what kind of Ar cards/akashi skills should lilly be using ?

  • So i recently have managed to get quite some ar cards; a lot of direct hit ones/some indirect ones etc.

    but what ar skills should lilly be getting ?
    Passive ones that give extra %crit onhit
    Active summons that tank for you or maybe an attack summon?

    please show me the way ~

  • To all Lilly main I advise getting Eye Roller because he helps out with the squishiness a lot (imo) when in Steel Graves. Pair summoning the eye with your Angel of Death: Absorb and usually you can heal 10k+ HP back, plus he summons pretty fast so its basically like having an ultra HP pot.

    I know Big Plastica is recommended for all classes, we benefit a lot from it paired with Diephoon.

    Initially I used a lot of SF giving passives (Ava +50% SF every minute), but now my setup is 1 SF passive (ava), 1 stamina passive (meggidon's rage shiny), and 1 hp passive (nether collector, 10% hp back on trauma). This helps with my survival.

    I would advise since Lilly's skills do a lot of hits that passives that give stats based on "direct hit" to be used.

    Disclaimer: I'm built towards Steel Graves and soloing manic content because I don't like people messing with my grouping and my Lilly is really there to just give money to my Erwin >.>


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  • Big Puppet is BiS, but good luck pulling one from an Akasha Transmitter--it's the only way to get it.

    She's fairly versatile with cards, and many people are split between using a lot of actives and a lot of passives.

    Personally, I'm going a double Shade route, Dark Gauntlet (I can't remember its card name), the Life Stealer card (also can't remember the name) from Candus City, and I'm considering picking up Cynthia.

    Eventually, I'll use different cards. Snake (Viperess?) is recommended, as is the card from Blue Baton, but I have no experience with either.

    Eninya, NA

  • I have a Lily friend that has Big Puppet but they haven't been online in like 4 days /tears

    The Blue Baton gives a stun box (Marinated Marios). I used it for a while but eventually took it out from my cards because the cast time is too annoying for a stun while Lilly staggers things a lot anyway. It's really good if you feel yourself being too squishy though!

    Viperess Call is a bit better so I kept it for a while as well when I was finishing up Grace City, but both these cards cast a bit in front of u (approx the range that your Terror Chain is at) so they don't really help much unless you spend stamina or you are kiting in the first place imo.

    I'm leaning towards the passive route even though I have good luck getting actives from transmitter because card cast time rn, but that might change


  • shade, gauntilus, megiddon. aaron is okay if you're on a budget and want cheap filler.

    i got rita today and she's downright hilarious with lilly's crit-focus. just str8 melts bosses.

  • Shade is essentially all you would need crit wise. 20% crit, 20% chance to proc, 4.5 seconds on a 10 second cd? 55% up time says hello, I'm suddenly broken.

    You'd get Big Plastica (at level 2? iirc) for it's active, the golden ball gives you 0 cd for 5 seconds on all your skills, which makes your burst damage quite literally unparalleled. 4 - 5 diephoons, and using carnage after the last one goes on cd, and your damage goes through the roof? Yes please.

    Stamina restoration dude if you need it, Meggidons Rage mk2 or something.

    (Not released) Catherine for 17% boss damage

    (Not released I think) Shion/Suzie for 900 crit damage.

    Basically, Shade and Big Plastica (If you get it) on release are bis.. If you get Catherine and Shion, they're BiS essentially. You can test your RNG a bit more if you wanna get the Lucy card, 2100 crit damage for 7 seconds on a 10% probability of using a skill, if that's out. Otherwise, for the last 3 (1) cards, do whatever the heck you want. I'd personally do meggidon's for the last one, just so I can dodge out of die-phoon to spam more die-phoons or apply the carnage 70% defense pen bonus faster for more damage.

  • shade, gauntilus, megiddon. aaron is okay if you're on a budget and want cheap filler.

    i got rita today and she's downright hilarious with lilly's crit-focus. just str8 melts bosses.

    Which one is Rita? I can't remember. :(

    :o Where do you get Shade from?

    Candus City, Concrete Jungle - Episode 2 -- The item is Martial Arts Explained. (The card is called 'Brock' in the database.)

    Eninya, NA

  • Rita is the one that drops coins in an aoe

  • https://prnt.sc/ipk02g

    The only cards any character will ever need. I personally don't like Plastica more than this one. And mine is also hidden T3.

    Certainly feels like people overrate Plastica.

    Just curious, but wouldn't Chaser be better than the Tefon(?) for SF regen? Think it has a higher chance at proc'ing for more and no cooldown?

  • Chaser has a 30 second cooldown and is reliant on crits, Grand Taifon has a scaling cooldown (20s at hidden level 2, 15s at hidden level 3) and can be procced off any hit.