Skill builds for all 6 classes

    • Introduction

    Hi and welcome to this thread. Before I begin, I would like to say that I don't really like to speak or write formally (guess I'm too used to writing in short-form and stuff lol), so if I somehow end up sounding very informal, please pardon me. I'm not very good at formatting in forums either, so hopefully someone can guide me if they so wish to.

    I'm also not an MLG Soul Worker player, so if you're expecting some top-tier/meta builds (well they might be, but that's probably my ego speaking so...) then this is probably not the thread you're looking for.

    I've only played on the TW server, so this guide will be based on my experience from there (not like the skills should be any different).

    • Important things to note

    1. All SP allocations that you see are deliberate; I didn't just forget to SP a certain skill. If you see a skill at Lvl 0 or 1, or at Lvl 5 but the extension isn't taken, it either means that the skill/extension in question is deemed not useful, OR it's down to your preference whether you want to take it or not. Specifics will be provided within each class's category.

    2. Classes that I have yet to experience their advancements will have a bare-bones build (i.e. will not have all their SP used up with only important skills maxed) to prepare for the extra skills/extensions that will be introduced with said advancements. The SP you earn from lvl 55-60 is not enough to max all of the new skills. Just in case anyone doesn't know yet, skill resets are rarely obtainable through gameplay, or in the worst case scenario, not even obtainable without cashing at all. That is why I'm saving SP on these classes.

    3. Since this thread will likely grow rather lengthy as I add more explanations to my builds, I will use markers to let you search for the classes you're interested in without having to scroll for eternity. They will be discussed in order and as follows:

    - Haru Estia = HaruE
    - Lily Bloomerchen = LilyB
    - Erwin Arclight = ErwinA
    - Stella Unibell = StellaU
    - Jin Seipatsu = JinS
    - Iris Yuma = IrisY

    • Regarding certain Shared Passives

    There are a few shared passives which I invest the same amount of SP on for all builds, and I'll explain why.

    Sh-1.png Basic Attack Mastery: 5/5

    The bread and butter passive of all Soul Workers. It unlocks more combos + increases SG gain per Lvl to a max of Lvl 5, which you will definitely need to earn SG reliably to spam skills (only exception being Stella who does not gain SG from normal attacks, but still benefits from having more normal attack combos).

    Sh-5.png Dash: 2/2

    Let's you run faster, and more movement speed is always good in this game so don't question me and just take it.

    Sh-4.png Rising Roll: 2/3

    Allows you to roll away after being knocked down by pressing [Shift]. You are invincible while rolling. At Lvl 2, it reduces the Stamina cost by 10 so you can be a rolling machine if you wanna. Reason why I don't max this is because the roll animation is quickened at max Lvl, shortening your invincibility timeframe.

    Sh-6.png Rising Attack: 3/3

    One of the best skills to use after being knocked down by pressing [LMB], which at Lvl 3 gives you 3 seconds of invulnerability after use (you only get 1 second of invulnerability at Lvl 1, and no increase at Lvl 2).

    Sh-8.png Special Dodge: 1/3 OR 3/3

    Let's you escape being juggled by enemies by pressing [Shift] after being knocked up. Up for debate whether to max this at Lvl 3 or keep it at Lvl 1, since only the cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds per Lvl, with no reduction of stamina to justify the cost imo. But if you really want it then go max it if you have enough SP.

    Sh-10.png Stamina Mastery: 4/5

    Increases your stamina recovery rate by 10% per Lvl to a max of 50%. Going from Lvl 4 to Lvl 5 costs a whopping 3 SP just for a 10% increase, so I would recommend just going for Lvl 4. I know there's an AR card that regenerates a large amount of stamina per 5 seconds, but not everyone will have it so Lvl 4 is the most optimal imo.

    Now moving on to what you guys are here for...

    • All Skill Builds

    - Haru Estia

    - Lily Bloomerchen

    - Erwin Arclight

    - Stella Unibell

    - Jin Seipatsu

    - Iris Yuma

    • Individual Class Skill Analysis

    [HaruE] Haru Estia 100px-SS2-P.png

    Skill build: Haru Estia


    Sh-2h.png Special Ability Mastery: 1/3 OR 3/3

    While on the ground, lifts enemies in a small cone-shaped area into the air.

    While in the air, does a downward kick.

    Rather long cooldown to use to gain SG effectively on single bosses, but on multiple enemies it's a godsend when Blow Up is on cooldown. Lvl at your own discretion.

    Sh-9.png Special Dodge Attack: 1/1

    While running, do a jumping-forward-rolling-slash (yea idk what you call this so w/e). Multi hit attack and gives quite a bit of SG.

    HP1-2.png Endless Struggle: 3/3

    Free 15% damage so is there even a need to explain more?

    Icon_Ssword_Skill_SGPassive2.png (Advancement Passive) Eternal Combination: 3/3

    Gain an attack buff for 10 seconds (+500 at Lvl 3) per 20 hit combo you do, stacking up to 5x. Needs no more explanation.


    H1-1.png First Strike: 5/5

    Move forward while doing a few slashes. [RMB] at the end of skill cast to do an additional attack which lifts enemies in the air. Good damage but on smaller bosses you tend to move too close during the forward slashes to even land enough hits (or any at all) with the additional attack.

    H1-1A.png (Extension) Range Increase: 3/3

    Provides a noticeable range boost to the additional attack, and also extra damage.

    H1-2.png Pierce Step: 1/5 OR 5/5 (if taking extensions)

    Gap-close ability with a relatively short cooldown. Personally never liked the extensions since they do low damage and just wastes time that you can use casting other skills, but if you like them go ahead.

    H1-2A.png (Extension) Spinning Slash: 2/2

    If you chose this extension then max it, otherwise why even bother? Worse of the 2 extensions imo, since this attack pushes enemies away after you gap-close like really man wtf?
    H1-2B.png (Extension) Rising Slash: 1/1

    Lesser of the 2 evils, since it doesn't push enemies away. Instead, it lifts up enemies caught in it.

    H1-3.png Spin Cutter: 5/5

    Slice enemies while spinning and moving slightly forward. Good as a low cooldown filler after taking extension (requires advancement). Not worth maxing prior to advancement.

    Icon_Ssword_Skill_SpinAttack_A.png (Advancement Extension) Extra Attack: 3/3

    Does an extra spin, doing more damage.

    H1-4.png Blow Up: 5/5

    Provides an SG-gain-per-hit buff so even using skills let's you recover SG. Highly debatable whether maxing this is necessary, but for my build there really isn't anything better to allocate SP to, so why not? More SG gain per hit definitely eases the pressure no matter what, especially when spamming Wind Break on a single boss when using Big Plastica's (lmao dat name tho) golden ball.

    H1-5.png Blade Quake: 0/5 OR 1/5 OR 5/5 (if taking extension)

    Summons blades from the ground up to a certain forward range to damage enemies. Imo one of the most useless skills in Haru's skill set. Go for Lvl 1 if you just wanna use it to combo into another skill, or Lvl 5 if you think you need the extension, though I would highly discourage wasting SP like this.

    H1-5A.png (Extension) Knock Out: 1/3 OR 3/3 (only if you really need it)

    Tbh if you're going for this, Lvl 1 applies 3 seconds of Stun which should be enough. 5 seconds of Stun at Lvl 3 is really overkill and rarely will you ever need it, not to mention that the stun is only inflicted on the last blade, which Super Armored elites could've walked out off easily.

    H1-6.png Blade Wall: 1/5

    Throws 3 summoned swords forward in a large frontal cone-shaped area to pull enemies towards you. The only crowd control skill Haru has that's worth using. Damage is trash so don't bother maxing it.

