Which Character will be your main? [Poll]

  • Which character are you planning to main? 282

    1. Haru Estia (69) 24%
    2. Erwin Arclight (42) 15%
    3. Lily Bloomerchen (52) 18%
    4. Stella Unibell (56) 20%
    5. Jin Seipatsu (24) 9%
    6. Iris Yuma (39) 14%

    Just out of curiosity, I was wondering what characters everyone was planning on playing, as well as which ones are the most popular/ least popular. Or if people are waiting for a character that hasn't come out yet. Honestly I think that Haru, Lily, and Stella seem about the same while Erwin is definitely the least favorite xD Anyways at least this will give an idea of class popularity.


    ✿ Stella ✿ Tenebris [NA] ✿

  • Real talk, Stella is so fitting for me

    - I love tiny cute things

    - I love healing in MMOs

    - I love summoner-style combat

    - I love ranged/magic classes

    - Lavender is my favorite color (even though she's not lavender I don't care)

    - Her 44 skill lets her finally have a concert

  • Ouh maybe I was wrong, Stella already is 55% of votes XD

    But same, I wanted to be a healer and Stella is the closest thing to it in SW


    ✿ Stella ✿ Tenebris [NA] ✿

  • For me its both Erwin and Jin I cant really decide between the two of them. I like Erwin because I always had a thing for dual wielding gunners lol. Jin interests me because who wouldnt enjoy just beating everything with their bare hands?


  • I actually didn't know Stella was a support at the beggining, I just saw a cute loli with a guitar and it was enough to me, the support part was a bonus. If I would have to go in details about why I'm maining Stella will be pretty similar as Alzii's reasons:

    ~ I love tiny cute things

    ~ I enjoy the support gameplay

    ~ I like magic/ranged classes

    ~ Her ultimate lets her finally have a concert

    ~ I'm enjoying her personality

    ~ She's a loli beating up monsters with a guitar


    Ara is love, Ara is life~


  • She also screwed up our last world and brought us here!