow KR's release order for 2020 instead (only exception being CR really).

    So it's not that Chii's advancement was late, it's that her initial release was early.

    Because they are now clearly following KR release order Ephnel will release around the time of the LF patch and her adv and desire should arrive together in another patch a short while after that.

    It's also obvious that all DW content for the characters currently on our server will all release together. I don't know why this was even a question in the first place (jk it was obviously to trigger people).

    All that said, Gameforge has no idea how to compete in the gaming market. We're facing a very real existential threat from other games like GI and the possible return of the p-server yet instead of trying to push content faster to stop the massive bleed-out of players (with an ever growing stockpile of content they could use to do so) they've actually slowed down their release schedule. For most of 2020 there has been a big patch every month. As of the DW patch it will have been a month and a half (50% longer than the time between most of the previous patches). Not sure if this is a strategy (let ppl get burned out on GI first??) or total incompetence but given the current environment around these types of games we cannot have delays or it actually will be the end of GFSW.

  • I think we are playing different games.

    Really, Chii was released early? If gameforge was a decent publisher we could have had chii at october-november 2019, but with all the previous content released before and without the bugs, but no, gameforge choose to not release content and give us chii ahead of schedule. This is liongames's choice? I don't think so, i think gameforge choose to do so to sell chii's outfits.

    And again, we are playing different games for sure, i don't know were you have seen a patch every month. The year 2020 started with gameforge's promise to give us chii's advancement in the first quarter..... but nope, we didn't get it and they released dipluce pt. 2 in april, 4 months from the last content and 3 months and one week after the start of the year.

    After that we got the ranks, but it's not a real content and we skip to june when we got HH, half a year gone with 2 content update.

    You are probably talking about what we got after HH, a month after hh we got brooch renewal, after that we got chii advancement and after corrupted records, so only 3 updates at 1 month rate, but as expected now again a month and half and it will not surprise me if the next content will be again 1 month and half from desire worker or even more.

  • Lol how sad ppls think GF is doing fine and wont drag that game down even more with their decisions KEKW

    Im definitly not pro gameforge but what you write is just not using your head for 1 sec and then playing the victim when people tell you that you dont use your head. Where I come from we say "Your head is there for more than just brushing your hair".

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  • Really, Chii was released early?

    In KR she released after DH. She was released here months before we even got DH pt 1. So yes she was released 'early'. It was likely Gameforge's request to have her early, and this should have been fine, but Liongames doesn't have the best programmers and they broke a bunch of things in the process. That's when they decided to stop the code merges / out of order content and just follow what KR did (hence pushing back Chii adv til after HH which is right on schedule according to what KR did).

    And again, we are playing different games for sure, i don't know were you have seen a patch every month.

    No I'm definitely correct here. I'll admit the very start of the year was dry with basically no patches and things didn't start to pick up until April (which also had a 2 month gap until the next patch) however here is how things went ever since:

    April 8th - DH pt2 and the PvE rankings

    June 4th - Hidden Hideout

    July 7th - Brooch rework

    August 6th - Chii adv

    September 8th - Corrupted Records pt1

    October 22nd? - Desireworker / CR pt2

    So there has clearly been a 1 month pattern that emerged in the late spring/early summer. If this keeps up it's quite likely next patch will be DH pt3 in November and if they don't stretch out the Abyss Lounge patch then it will be LF after that (December?) followed by Ephnel. Of course that's only if the pattern holds and if I haven't made it clear already I have no faith in Gameforge's ability to handle this title properly so for all we know suddenly there will be months between patches again.

  • first off: chii was NOT RELEASED AFTER DESIREWORKER EPHNEL WAS please give the correct facts before acting like you know everything.
    secondly the reason as to WHY we got chii early was due to a code merge which end up screwing things up for everyone.

  • Do you know the difference between DH and DW? I think you owe me an apology here.

  • skimmed way too quickly my apologies.

  • It's ok you're good :)