    H1-7.png Power Slash: 5/5

    High damage single hit smash that sends enemies flying. Not much else to say really.

    H1-8.png Leaping Strike: 5/5

    Hold the hotkey to determine how far you want to jump, and release to jump and "poke" the ground, causing a high damage radial shockwave. Automatically jumps at max range. Has a pretty long animation lock after jumping WHICH CANNOT BE DODGE CANCELLED, so don't just use this haphazardly (note: you can die).

    H1-8A.png (Extension) Fissure: 3/3

    Changes the single hit shockwave to multi hit, which moderately increases the overall damage dealt. I recommend taking the other extension for better range.

    H1-8B.png (Extension) High Impact: 3/3

    Increases the shockwave range and thus you can hit more enemies with it. Does slightly lesser damage than the other extension but more worth it imo.

    H1-9.png Arena Rush: 0/5 OR 5/5 (without taking extension)

    Creates a cool looking party buff circle on the ground which increases a percentage of the player's BASE ATTACK (does not include gear stats). This is very important since you might be thinking "oh look free 20% attack", but in reality it only increases ~200 attack at max character lvl.

    As a comparison, if you're well geared endgame, you should have ~8000 attack, so a 200 attack boost is only a 2.5% increase. Even if you're moderately geared with ~5000 attack, the increase will only be 4%.

    This skill also has a relatively long cast time, and rather high SG cost, so make a wise choice.

    H1-9A.png (Extension) Duration Increase: 0/3

    Does nothing else but increase the duration that the buff circle stays around for (9 seconds at Lvl 3). I can't stop you from wasting SP, but seriously please reconsider if you're intending to.

    H1-10.png Flash Step: 5/5

    Jump backwards while throwing a summoned sword forward, damaging enemies in a straight line. High damage + SA destruction capabilities, and you can also use it to evade close range attacks (though please note it's not an iframe).

    Icon_Ssword_Skill_FlashStep_A.png (Advancement Extension) Heavy Attack: 0/3 OR 3/3

    Taking this extension changes the skill somewhat, since the casting time is almost doubled while also increasing the damage and widening the range of effect. Longer cast time means you're more likely to be interrupted, so choose based on how you would like the skill to be used.

    H1-11.png Cross Strike: 5/5

    Only usable while in the air. Sends sword energy towards where your crosshair is aiming. Hits hard if you land all your hits on a target, but you could also spread it out to hit multiple targets. Just aim at different directions while casting, though you have to get familiar with the timing yourself through practice.

    H1-11A.png (Extension) Blaze: 3/3

    Adds a burning zone for 3 seconds when Cross Strike hits the ground, so you can create a small area with a damage over time effect. Deals a crap ton of damage if all the zones are concentrated on 1 spot and if the enemy doesn't walk out of it, so definitely a must take. If you like to watch the world burn, this is your chance.

    H1-12.png Wind Break: 5/5

    Not to be confused with Break Wind. Imagine breaking wind with such destructive power... lel ok imma stop

    Sends a wave of sword energy forward with a rather large horizontal and forward range. Highest DPS skill in-game when combined with Big Plastica's golden ball tbh. You can slice enemies in half with this (of course not literally, but you get the point). Best combo-ed with Blow Up so you don't run out of SG.

    H1-12A.png (Extension) Charge: 2/2

    Increases the number of slashes through charging (max 3 total slashes), though at slightly reduced damage. Takes some time to charge 3 levels though, so make sure you find a good spot where you won't be interrupted.

    H1-13.png Blade Shower: 5/5

    Swords rain down from the sky in a large circle in front of you. Very high damage skill but with long cooldown. Invincible throughout the whole animation so it can also be used as an iframe while attacking the boss.

    Icon_Ssword_Skill_Swordsfall.png (Advancement Skill) Sword Fall: 5/5

    Only usable while in the air. Similar to Special Ability Mastery, you kick downwards, but with swords raining down together with you. Good damage but long cooldown.

    Icon_Ssword_Skill_Warfare.png (Advancement Skill) Slashing Warfare: 1/5 OR 5/5

    Dash forward and back while slicing enemies in the way, pulling them towards you. Has a really long animation lock after dashing back so you would rarely want to use this against bosses unless you can afford to dodge cancel with your limited stamina. Lvl at your own discretion.

    [LilyB] Lily Bloomerchen 100px-RS2-P.png

    Skill build: Lily Bloomerchen


    Sh-2l.png Special Ability Mastery: 1/3 OR 3/3

    While on the ground, pass through enemies in a straight line like a phantom, slowing them.

    While in the air, does a spinning combo twice, with the first moving forward, and second towards the ground.

    The ground ability gives negligible SG gain, while the air ability does the opposite. Lvl at your own discretion.

    Sh-9.png Special Dodge Attack: 1/1

    While running, do a two hit attack much faster than the standard dash attack, though with a smaller range and less forward momentum.

    LP1-2.png Intensifying Madness: 3/3

    Increases Critical Damage, which is the core of Lily's skill set. If you don't take this then you might as well play a different class.

    Icon_Mcythe_Skill_SGPassive2.png (Advancement Passive) Rampaging Madness: 0/3 OR 3/3

    Love living on the edge? Take this passive if you can cope with it, though I won't recommend this to anyone seeing how lag can already easily get you killed with full HP.
    Gives you a 10 second buff every minute while your HP is <50%, which, per Lvl, decreases SG consumption by 10%, Increases Critical Damage by 800, and increases Defense Penetration by 10%.


    L1-1.png Evil Slash: 1/5 OR 5/5 (if taking extension)

    Spin your scythe and slash surrounding enemies, with a final hit that pushes enemies away. Low damage so not worth maxing prior to advancement.

    Icon_Mcythe_Skill_EvilSlash_A.png (Advancement Extension) Range Increase: 1/3 OR 3/3

    Increases the attack range of Evil Slash dramatically, so you could use it as filler while fighting crowds of mobs. Relatively expensive SG cost for a filler though, since Lily gets a 5% Critical Rate buff when her SG is above 50% (aka 100 SG). Lvl at your own discretion.

    L1-2.png Spinning Devil: 1/5

    Low damage, short gap-close ability while damaging enemies along the way, ending with a spinning slash.
    If you want to see Lily die often, go ahead and spam this skill, since it has a horrendous animation lock. And if your ping is bad, it desyncs her position so she could get hit by attacks that she should've been out of range of. Sucks that you can't Lvl 0 this skill for that free 1 SP.

    L1-3.png Scythe Cutter: 1/5

    Swing your scythe upward and launch enemies into the air doing low damage. Very fast animation so it's useful to chain your 3-step combo, but useless otherwise.

    L1-3A.png (Extension) Charge Attack: 1/1

    Let's you charge the attack so that you jump up together with the mobs.
    Lvl 1 it cuz if you even maxed Scythe Cutter in the first place why dafuq would you save on this 1 SP?

    L1-4.png Grim Countdown: 5/5

    Do a rotating slash, and then slice enemies ahead of you together with the Grim Reaper, knocking them back. Not really useful on its own, which is why the extension is a must have.

    L1-4A.png (Extension) Lifesteal: 3/3

    Reduces Grim Countdown's damage, but now steals HP on the 2nd hit with the Grim Reaper. You steal HP from only 1 target no matter how many enemies you hit. Have to max Lvl to get the most lifesteal. Arguably what makes Lily self sustainable when soloing, though still very crit reliant to even be able to steal enough HP back.

    L1-5.png Fear Chain: 5/5

    Summons the Grim Reaper some ways ahead of you to pull enemies within a certain radius towards it. Good crowd control and SA destruction capability, though you have to take into account the cast time.

    L1-5A.png (Extension) Range Increase: 3/3

    Increases the range of the Grim Reaper's pull dramatically at max Lvl.

