Iron Castle guide

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    Q: This guide is too long for me, give me a TL;DR.

    A: I'll divide it into 5 points. If even this is TL;DR for you, tough luck.

    1. Group up mobs together to kill them quickly. Cooperate with party members so that you clear the dungeon faster. Don't be a brainless child who doesn't know how to group up mobs and pushes them away in the wrong directions - this will waste time for everyone and make people less likely to pick you for more runs. Nobody likes to waste more time than they have to.

    2. Make sure to attack the Blue Wolf miniboss from the front, so he backsteps into the purple lasers, otherwise he'll jump around the whole map and you'll be wasting everyone's time. Same strategy for the Black Wolf miniboss.

    3. Drag the scorpion minibosses near the computer and kill all 3 at the same time. Preferably use ultimate skills to prevent yourself from being charmed.

    4. In the area before boss, try to kill the ghost minibosses while they are near the core. If you kill the core and the ghosts are still alive, it's usually better to drag them near the exit portal to prevent them from teleporting all around the map. Doing so is usually faster than chasing around the whole map.

    5. At the boss, make sure to stay in one of the 6 safe spots when the bombarding happens (two spots in the middle, two on the left, two on the right). At the bottom of this guide there will be a picture showing where the safe spots are. There are total of 4 bombardment rounds during the fight. If you burn the boss quickly, be prepared for multiple bombardments in a row. You will still get hit by the bombardment even if you dodge or use ultimate skill during it. You have to stay in the safe spot, otherwise you'll most likely kick the bucket. Alternatively you can activate a lever that will create a safe zone for a short time, although it usually leads to a lot of wasted time.

    Q: How to speed up the drill?

    A: You can't.

    Q: How not to fall asleep during the drill escort?

    A: Impossible.

    Q: I keep dying on boss!

    A: Scroll down and look at the picture. Stand in one of the 6 green zones to avoid the bombs.

    How to access Iron Castle

    Iron Castle is the 4th casual raid dungeon, located on the right part of Ruin Fortress. To access it, you must finish the previous 3 casual raids and proceed with the chain of raid quests. The quest to unlock portal to Iron Castle is given by Martin in Ruin Fortress (he will give you this quest as long as you completed all previous raid quests). This dungeon is pretty easy, but you'll have to learn how to do the boss, otherwise you'll just keep wasting revives. It's not hard once you know what to do. Apart from that, make sure to follow the advice below to clear the dungeon as fast as possible. It's long enough already as it is, and making it even longer by playing like a headless chicken is not appreciated by anyone in your party.

    Recommended Gear/AR Cards

    The dungeon is easy enough that you can clear it even with level 45 blue gear. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need Steel Grave MK II or MK III gear for this dungeon. You should pick up gear that has HP bonuses, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Attack, Attack Speed. It doesn't matter if it's level 45-55 blue gear or level 35-55 yellow gear. As long as it has some of the good stats mentioned above, you'll be perfectly fine.

    For AR Cards, pick up Deus Ex Machina/Junk Knight/Arachnis to deal AoE Damage. Other good cards are the standard ones: Glutton Army, Rita, Big Puppet, and other AR Cards that give you more damage capabilities.


    This dungeon, similar to all other casual raids, drops:

    - Tritanium/Irregular Stones/Common Materials (used to craft Raid gear)

    - Blueprints to craft Raid gear

    - Raid Accessories (which come in 2 different sets)

    - BP (Booker Points) - you get more BP with better dungeon rank

    - Elemental shards (only in Elemental Mode, which will be available in the future update)

    - Tickets to enter Golden Citadel (not guaranteed - we might start off with an update that removes GC ticket altogether, so you won't need any ticket to enter Golden Citadel)

    First area

    In the first area, you'll have to escort the drill until it breaks all 4 walls. Enemies will try to attack the drill, so make sure it doesn't get hit too many times. If the drill's HP falls down too low, it will move even slower than it usually does. If the drill's HP falls down to 0, you will fail the dungeon and be teleported out. Apart from mobs, you'll also have to take care of stationary traps that will activate on proximity and will deal continuous damage to you and the drill. You can either kill those traps, or walk near them to activate them and wait a couple seconds until they die on their own.

