Ways to get costume for free?

  • Very first time writing a message in a forum like this. So not sure if this even gets to you.

    I started gaming this a day ago and got a question about a costume, which I started this game for. I am looking to get a costume but it looks like a lot of them are only accessible thru in-game purchase. I received a "reward for a new player" that contained a bunny outfit but that was it. (I also got one that you see in char selection)

    I particularly want stockings or knee socks, e.g. summer sailor suits, silver round set, etc. Please find an image out on google.

    So if you guys know some route to get such accessory or outfit for free through quests or trade or whatever, that be great to tell me how.

    I know crafting and purchasing at "market" (press hotkey, C in gameplay) is an option but exclude that from lists.


  • Hi. The only outfits you can get for free through such ways are costumes you can get by collecting SoulSequences and completing districts progress (these are blueprints, so need to be crafted afterwards), purchasing blueprints at Mister-o-mat with Grutin golds (need to be crafted as well) or both advancement and desire worker outfits through related quests (but adv quest is lv57 and Desire quest is lv65 and pretty long + hard for ungeared people; those don't need to be crafted though).

    Aside from them, every others are premium so cannot be obtained through farm, only from purchase. Fortunately there are ways to farm Dzenais faster later (I guess you aren't high level as you play since only 1 day) so that you can purchase outfits or fashion accessories easier.

    For now I recommend you to focus first on leveling and gearing than trying to get premium fashion pieces since it'll be pretty long and fastidious, for nothing else that's really interesting than visual pleasure (except if you can manage to get some brooches sets, but seeing your question I assume you don't have the means to purchase them as well)

  • Thanks for your quick reply!

    I will try as you told me. But to what you mentioned about farming Dzerais faster, do you mean it for purchasing items at the market (the one you go to with a hotkey, C)? The rate seems to be way too high there that I can't imagine I will afford it. Pls, there is not much variation.

    Players who come and leave the town in good-looking costume, are they getting them from purchase in-game shop or reach level 65 to get them free? I cannot believe there are many who don't bother buying outfits for like over $20.

    I guess then I will level up until 65 to become a "desire worker" as you said to get a costume for free. Such a long way ahead:( I will enjoy the battle itself for this game.

  • Dont waste your time playing. The server will be closed in less than 2 months. Thank god I wont have to see Gameforge again in my entire life.