    L1-6.png Death Grinder: 1/5 OR 5/5 (if taking extensions)

    Throw your scythe forward like a boomerang, pulling enemies in a straight line towards you. Good as minor crowd control. Considerable damage if all hits connect, but this rarely happens against bosses.

    L1-6A.png (Extension) Summon Grim Reaper: 3/3

    Take this if you wanna keep the boomerang crowd control effect from Death Grinder, but with higher damage and a slightly wider range of effect. Same downside as stated above.

    L1-6B.png (Extension) Whirlwind: 3/3

    Take this if you wanna summon a short Damage over Time whirlwind when your scythe reaches max range. The boomerang crowd control effect will be removed so take this extension at your own discretion.

    L1-7.png Death Scythe: 5/5

    Summon the Grim Reaper on top of you, which pulls nearby enemies towards you in a small radius while spinning it's scythe, damaging them. [LMB] at the end of the spin to slash sideways and send enemies flying back, or [RMB] to knock them up. Range increases per Lvl.

    Icon_Mcythe_Skill_DeathScythe_A.png (Advancement Extension) Afterimage: 3/3

    Increases the damage of the additional attack after the spin significantly, while adding a forward straight line damage wave to [RMB].

    L1-8.png Cruel Slash: 5/5

    Enter a frenzied slashing stance and spam [LMB] to continuously slice enemies in a wide area in front of you. You cannot move while in this state, and can only exit the stance by either finishing the combo early with [RMB], dodging, or until the timer runs out (which also finishes with [RMB] on it's own). [RMB] does approximately 6x the damage of [LMB], so try not to dodge cancel if possible.

    L1-8A.png (Extension) Defense Penetration: 3/3

    Adds a Defense Ignore effect to the skill, which affects other skills which are still on the field like Death Tornado. 70% Defense Ignore at max Lvl, which makes a Death Tornado + Cruel Slash combo devastating af (obviously don't waste time using Cruel Slash when under Big Plastica's golden ball effect). Would recommend this over the other extension.

    L1-8B.png (Extension) Critical Rate Increase: 3/3

    Adds 10% Critical Rate at max Lvl, but comparatively not as potent as the other extension. Lily already has very high Critical Rate with her Party buff skill (not to mention gear as well but that's a whole topic on it's own). Take the other extension for long-term benefits.

    L1-9.png Grim Reaper: 1/5 OR 5/5

    Only usable while in the air. Summons the Grim Reaper to launch enemies on the ground into the air, doing moderate damage and SA destruction. Max it if you have spare SP.

    L1-10.png Force Region: 5/5

    Very useful Critical Rate party buff (15% at max Lvl). One of the main reasons people play Lily or want Lily in their parties. Obviously max this unless you wanna get kicked from parties lmao,

    L1-11.png Death Tornado: 5/5

    Main DPS skill of Lily (just like Haru's Wind Break). Spawns a tornado which attacks surrounding enemies while lifting them up. Very powerful if all hits connect. Usually combo-ed with Big Plastica's golden balls for maximum DPS (just spam the goddamn tornado), though you would need to refill SG using consumables unlike Haru's ez mode called Blow Up.

    L1-11A.png (Extension) Induction: 3/3

    Death Tornado now follows the enemy slowly while dealing slightly more damage per tick, though I have no idea which enemy it follows while in a group of enemies. May sometimes bug and float away from bosses randomly (bugged for me when fighting Enoch). Still better to take this than the other extension.

    L1-11B.png (Extension) Area Widener: 0/3

    Death Tornado's area is definitely widened, but not in a way you'd expect. The tornado now moves left to right while progressively moving forward, which means overall less DPS on a single target. Please do not ever take this, unless you like to intentionally nerf your own damage.

    L1-12.png Evil Trinity: 5/5

    Summon the Grim Reaper to attack along with you, smashing the ground and causing 3 shock waves to appear, splitting up in a cone-shaped area ahead of you.
    This deals very high damage if all 3 shock waves hit your target, but standing too close to your target has the opposite effect, so position accordingly.
    Very long animation lock during the whole attack WHICH CANNOT BE DODGE CANCELLED so use this skill wisely.

    L1-13.png Death Guillotine: 5/5

    Pulls enemies ahead of you in a moderately large area, summons a guillotine, then pushes the enemies towards it, dealing insane burst damage. Has a relatively small area of effect, so make sure your target cannot move before using. You're invincible during the entire animation.

    Side note: not sure if it's just me, but if you haven't maxed this skill, the damage seems to take forever to apply, since the guillotine seems to drop way slower.

    Icon_Mcythe_Skill_BloodyBlossom.png (Advancement Skill) Bloody Blossom: 5/5

    Only usable while in the air. Spins around with the scythe creating a pseudo-tornado while gradually landing. High damage skill but also has a long cast time.

    Icon_Mcythe_Skill_Furymach.png (Advancement Skill) Fury Scythe: 5/5

    Enter an offensive stance. Do a frontal attack with [LMB], and a very long forward dash with [RMB]. Ends with a final strike when the timer runs out or if you dodge cancel. Deals very high damage if you spam [LMB] and also land the final strike, though the final strike has a long animation lock WHICH YOU CANNOT DODGE CANCEL.

    [ErwinA] Erwin Arclight 100px-CS2-P.png

    Skill build: Erwin Arclight


    Sh-2e.png Special Ability Mastery: 1/3 OR 3/3

    While on the ground, throws a proximity mine which slows enemies caught in the explosion when activated.

    While in the air, shoots 3 explosive bullets, applying Stun to enemies caught in the blast.

    Since Erwin's SG is unique, I didn't feel any significant SG gain while using these skills, so Lvl at your own discretion.

    Sh-9.png Special Dodge Attack: 1/1

    While running, fire a single shot forward which damages enemies in a relatively wide area. Casts much faster than the standard dash attack and thus makes you less vulnerable when using it.

    EP1-2.png Unexpected Luck: 3/3

    Arguably the core stat of Erwin's survivability. Once you max this, you'll start seeing a lot of attacks on you missing (doing half damage). Though unreliable, it can sometimes save your ass when in a tight spot.


    E1-1.png Sky High: 5/5

    Does a somersault kick to launch enemies into the air. Low damage on it's own, but it's meant to set up for the extension anyway.

    E1-1A.png (Extension) Impact Bullets: 0/1

    Shoot an energy bullet forward. Weak damage so wouldn't recommend.

    E1-1B.png (Extension) Aerial Shots: 3/3

    Enters a firing stance right after the kick. Hold [LMB] to continuously shoot enemies in front within a short range. Erwin will fire a final shot either once the timer runs out, or you release [LMB]. Cannot move while in this stance, but can be dodge cancelled. Deals very high damage and SA destruction if you fire for the entire duration, especially during Erosion/Awakening since it scales with attack speed. Staple skill for Erwin until lategame.

    E1-2.png Rapid Fire: 1/5

    Fire a volley of shots ahead. Can move while using this skill, but damage is really low and is useless as filler since it costs too much SG for its damage.

    E1-3.png Gun Combination: 1/5

    Slam into enemies a short distance ahead and shoot them point blank. Low damage like Rapid Fire, and similarly costs too much SG for its damage.

    E1-3A.png (Extension) Penetration: 0/3

    Shots from Gun Combination now pierce enemies (though still at a short range). Not worth the cost.

    E1-4.png Slide Step: 1/5 OR 5/5 (if taking extensions)

    An escape manoeuvre where Erwin dashes backwards relative to where he's facing, while doing light damage on his starting position. I recommend holding off on maxing it for the extensions till Advancement arrives.