    To start the dungeon, activate the switch on the left and grab a cup of coffee as you'll be witnessing the slowest drill in the world. I honestly don't know who among the developers of this game thought this dungeon would be an enjoyable experience. It takes over 5 minutes for the drill to break all 4 walls and it can't be speeded up no matter how geared or experienced you are. You can imagine how boring that is, especially if you can kill the mobs quickly and end up standing around for minutes waiting for the forsaken drill to finish its business. Enough of my rambling.

    The first area is separated into 4 sections (excluding the starting section). In each section, mobs spawn in the same locations every run. Some mobs spawn after a certain time has passed, while other mobs spawn after defeating the previous waves of mobs. By doing this dungeon over and over, you'll hopefully memorize the spawn locations and be able to find optimal timing to use AR Cards (such as God Hand or Deus Knight) to kill the mobs quickly and efficiently. Make sure to group up mobs whenever possible, so that party members can use their AoE skills to kill stuff quickly. It's very annoying if everyone acts separately and doesn't group up mobs together, as it wastes time and defeats the principles of teamwork. Especially make sure to group up 2 spider minibosses to kill them quickly.

    Second area

    In the second area, you'll see blue lasers which will paralyze you on contact. Sometimes you'll get the visual glitch which makes the lasers invisible. Tough luck if you do. The exit is blocked off by purple lasers. Those will not paralyze you.

    The first wave of enemies is in the middle of the room. The second wave will spawn 20 seconds after you enter the room. Upon killing the 1st and 2nd wave, a red miniboss will spawn in the middle of the purple lasers, along with mobs in the center of the room. Killing them all will spawn a blue miniboss on the left of the purple lasers and a black miniboss on the right of the purple lasers, along with mobs in the center of the room.

    The blue miniboss loves to backstep all the time, which makes killing him incredibly slow if you let him run around the map. Make sure you're attacking him right in the face when he spawns, so that he backsteps into the purple lasers. If you keep doing that, he will stay in one place and you'll be able to kill him quickly. Make sure to inform your team members NOT to attack the blue wolf from the side, as he'll turn around and jump backwards in the wrong direction, causing a lot of headaches and wasted time.

    The black miniboss can also backstep, but significatly less often than the blue one. Use the same tactics to prevent him from jumping around too much. After killing them all, another wave of mobs will spawn in the middle of the room.

    Third area

    In the elevator, you'll have to activate the green switches to make the enemies spawn. After killing each wave, activate the next switch to proceed.

    Fourth area

    In this room, you'll have to kill two scorpion minibosses and the main unit in the middle. You'll also have to dodge lasers that spawn all around the map. Scorpions will fire pink AoEs that will charm you and make you run uncontrollably for a few seconds, which can get you killed if you run into a laser. Try to drag the scorpions near the main unit, so that you can use your AoEs to kill everything in one shot. If you take too long, mini scorpions will spawn and you'll have to kill them as well, which obviously wastes time.

    Fifth area

    Activate the computer in the back first, then run to the middle where a Core has spawned. You'll also have to kill two ghost minibosses. Lasers will spawn all around the map. You might experience a visual glitch which will make them invisible.

    The key here is to drag the ghosts near the core to kill them all with AoEs. If you kill the core but the ghosts are still alive, and their HP is still high, then you should run towards the exit portal and fight the ghosts there. That's because after some time, the ghosts will start to randomly teleport around the map. They can teleport over 50 meters away from you, which really wastes a lot of time. To prevent that, fight them near the exit portal, with their backs against the wall. This will greatly reduce the chances of them teleporting away from you, and will make killing them much quicker and consistent.

    Boss area

    You'll have to learn the mechanics behind this boss fight, otherwise you'll waste a lot of revive items. In this boss fight, there are 3 robots, but you only have to kill the middle purple robot. Ignore the other 2 robots. You'll probably kill them off by accident when using AoEs on the main boss. His attack patterns are the same as the robot you fought in Control Base Episode 4. He can paralyze you or waste your time by sliding around the map and shooting projectiles.

