[1/11-1/12]What’s Lurking in this Grutryoshka?

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    What’s lurking inside this cute Grutryoshka doll? Find out in this new event! In reward you can look forward to the following prizes amongst others:

    • Akasha Transmitter

    • Grutin Coins

    And there are even more prizes inside the ‘[Event] Grutryoshka’.

    Period:1/11/2020 till 1/12/2020 at 9 AM CET

    Tons Inside

    To receive one of these colourful Russian dolls in the style of a matroshka, complete one of 3 daily missions.

    Open the Grutryoshka:

    • You’ll either get a gift box or a smaller Grutryoshka which can also be opened. This likewise may contain a gift box or a mysterious doll.

    • Each attempt increases the level of the gift box you can find inside. But it might contain another Grutryoshka.

    • If you find 4 Grutryoshkas in succession, you get to decide whether you open a level-5 gift box or exchange it for the final ‘[Event] Grutryoshka’. You either receive an [Event] Glitter Box LV Max or – if you’re unlucky – a level-1 gift box.

    Have fun!

    ..She threw away all of her masks and put on her soul..