    E1-4A.png (Extension) Smoke Grenade: 3/3

    Leaves a smoke screen (circular AoE) at Erwin's starting position, slowing enemies who step into it, which lasts for 3 seconds. The timer is refreshed if they remain in the area of effect.

    E1-4B.png (Extension) Poison Gas Grenade: 3/3

    Leaves a poison puddle (circular AoE) at Erwin's starting position, applying a Damage over Time debuff for 3 seconds to enemies who step into it, dealing 3% of max HP damage per second at max Lvl. The timer is refreshed if they remain in the area of effect.

    E1-5.png Take Aim: 5/5

    A buff which gives 20% Defense Penetration at max Lvl. Combo with Guided Shot to get 100% Defense Ignore, though do take note of the high SG cost.

    E1-6.png Focus Shot: 5/5

    Enter a firing stance and continuously fire bullets towards wherever your reticle is aiming at by holding [LMB]. Stance ends when either the timer runs out, or if you release [LMB]. Scales with attack speed just like Sky High-Aerial Shots. Bullets do pierce enemies though I'm unsure how many or how far the piercing applies. You cannot move while in this stance, but can dodge cancel it.

    E1-6A.png (Extension) Paralyzing Shot: 3/3

    Changes Focus Shot such that an additional shot will be fired when the stance ends. The additional shot will expand on impact with an enemy to stun enemies within a spherical range. Stun duration increases per Lvl. Imo not as useful as the other extension.

    E1-6B.png (Extension) Black Hole: 3/3

    Similar to Paralyzing Shot, but instead of a Stun effect, the bullet will pull enemies towards it after hitting an enemy. Pull range increases per Lvl. Arguably the only crowd control skill Erwin has, so I would definitely recommend this extension.
    You can choose to tap [LMB] during focus shot to immediately fire off the Black Hole instead of firing a volley of bullets first.

    E1-7.png Combat Master: 0/5 OR 1/5

    Move forward quickly while shooting your pistols like you're breakdancing or something. Deals damage to surrounding enemies, though at a relatively short range. Generally deals rather low damage since you will rarely land all your shots on a single target. Only Lvl 1 it if you want to use it in your combo, otherwise not SG-efficient.

    E1-8.png Guided Shot: 5/5

    Transform your pistols into a sniper rifle to fire a very powerful shot that pierces enemies in a straight line. Begin charging your shot by holding down the skill key, and release to fire. Damage is determined by how many levels you've charged, up to 3 levels.

    Even though it's a sniper shot, the range isn't as far as you think, so don't go running to the other end of the map and expect your shot to land on target.

    E1-8A.png (Extension) Defense Penetration: 3/3

    This is what makes Guided Shot so powerful. At max Lvl it provides 80% Defense Ignore, which when combo-ed with Take Aim, gives this skill 100% Defense Ignore. A must take for sure.

    E1-9.png Electric Shot: 5/5

    Transforms your pistols into a grenade launcher to fire a shot which travels in an arc, dealing damage in a mid-sized area. One of your highest DPS skill right behind Guided Shot and Soul Launcher.

    E1-10.png Napalm Bomb: 1/5 OR 5/5

    Only usable while in the air. Erwin "carpet bombs" a diamond-shaped area in front of him with his weapon(s) to inflict small damage and a negligible Damage over Time debuff, but with very high SA destruction values. Do take note of the cast time if you wanna use it though. I recommend holding off on maxing it till Advancement arrives.

    E1-11.png Sprinter: 5/5

    Another party buff, which increases movement speed by 20% for allies in range at max Lvl. Pretty useless before it's maxed along with it's extension so don't waste your SG casting this prior to that.

    E1-11A.png (Extension) SG Recovery: 3/3

    Grants another party buff on top of the movement speed buff, which regenerates 5% of a player's SG per second. Very useful in maintaining Erwin's SG especially when spamming skills, so definitely a must have.

    E1-12.png Hide & Seek: 5/5

    A self buff which grants 1 second of invincibility on skill cast, and afterwards grants Super Armor and 100% Evasion for a max of 20 seconds at max Lvl. Allows Erwin to take a hell lot of punishment that even Jin would be ashamed of outside of his Shield party buff (Fusion Armor). SG cost is reduced significantly (from 5 to 3 SG) when maxed.

    Do be mindful though, that Evasion in this game only means halving the damage taken, not completely.

    E1-13.png Soul Launcher: 5/5

    Briefly spawn loads of guns on your body to begin bombarding the area where the reticle is facing within 10 meters, while pushing enemies back. Deals very high damage if most of the bombardment hits. You are invincible throughout the entire animation, which lasts rather long so you can use it as an iframe if you wish. Also affected by attack speed.
    However, it deals negligible damage if the target is standing at point blank range, so make sure to position yourself properly before firing.

    [StellaU] Stella Unibell 100px-StellaPortrait.png

    Skill build: Stella Unibell

    Since some of Stella's skills have different effects depending on which mode she's in, I'll be adding a [Switchable] marker to those skills.


    Sh-2s.png Special Ability Mastery: 3/3

    Must max this if you wanna play Stella properly, since Stella does not gain SG from using Basic Attacks on enemies (i.e. it's a core/mandatory passive). While on the ground, changes between Offense mode and Support mode.

    While in the air, creates a ghost punch aimed downwards, which will push you back. Does not change modes.

    IMPORTANT: Lvling this skill does not only raise the damage and SA destruction of the air attack, unlike how the tooltip might mislead you to believe. It actually also affects your Character/Class-specific passive called Melody of Sorrow, which boosts your SG by a certain amount when changing between modes (20% at max Lvl). That's 40 SG without even taking into account the passive that increases your maximum SG.

    Sh-9.png Special Dodge Attack: 0/1

    While running, does a relatively long animation before creating a small circular sound wave around Stella to attack enemies. Compared to the standard Dash Attack, it takes too long to cast and leaves you very vulnerable to attacks. Take it if you really wish to, but I warned you.

    SP1-2.png Sound Wave: 3/3

    Provides a permanent increase to your Max SG (20% at max Lvl). More SG = more time to spam skills without having to change modes.


    S1-1.png Whirl Dance: 1/5

    Spin round and round like a beyblade with your guitar before slamming it onto the ground, launching enemies into the air. Low damage and long cast time; you will ditch this skill when you get to higher levels.

    S1-2.png Phantom Release: 1/5 OR 5/5 (if taking extension)

    Ghosts whirl around you while playing the guitar, dealing damage to surrounding enemies at close range. OK-ish damage, but has long cast time as well. Great for when you're surrounded by weak enemies, but the short range also makes it less ideal when fighting bosses. Lvl at your own discretion.

    S1-2A.png (Extension) Number of attacks increase: 1/1

    Increases the total number of hits dealt by Phantom Release, which makes it hit harder, but still suffers from the same weakness as before.


    S1-3.png Trouble Pass: 5/5

    While in Offense mode, release small guided ghosts which home in on enemies to damage them. Deals relatively high damage if all ghosts hit the same target.

    While in Support mode, ghosts will lose their damage capabilities to instead home in on allies to heal them (iirc it heals for 20% max HP per ghost). Note that you will not be able to heal yourself with this skill.

    Maxing this skill only increases the damage dealt in Offense mode, and does nothing to the healing portion, but more damage is always good.

    S1-3A.png (Extension) Range Increase: 3/3

    Ghosts in Offense mode now explode with a larger radius to hit more enemies, though overall it's still rather small. But more damage is never bad.

    S1-3B.png (Extension) Strengthen: 0/3

    Grants a defense buff to allies that the ghosts heal in Support mode (400 Def at max Lvl). Good early game but completely useless at endgame. Don't waste your SP on this.