    At certain HP thresholds, he will launch a whole-map AoE attack that you cannot iframe with dodge and cannot iframe with ultimate attack. You'll have to stand in one of the 6 safe spots around the map to avoid taking damage from the bombardment attack. There are 2 safe spots along the middle of the room, as well as 2 safe spots near the left wall and 2 safe spots near the right wall. You can easily tell where the safe spots are by looking at the red AoE circles around the map. Find spots where the circles don't overlap and stay there until the bombardment stops. I've attached a picture which shows you in green color where to find a safe spot.

    When the boss' HP reaches x22, x16, x11 and x5 HP bars, you'll see a message on the screen informing you about a bombardment taking place. A few seconds after this message, red circles will appear on the map. Find a safe spot where the circles don't overlap and stay there. A few seconds later, the circles will disappear. Don't move yet. If you do, you'll most likely die. A few seconds after the circles disappear, the screen will go dark as the bombardment begins. Two seconds later, the bombs will explode in 3 waves. Their damage is percentage-based and you'll die after taking 2-3 hits of the bombardment.

    Once you see the message about a bombardment, you have 14-15 seconds until the bombs explode. You should keep dealing damage to the boss for the next 10 seconds or so, then hide in one of the 6 safe spots. Stay there until the bombardment finishes. Alternatively, you can also try to activate the device that will create a safe zone for a few seconds. I don't advise using it though, as it usually ends up wasting time.

    Keep in mind that if your DPS is high and you burn the boss quickly, you will get a message about the next bombardment before the previous one finishes. This means you'll have to avoid two or more bombardments in a row. The total number of bombardments that will happen is always 4. Even if you burn the boss super quickly, you'll still have to avoid all 4 of those bombardments. The only difference being, the time intervals between each bombardment will be shorter. You can still get hit by the bombardment even after boss dies, so make sure not to celebrate too early and stay in a safe spot until the run is over.

    Green zones = safe zones.

    Please be aware that the areas I marked in green WON'T be green on your screen during the boss!

    Pay attention to the red outlines of the circles to figure out where to stand!


  • only part that bothers me is the "being able to clear with blue gears".
    unless you're referring to pre-buff of casual raids, I'm pretty sure it's required to at least have Aurite gears/shion accs + mega brooches, at least from my experience.


  • Here's my reasoning to why I recommend getting blue gears for casual raids. It applies to both pre-buff and buffed casuals.

    Blue gears with good rolls are better than unique gears with bad rolls. We won't have Aurite gear at the beginning, and crafting a unique Shion set will be very expensive as the blueprints drop rate is so small. Crafting multiple of MK II/III gear if your first set had absolute garbage stats is not worth it either. Spending tons of Tritanium on Raid unique gear is a waste of money as well.

    As it's much easier/cheaper to get blue gears with good rolls, that's the reason why I recommend it. I don't really recommend people to invest in crafting multiple of unique gears (MK II/III, Shion, Raid gear, etc.) just to be able to do casual raids, as it'll get replaced by Aurite shortly afterwards in the next update.

    Only drawback would be smaller defense and smaller base attack, but it's outweighted by having HP rolls on armor and better offensive rolls on all gear. Blue gear with good rolls is cheap and easy to get, as it drops often especially since people will be farming Arkship often.

  • Ahh I see, I get more where you come from.. also, where did you get the info about we are getting raids and such? @@ I haven't seen anything about those so.

    I do think the ppl will be more leaded towards crafting Grave Guard sets tho since it's required for Aurite later anyways.


  • Crafting one set of Mk III is perfectly alright, but it's not worth using for casual raids if the stats are worse than cheap blue gear you can buy from market. It's better to keep the Mk III set with bad stats in bank waiting to be upgraded to Aurite later on and use other gear to farm casuals in the meantime.

    As for the raids order... It's not confirmed anywhere, but it's the only logical way they'll do it. First only casual raids, then add GC later on, then add Primal. It was like that for both KR/TW servers, and we'll most likely follow the same update order as KR/TW did. Which means GC in about 2-3 months from OBT, and Primal in about 5-6 months from OBT.

    It's all speculation, of course. But I'm fairly confident it'll play out like that.