    S1-4.png Hysterical Shock: 5/5

    Create cracks on the ground, then "detonate" them, launching enemies into the air in a large cone-shaped area. Only shines when the extension is taken, and is your main source of DPS early game. Has a long overall animation, but at least enemies get staggered when the cracks are formed on the ground before "detonation".

    S1-4A.png (Extension) Extra Attack: 2/2

    Makes Hysterical Shock hit harder due to adding more hits to the "detonation". Must take for moar DPS.

    S1-5.png Beast Parade: 1/5 OR 5/5

    Ride on the back of summoned ghosts and charge forward while damaging and pushing enemies back. Deals a lot of damage only if all ticks of damage hit the target, which is rather difficult to do on Super Armored enemies due to inconsistent collisions. Only max it if you're comfortable with always getting up close and personal with your targets.


    S1-6.png Beads Play: 1/5 OR 5/5

    Hold down the skill button to begin charging, and pushes enemies away after every successful charge. Number of charges (max 3) determine how many entities are spawned depending on the mode you're in. Do note that charging takes longer while in Offense mode than in Support mode.

    While in Offense mode, creates beads of energy (max 7) that home in on enemies which explode when hitting enemies (very similar to Trouble Pass, but moves much slower in exchange for doing higher damage).

    While in Support mode, spawn red orbs (max 5) which heal for 20% max HP, and providing a temporary insignificant attack buff (and movement speed for a very short time).

    Some people actually recommend maxing this to deal loads of DPS on single bosses. Personally, I feel it takes too long to charge 3 levels just to attack a boss when you could've possibly done more damage using other skills in the same time frame.

    S1-6A.png (Extension) Paralyze: 0/3 ?/3

    Most likely a PVP extension, since it removes most of the damage dealt by Beads Play in Offense mode by transforming the energy beads into piercing beads that stun enemies they pass through. Would be wasting SP to Lvl this for PVE, since you can already stun with Decade Pulse or Soul Scream.

    As advised by user EternalDream, this extension is actually pretty neat for SA destruction since the beads do continuous damage while piercing enemies. It also deals somewhat good damage against trash mobs since they get damaged while being pushed back. Do note that

    As for how many Lvls to invest points into, I'll leave it to you to decide, since every Lvl just increases the SA destruction slightly.

    S1-6B.png (Extension) Strengthen: 0/3

    Strengthens the attack buff provided by Support Mode orbs, which is very insignificant at endgame. You will rarely use this skill at endgame as well so I would advise not to waste SP just for a short term benefit.


    S1-7.png Decade Pulse: 1/5 OR 5/5

    Enters a stance where you fire energy pulses with your guitar by holding [LMB]. Cannot move while in this stance, and the stance ends when either the timer runs out, you release [LMB], or you dodge cancel.

    While in Offense mode, pulses deal damage to enemies targeted by the reticle. Has a small Area of Effect, and reduces the movement speed of enemies slightly.

    While in Support mode, pulses steal HP from up to 3 enemies, doing significantly lowered damage but with higher SA destruction and an added Stun effect. Very useful as long range healing.

    Up for much debate whether maxing this skill is worth it, since the extensions won't really be used to their max potential either, so Lvl at your own discretion.

    S1-7A.png (Extension) Duration Increase: anv Lvl according to preference

    Increases Decade Pulse's stance duration by 1 second per Lvl so that you can spam pulses for longer.

    S1-7B.png (Extension) Radius Increase: anv Lvl according to preference

    Area of Effect increases by 2 meters per Lvl, so that more enemies can be hit. Useless extension if fighting single bosses.

    S1-8.png Soul Scream: 5/5

    Create a Stun barrier for 10 seconds with your ghosts, providing 1 second of invincibility on skill cast. Barrier stuns surrounding enemies for 3 seconds. Very long cooldown prior to max Lvl (50 seconds), but shortened to 30 seconds at max Lvl.

    Again, up for debate whether the 1 second invincibility is worth it to max this skill, but as far as I'm concerned, having more survivability is always welcome.

    S1-9.png Twist Pull: 5/5

    Create a black hole with your ghosts a short distance ahead, which pulls enemies towards it before exploding after a while. Deals high damage if all hits connect, especially the last few ticks. However, the pull/damage range is rather small until you get the extension.

    Just like Haru's Wind Break/Lily's Death Tornado, spam this skill during Big Plastica's golden ball effect for maximum DPS.

    S1-9A.png (Extension) Range Increase: 2/2

    Larger attack range and more damage. Why not?

    S1-10.png Beast Party: 1/5 OR 5/5

    Only usable while in the air. Summons a few ghosts which charge forward, damaging and pushing enemies back. Very similar to Beast Parade, only this time you do not move along with the ghosts. This skill is also geared towards SA destruction instead of damage unlike Beast Parade. Very long animation lock if you do not dodge cancel, but do take note that dodge cancelling while in the air costs 40 SG instead of 20, and does not provide an iframe. Lvl at your own discretion.

    S1-11.png Black Morass: 5/5

    Main crowd control skill. Deals high damage as well if all hits connect within the time limit.

    Create a marsh of ghosts in front of Stella. Cannot move while in this state, till either the timer runs out, or you dodge cancel.

    Pulls enemies into the marsh while damaging them with [LMB], while stunning and launching enemies into the air with a single blow at the centre of the marsh with [RMB].

    [LMB] has a further range than [RMB], so always ensure enemies are close to the centre of the marsh before using [RMB].

    The marsh's position can be moved by aiming the reticle in the direction you want it to be, and pressing the forward movement key while doing [LMB]/[RMB].

    S1-11A.png (Extension) Duration Increase: 3/3

    Self-explanatory. Increases duration by 1 second per Lvl.


    S1-12.png Best Tempo: 5/5

    Bread and butter healing/SG recovery support skill for all Stellas.

    While in Offense mode, recovers all allies' SG (up to 15% SG per second for 12 seconds at max Lvl) if they're within range.

    While in Support mode, heals all allies within range for a max of 70% max HP at max lvl.

    S1-13.png Bass Attack: 5/5

    Arguably the highest DPS skill in Stella's arsenal.

    Summons 4 speakers in the 4 diagonal corners relative to where Stella is facing, which you can use to attack enemies with. You are invincible for the entire skill duration, but you cannot move or dodge cancel out of it early. Therefore, proper positioning/timing is required to actually hit your target with this skill.

    Press [LMB] to attack with the 2 left speakers. Press [RMB] to attack with the 2 right speakers.

    Side note: I've noticed that the damage of this skill is significantly increased while in Erosion/Awakening state. Might be a placebo effect, so if anyone could clarify, that would be good.

    [JinS] Jin Seipatsu SA2-P.png

    Skill build: Jin Seipatsu

    Since some of Jin's skills have added effects or increased damage when used after a successful counter, I'll be adding a [Strengthenable] marker to those skills, with a description and rank added behind it so that you can prioritise what skills to use under the Strengthened buff (e.g. 2/5 meaning it's the 2nd best skill out of 5 Strengthenable skills to use).


    Sh-2j.png Special Ability Mastery: 1/3 OR 3/3

    While on the ground, smash the ground with your leg, creating a radial shockwave that stuns surrounding enemies.

    While in the air, do a superman punch forward towards the ground, also creating a radial shockwave but doesn't stun.

    You will only notice an SG gain when the attack lands on multiple enemies, so Lvl at your own discretion.

    Sh-9.png Special Dodge Attack: 0/1

    While running, executes a dropkick on enemies to knock them back. Has a brief windup animation, therefore leaving you vulnerable especially if you miss the kick. Not worth investing points in this, but if you really want to go ahead.

    JP1-2.png Strong Body: 3/3

    Reduces damage taken by 20% at max Lvl. Afaik, this damage reduction stacks multiplicatively with gear mitigation, not additively. (E.g. if your gear provides 70% damage reduction against monsters of the same level, then this passive will only reduce damage by a further 6% in total, effectively giving you 76% damage reduction.)

    Seeing how Jin relies heavily on skills with long animations, definitely not a bad idea to max this.


    [Strengthenable] Damage Increase 3/5

    J1-1.png Glory Upper: 5/5

    Knocks enemies up. Tap [RMB]x3 (tap each time when the previous animation ends) to activate a subsequent combo. Your highest DPS skill till midgame, though with a really lengthy animation to get all the damage out. Max it for the extension.

    J1-1A.png (Extension) Knockdown: 3/3

    Adds a powerful punch at the end of Glory Upper's entire combo with another [RMB]. Has decent range/damage and sends enemies flying back.

    J1-1B.png (Extension) Upper: ?/3

    Personally haven't seen this skill in action even after watching other players play, so I'm assuming it's not good. Based on the screenshot in the tooltip, it seems to add a multi hit attack at the end of Glory Upper's entire combo. Unsure about the range, but SA destruction values is definitely higher than the other extension. Lvl this at your own risk.

    J1-2.png Perfect Combination: 1/5 OR 5/5

    Slam yourself into the enemy, and tapping [RMB]x2 will activate 2 subsequent combos. Deals moderate damage especially if you land the entire combo.

    Your main reliable source of SG gain in combat, but the SG gain only applies to the 2 subsequent combos and not on the slam attack. Short cooldown so you can spam this relatively often. Max this if you have spare SP.

    [Strengthenable] Damage Increase 4/5

    J1-3.png Hammer Kick: 1/5

    Do a somersault while jumping forwards to kick the ground when you land, knocking surrounding enemies up. Recovers SG when hitting enemies, but not a lot. Best used on groups of enemies so that the SG recovered > SG spent using this skill.

    J1-4.png Counter Attack: 5/5

    Enters a defensive stance for ~2 seconds, where you will automatically counter short-range/melee attacks while applying the Strengthen buff.

    You are invincible during the counter animation. but does not apply if you're hit by long-range attacks while in the defensive stance.

    Status effects, including burn/stun, will still be applied to you even though you're invincible (I feel that this is complete bullshit but what can I do?).

    Core skill of Jin (though made useless by certain game combat mechanics which I will try to go into detail about in the spoiler below).

    J1-4A.png (Extension) Knock Out: 0/3

    Adds a stun effect on successful hit when countering. Bosses cannot be stunned so idk why would anyone even bother taking this.

    J1-4B.png (Extension) SA Destruction: 3/3

    Much more useful than the other extension, since you get increased SA destruction values on successful hit when countering. Very powerful VS melee bosses since following up with a Strengthened attack will blow a hole in them.

    J1-5.png Spirit Surge: 1/5

    Main crowd control ability. Pulls surrounding enemies in a large area towards you, while applying a Taunt debuff for 20 seconds on them so that they will only target you if there are allies around.

    You also get a Defense buff that increases per Lvl, but keep in mind that the buff affects your base Defense and not your total Defense, so it's pretty useless at endgame.

    Combo with Counter Attack to ensure you will get hit and therefore activate the Strengthen buff.

    J1-5A.png (Extension) Strengthen: 0/3

    Adds a debuff to pulled mobs which reduces their Evasion by 40% at max Lvl. For those who don't yet know, evading only halves the damage taken and not completely, so it's not worth wasting SP to max Spirit Surge just to get this debuff.

    [Strengthenable] Damage & Pull Range Increase 5/5

    J1-6.png Gravity Twister: 1/5 OR 5/5 (if taking extension)

    Secondary crowd control skill. Pull enemies in a large cone-shaped area in front of you, and then hit them, dealing light damage and inflicting Stun for 3 seconds. Lengthy animation before the stun is applied, so be wary when using against Super Armored elites.

    J1-6A.png (Extension) Shock Waves: 1/3 OR 3/3

    Changes the skill such that instead of hitting enemies after the pull, you unleash a multi hit orb of energy that damages enemies over time while constantly inflicting a 3 second Stun till it disappears. Useful for keeping enemies in 1 spot for a short period of time (provided you don't attack them and push them away from the orb). Max Lvl for more damage per tick.

    [Strengthenable] Damage Increase & Instant Max Charge 1/5

    J1-7.png Spirit Explosion: 5/5

    Hold the skill key to begin charging your gauntlets up to 3 levels, then unleash a devastating punch forwards. Damage increases per charge level. Deals rather high damage, but will only truly shine (i.e. superb damage) when under the Strengthen buff.

    J1-7A.png (Extension) Impact Bullets: 0/3 OR 3/3

    Changes the skill effect to shoot a ball of energy forwards instead. Has an overall lower damage than the other extension, but if you want another long-ranged skill, go ahead and max this.

    J1-7B.png (Extension) Range Increase: 3/3

    Increases the forward attack range so that you can hit more enemies. Also further increases Spirit Explosion's already top tier damage (when Strengthened) even further.

    J1-8.png Spirit Shooter: 0/5 OR 1/5

    Fire a small burst of kamehameha forward to stun enemies for 3 seconds while being pushed back by the recoil. Imo not a useful skill for a melee-based character since you would want to be up close and personal instead of being far away. Would only advise to Lvl 1 it to use in your combos if you so wish to.

    [Strengthenable] Damage Increase 2/5

    J1-9.png Quadra Blow: 5/5

    Throw fire spheres forwards up to a certain range, exploding upon contact with an entity. Deals high damage if all spheres hit a target. Since the explosions have a rather small radius, it's not very effective against multiple enemies who are spread out in a line.

    J1-9A.png (Extension) Quantity Increase: 3/3

    Throw additional tiny spheres for more damage. 'Nuff said.

    J1-10.png Heavy Drop: 5/5

    Only usable while in the air. Highest DPS skill outside of Strengthened skills at max charge. Hold the skill key to charge a mini spirit bomb up to 3 levels, creating an explosion with increasing damage and radius per charge level when it hits the ground. Spam this without charging during Big Plastica's golden ball effect. Charging is also significantly faster than all other charged skills in the game.

    J1-10A.png (Extension) Extra Attack: 3/3

    Slows the travel speed of the spirit bomb a little, but now pierces and damages enemies along the way before exploding when hitting the ground. Adds a Defense reduction (-20%) debuff for 5 seconds on affected enemies.

    J1-11.png Fusion Armor: 5/5

    Very OP party buff. Provides a barrier to allies in range which grants invincibility for 3 seconds, while you get a special barrier that lasts ~6 seconds (both at max Lvl values).

    Also increases all allies' base Defense by 30% at max Lvl, but that's not the main focus of this skill.

    Combo with Rapid Puncher for the best use.

    J1-12.png Rapid Puncher: 5/5

    Highest sustained DPS skill, though with it's fair share of drawbacks.

    Enter a punching stance, rapidly tapping [LMB] to strike with both fists alternatively while moving slightly forward. Ends with a finishing attack which you can also initiate early with [RMB} to end the combo earlier. You cannot move while in this state, and cannot dodge cancel any part of it. Only way you can end this stance is to finish performing the finishing attack, which therefore makes you very vulnerable if used outside of Fusion Armor's effects.

    J1-13.png Final Fist: 5/5

    Pound the ground with your gauntlets, while calling down energy gauntlets from the sky to cause wide explosions in the area. Invincible throughout the entire animation, while doing high damage if all exploisons hit a target.

    [IrisY] Iris Yuma 110px-IrisPortrait.png

    Skill build: Iris Yuma


    Sh-2I.png Special Ability Mastery: 3/3

    While on the ground, grind your hammer against the floor to damage enemies in range and gain a fire buff for 10 seconds at max Lvl (not sure what it does but I assume it's a damage buff). You recover 25% SG as well at max Lvl. The SG recovery only applies after you bring your hammer back up, so don't dodge cancel the animation too early.

    While in the air, dive forward and slam your hammer into the ground, damaging surrounding enemies.

    Sh-9.png Special Dodge Attack: 1/1

    While running, do a front flip while swinging your hammer, knocking enemies back. Allows you to gain SG while keeping enemies at bay.

    IP1-2.png Rapid Attack: ?/3

    Reduces the SG cost of all skills by a fixed %. 5% at Lvl 1, 8% at Lvl 2, and 10% at Lvl 3. The skill with the highest cost is 75 SG, so 10% would amount to only 7.5 SG. Therefore, I leave it up to you to choose if it's worth it or not.


    I1-1.png Hammer Crash: 1/5 OR 5/5 (if taking extensions)

    Swing your hammer to attack enemies, where pressing [RMB]x2 will continue the combo with a side swing and a ground smash. Deals low damage for its lengthy cast time.

    I1-1A.png (Extension) Continuous Explosion: ?/3

    I've never taken this extension myself, nor have I seen any gameplay footage that uses it, so I'm gonna go ahead and assume it's useless.

    Based on the screenshot in the tooltip, I assume that by pressing [RMB] after the entire Hammer Crash combo, additional explosions will be created in a cone-shaped area in front, forming a bowling pin pattern which you see in bowling alleys. Take at your own risk.

    I1-1B.png (Extension) Full Swing: 3/3

    Adds an additional attack after the entire Hammer Crash combo by pressing [RMB]. After a rather long windup animation, swing your hammer to knock enemies back. Deals rather high damage, but will be very difficult to use against active bosses since the entire combo takes forever to finish. Don't max Hammer Crash if you don't like the sound of this.

    I1-2.png Camel Spin: 1/5

    Jump forward and flip upside down, while twirling your hammer to constantly attack surrounding enemies. Rather low damage overall.

    I1-3.png Assault Dive: 5/5

    Your highest DPS skill early game. Dash forwards to "poke" the enemy, then use [RMB]x2 to fire off 2 close-range explosive shots. Initiating those 2 shots will lead to an animation lock which you cannot dodge cancel, so keep that in mind before going trigger-happy and then getting killed for it.

    I1-3A.png (Extension) Shatter: ?/3

    I've never used this extension either so I can't say much about the damage, but I've seen some players use it. The 2 explosive shots are now replaced with continuous explosions. Frequency of explosions increase per Lvl. Lvl at your own discretion.

    I1-3B.png (Extension) Emission: 3/3

    Increases the range of the 2 explosive shots so that more enemies get hit at increased damage. Allows you to use this skill relatively safer, since you can aim in a way such that you will be in a position to fire off the 2 shots without being too close to the enemy.

    I1-4.png Fire Somersault: 5/5

    Fires an energy puddle into the ground while somersaulting backwards. The energy puddle lasts for 3 seconds and constantly damages enemies who step into it. Deals high damage if enemies get hit for the entire duration.

    I1-4A.png (Extension) Hell Fire: 3/3

    Adds 3 more energy puddles to the attack, forming a diamond pattern. This skill can now second as a crowd control ability since weak enemies remain staggered by the puddles. Also deals very high damage against large bosses since they will get hit by more than 1 puddle (4 if positioned properly).

    I1-5.png Spiral Pierce: 0/5 OR 5/5 (if taking extension)

    Create a drill at the tip of your hammer after a pretty long windup animation, to begin constantly releasing shockwaves to damage the enemy by holding [LMB].

    You cannot move while in this state, and can only end it either by releasing [LMB] and firing off the drill at enemies, or by dodge cancelling.

    The shockwaves deal ridiculously low damage (10% damage multiplier like really man?), with its only saving grace being the drill that fires off. Not worth using at all imo.

    I1-5A.png (Extension) Gale: 3/3

    Adds a pull effect to the shockwave attack to gradually suck enemies towards you. Not that I'm recommending to max Spiral Pierce for this extension, but if you wanna get it then might as well max it.

    I1-6.png Pulse Fire: 5/5 OR 0/5

    Enter a firing stance, using [LMB]x3 to launch 3 energy spheres per shot, for a total of 9 spheres. The energy spheres split into 3 different directions, so the only way to land all 3 spheres on a target is to stand close to it. Deals high damage if all spheres hit. Do not take this skill if you don't want to play this way.

    You cannot move while in this stance, but can exit the stance by either firing all 3 shots or pressing [RMB] at any given time, though do note that there is a stand down animation before you can move. Dodge cancelling is still the fastest way.

    I1-6A.png (Extension) Rapid Shot: 3/3

    Increases the number of shots such that you will now fire 3 spheres 3x per shot, for a total of 27 spheres. Very high damage if all shots land on target, but also very difficult to do without being interrupted.

    I1-6B.png (Extension) Power Shot: ?/3

    Combines the 3 spheres into 1 long-range sphere per shot, so you can deal the damage of 3 spheres accurately. Increases the number of shots by 1 per Lvl from Lvl 2 onwards. Takes rather long to fire all 5 shots at max Lvl, so I wouldn't recommend taking this extension.

    I1-7.png Limit Break: 5/5

    Provides a buff to all allies in range, whereby the damage of your next "hit" will be raised by 170% at max Lvl. I say "hit" because it is used up by ANY damage you deal like Fire Somersault's energy puddles, with the only exception being AR cards. Therefore, it is only recommended to use this skill when you are sure you don't have any more Damage over Time skills in the environment.

    The buff also only applies to the first "hit" of any skills, so skills like Exceed Driver don't get their entire multiplier increased by 170%.

    I1-8.png Bullet Storm: 5/5

    Best DPS skill outside of Exceed Driver if all shells hit.

    Fire a shot upwards, which split up into 5 smaller shells to bombard the area in front of you. Spam this when under Big Plastica's golden ball effect.

    I1-8A.png (Extension) Range Increase: 3/3

    Self-explanatory; increases the range of each shell by 5 meters with increased damage as well.

    I1-8B.png (Extension) Meteor Fall: 0/3 OR 3/3

    Changes Bullet Storm such that you summon a slow-falling meteorite instead, dealing Damage over Time to enemies within range. Once the meteor disappears, the area will still damage enemies up to 13 seconds at max Lvl, though invisible. Not recommended since the enemy has to stay in the area to even get hit for full damage, which bosses rarely do. Take at your own discretion.

    I1-9.png Full Burst: 0/5 OR 1/5 OR 5/5

    Turns your hammer into a pseudo-lightsaber. Begin charging by holding the skill key, up to 3 levels. Each charge level increases damage. Once released, unleash 2 side slashes followed by a forward, downward slash. Deals high damage, but charging takes a lot of time. Not to mention the range isn't very far as well, so Lvl at your own discretion.

    I1-10.png Eternal Abyss: 5/5

    Only usable while in the air. Throw your hammer forward, towards the ground. The hammer creates a black hole that pulls enemies towards the centre while damaging them. Black hole lasts 4 seconds at Lvl 1, increasing by 1 second per Lvl. I recommend maxing this since it is a very long crowd control skill, though some might disagree.

    I1-11.png Earthquake: 5/5

    Insert your hammer into the ground to create shockwaves by tapping [LMB] constantly. The shockwaves don't do much damage individually, but it also takes quite long to create max shockwaves within the time limit. Ends automatically when the timer expires with a final [RMB] shockwave.

    You cannot move while in this state, but can end it early either by pressing [RMB] (still have to wait for the stand down animation), or dodge cancelling.

    The extensions are what makes this skill worth maxing.

    I1-11A.png (Extension) Volcano: 3/3

    Generates a volcano that spews explosive shells after the [RMB] attack. Make sure to see Iris pull the hammer out of the ground before dodge cancelling, else the extension will not activate, Deals high damage if most shells hit the target, and can also double up as a crowd control skill against weak enemies if you wish to.

    I1-11B.png (Extension) Fire Pillar: 3/3

    While creating shockwaves, fire pillars will constantly appear from the ground and move outwards within a cone-shaped area to damage enemies. Deals high damage if most pillars hit. This therefore means that to get all fire pillars to hit a target, you have to be very close to it, so make sure to position/time it properly before using.

    I1-12.png Electric Cannon: 0/5 OR 1/5 OR 5/5

    Somehow levitate your hammer and cause it to fire a laser beam forward while you sit and ride on it. You can move slowly while doing this. The laser deals high SA destruction only if you fire it and land all hits for the entire duration, which isn't ideal if you want to kill the enemy fast. Lvl at your own discretion.

    I1-13.png Exceed Driver: 5/5

    Disassemble your hammer to absorb it and then summon energy portal to fire lasers forward. The range isn't very wide but fires very far. You are invincible for the entire animation, but the laser takes some time to fire so make sure your target can't move out of range before using it. You cannot dodge cancel either, so you have to sit through the animation. Deals ridiculous amounts of damage if most of the laser hits the target.

    • A few rants about this game

    As much as I like the action combat, there are some things that bug me.

    I feel that this game focuses too much on AR cards, such that you can't really enjoy it without having some of the "required" cards like Big Plastica or the one that recovers stamina every 5 seconds. Makes the game feel more like a trading card game at endgame, for me at least.

    You are also discouraged from testing different builds since SP-refund items are very rare as they are either cash or event items. Accidentally spent SP on the wrong skill? Too bad! Either "deal with it" or fork out cash to undo it. Really a big turnoff for me. As such, I'm just waiting to test the class advancements when they are released, and probably quit after that.

    • Epilogue

    In any case, I hope this lengthy write-up of mine has helped you figure out the skills you actually want to spend SP on, so that you do not waste SP on worthless skills like I did. If you have any thoughts about certain skills/have any feedback regarding this thread, feel free to post them in the comments below. Would be nice to get some community feedback for future improvements after taking some time to post my builds here.

    • Credits

    - Soul Worker HQ wiki

    - Whoever made the Soul Worker Skill Simulator

    - The other talented guide-makers on the forum


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  • Finally, this pseudo-guide is complete. If anyone has any questions or has some comments/feedback, feel free to post them here. Thanks and have a nice day.


  • Props on the guide!<3

    Thank you for your hard work, tho first question would u mind adding a short review on each char?

    That seems the most usefull before each buildset, knowing pros and cons of all i guess ;)

    Just asking since u seem to have a huge ammount of knowledge on game already...

    Anyway tyvm<3

  • I got a question about that Take Aim ability.

    It mentions in game armor break so this means u basicly get x% defense penetration right?

    Also I have been looking at more videos of erwin then I can count, and I never saw Take Aim being used???

    It seems like a massive damage boost all those people are missing?

  • I got a question about that Take Aim ability.

    It mentions in game armor break so this means u basicly get x% defense penetration right?

    Also I have been looking at more videos of erwin then I can count, and I never saw Take Aim being used???

    It seems like a massive damage boost all those people are missing?

    I always viewed it not as defense penetration but rather, your attacks will deal more damage. Not to the enemy health bar but towards their armor so you can reach their "Armor Break" status faster


  • Hmm I wasn't really planning on making a "which class should you choose" guide, that's why I didn't think about adding such reviews. I could try though, but only if I can think of something worth putting out. Thanks for the feedback.

    Take Aim is not a party buff.

    May I know where you got that info from? Based on the wiki, it says it is a party buff.

    I got a question about that Take Aim ability.

    It mentions in game armor break so this means u basicly get x% defense penetration right?

    Also I have been looking at more videos of erwin then I can count, and I never saw Take Aim being used???

    It seems like a massive damage boost all those people are missing?

    I can only speculate that they didn't use it either cuz it has a high SG cost, or that they haven't seen its effects. Personally, I do not know the damage formula in this game. But for what I don't know, I refer to other player's experiments and results.

    In this case, I took a look at the TW forums regarding all the damage stats in the game, and one of the players showed that there was a significant damage boost when he had 100% defense penetration.

    Go to and scroll down till you see screenshots of Erwin. "滿貫穿" means 100% defense penetration, while "X%貫穿" means X% defense penetration. You can see that his damage got improved from ~170k to ~220k after giving himself 60% more defense penetration.


  • I got a question about that Take Aim ability.

    It mentions in game armor break so this means u basicly get x% defense penetration right?

    Also I have been looking at more videos of erwin then I can count, and I never saw Take Aim being used???

    It seems like a massive damage boost all those people are missing?

    I always viewed it not as defense penetration but rather, your attacks will deal more damage. Not to the enemy health bar but towards their armor so you can reach their "Armor Break" status faster

    The "armor break" status is only affected by super armor (SA) destruction, though I'm not sure how much SA destruction is affected when you ignore/penetrate defense, since you deal more damage regardless.


  • I have question about Trouble Pass skill of Stella

    How does it heal teammates, all of ghosts will focus on the lowest HP teammate or each ghost will heal each teammate?

  • I have question about Trouble Pass skill of Stella

    How does it heal teammates, all of ghosts will focus on the lowest HP teammate or each ghost will heal each teammate?

    Normally they will, but if there is someone in their path they will heal them. If an ally is too they might end up targeting them instead. It's really just kinda hard to predict but you'll figure it out pretty quickly if you pay attention to the behavior :/

  • Hi

    Could anyone give me some info about this big plastica ar? All u could find was a picture and some vague info about some balls, nothing on what buff are they or anything.. How can I get it and is it "necessary" for haru?

  • Hi

    Could anyone give me some info about this big plastica ar? All u could find was a picture and some vague info about some balls, nothing on what buff are they or anything.. How can I get it and is it "necessary" for haru?

    It essentially summons a group of random coloured balls in the area, with yellow being the most useful one. Destroying the yellow ball grants a 99% cooldown reduction to all your skills for 5 seconds, meaning you will be able to spam your highest DPS skills in that time period.

    I'm not sure if its effects have been changed for different servers, but for TW, you need a 5 Star AR card to even be able to get the yellow ball, or at least a 4 Star - Rank 2 card. The other Stars/Ranks will never spawn a yellow ball.

    Nothing is "necessary" in this game. Having certain stuff will just make your life easier, although at endgame some players might make it a requirement before they allow you to join their party, since it makes a dungeon run a lot faster.


  • what's the skill rotation for erwin?

    There isn't a fixed rotation for any class in this game since it's up to you whether you wanna use the 3-step combo system. I could take screenshots of my own skill setups and explain the decision behind them as well, but it most likely won't work for you if you don't play Erwin the same way as I do.


  • Thank you so much for the builds. I have one question though. Is there by chance I could bug you what you use to chain the skills or what you would recommend of Stella?

  • Thank you so much for the builds. I have one question though. Is there by chance I could bug you what you use to chain the skills or what you would recommend of Stella?

    Similar to what I told -H2O above, there aren't really any recommended chain. Sure there might be some that's probably better than others, but then again that's just my opinion and there will be people who disagree. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference (AKA how you want to play) when deciding on skill chains.

    As an example, I run a 2 skill cooldown build, meaning I only place 2 skills in a single chain to immediately activate the 3rd-step cooldown bonus for the 2nd skill while skipping the 2nd-step bonus. Something like Trouble Pass > Trouble Pass > Best Tempo.