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  • Hello there i take this moment to put here my fanfic i made some month ago. Hope you will like it ! (well is still short)

    PS : They may have some Grammar problem but as long you can ''understand'' i guess is fine ?

    Tengoku note

    Chapter 1 : Prologue

    I don’t know how the world is now… Despite of that, I’m still doing my daily work as the hotel assistant. The Pay is good, no need to worry much about it… My name is Falko, yeah i know, it’s a weird name but you know it doesn’t actually matter much right ? But before you ask, i’m Japanese. I don’t even know much about my past. I was really young at that time. My home is not so far from where i work.

    Chief : You did a good job like usual. I may probably need you as Normal Hotel worker soon. Here’s your pay for today work.

    Falko : Thank you for this. I have a long way to go.

    After that, Falko walks to his apartment. Nothing much really happened during the following week. He got paid… He got promoted and that’s it.

    -------------------------Next Days--------------------------

    Falko : Yes ! See all of you next time !

    I walk to my home, happy as usual. Once I arrived near the apartment, I saw some Knights in front of it… I don’t know what was going on but! I approach them secretly… Hiding in a bush, i waited for the right moment to enter... The good thing is I didn’t need to wait that long, someone just got out of the house and seems to be with them. The outfit is pretty the same as them… Well not actually the same but the difference is the Knight Armor and all.

    Girl : Well.. it seems this men is not at his apartment right now.

    Knight : What you wanna do then Miss Latisha ?

    Latisha : We will try to come there next time and hope he’s here.

    Knight : But, we don’t have much time right ?

    Latisha : I know that…. *thinking* You know that if he had a Job ?

    Knight : Not that i know about it.

    Latisha : Great… Just great… If that’s the case, let’s wait a bit more longer tomorrow.

    Knight : But to wait in front of his apartment,I think he will not come. More like, he will rather think that we are suspicious.

    Latisha : And why ? That is because us knight is feared by everyone despite that we just doing our work ?

    Knight : Either that or either we’re not popular enough.

    I’m still in the bush but i can hear all of these word pretty fine… Somehow, i want to salute them but if i do that… My daily days may end…

  • Chapter 2 : Just starting

    Falko : So… What to do? Hmmm hard choice i know right ! Bah… I just let the wind guide me then. They already left for today anyway…

    Falko is returning to his apartment and taking a good rest for the rest of the day. Meanwhile in the castle of the country…

    King : Have you found him ?

    Latisha : Not yet your majesty. We are still searching for him.

    King : I see… Try to find him as fast as you can. During This week if possible.

    Latisha : Yes sire! *she stand up and walk away*

    Elite Knight : Your majesty, are you sure this guy will help us, with this kind of mess ?

    King : We don’t know unless we try, no?

    The Elite Knight is now looking away in the sky

    Elite Knight : I hope so…

    Let’s see what Latisha is doing now… Just by looking, she actually tired, I wonder why ?

    Latisha : Damn… If only we can have him with us right now … I’m tired of searching everywhere… It’s almost a week and we have been searching for him… *thinking* Speaking about it… Why i am so in need to find him ? Not like it was that important… This guys must be a pervert like all others…

    Meanwhile in Falko apartment…

    Falko : Raaahhhhh ! This is not going to work ! What do i do if they come back ? *sigh* … I need to find a way to calm myself…

    Falko is lying on his bed

    Falko : Let’s see.... I may have some books about the king of this country… They didn’t destroy my door… Oh well… Will see what happens next day... That’s it ! Right now, i just need a good sleep.

  • I don't mean to break your post with mine in the middle but I just want to say I've been enjoying reading this.

    I can't wait to see what happens next

  • I don't mean to break your post with mine in the middle but I just want to say I've been enjoying reading this.

    I can't wait to see what happens next

    same didn't really want to cut the post.

    it's quite enjoyable :)

  • Chapter 3 : Moment of truth

    Falko was still sleeping… The night sky is dark covering the city in darkness with only the light of lanterns illuminating part of the area.

    Unknown : You sure? That you want to do it now ?

    Unknown 2 : Yeah, we don’t have much time until the Knights find him… We must finish our mission before they catch him…

    Unknown : What do you wanna do then ? Entering by force ? That would be alerting everyone…

    Unknown 2 : Do you know how to unlock a door ?

    Unknown : Nop…

    The masked men smiles at him… Nothing much to say… The answers was clear. They walk towards the door and crush it. Falko wakes up suddenly.

    Falko : What is that sound ?

    Falko Moves silently toward the sound… Good thing the manor is dark so he cannot be found easily… He also knew every part of the manor by heart. The more he approach toward the sound the more he is trembling although… he can hear some voice…

    Unknown 2 : He’s most likely to be in his room,so go try and find him. I will look at this side. You look on the other side.

    Unknown : Alright…

    Falko : Intruder ? Threat? I guess I’m not safe anymore in this house… I must try to get out of here…

    Falko moves silently toward the main door… he saw the figure of someone approaching slowly… The first thing he could think of is to hide somewhere until he passes by. It was a success the strange men was looking around but didn’t see him.

    Falko : Good thing he doesn’t know any hiding spot in this house… Alright, time to move to the main door !

    Falko arrives at the main door pretty easily because the other masked man was looking on the other side of the manor… but… Suddenly someone appears before him. He got frighten for a moment but step back.

    Unknown 2 : I was right to stay here… The sound of the door was too… well you know…

    Falko : Who are you ?

    Unknown 2 : You don’t need to know because you will die here.

    Falko doesn’t know what do… he was thinking about how to escape from the strange man as he assaults without mercy, as Falko dodges the blow.

    Falko : If i’m going to die here, i want at least see how you look like !

    Falko is running as fast as he can while grabbing an unlit torch from the wall holding the torch, he lit the torch with another torch that was already lit, then set the carpet on fire… He tries to look for the man but can’t see him… he looks below him and saw the shadow of the man… Then dodges to the left. The strange man crushes the ground where Falko was a moment ago.

    Unknown 2 : Your really not bad at dodging, but this ends here.

    Falko : And why ?

    Falko gets grab by the second strange man from behind.

    Unknown : Because you forgot about me probably ?

    Falko : ughhh….

    Falko in his mind : Is this the end ? I don’t know actually… If only I have accepted to follow the knight this afternoon… I’ll probably be not like this right now…

  • Chapter 4 : Danger

    Falko was about to see his death coming… Some people of the Manor are also waking up with the smell of smoke and getting out of their room. These people sees Falko captured by the Masked Man.

    Citizen : What is the meaning of this ?!

    Unknown : Damn we’re too slow !

    Both Masked Man was looking to the citizen of the Manor. Falko without any hesitation, says something…

    Falko : NOW !

    Falko hit the man that was grabbing him, jumps behind and pushes the masked man away.

    Unknown : You damn Bastard !

    Falko is trying to think about something… At First, he need to get out of the Manor, because the more time he’s in the Manor the more he cannot breath. While he is still thinking, some citizen is throwing drink, glasses and books on those masked men..

    Citizen : Get out of the Manor now ! And clean the mess you did ! We don’t care about death, try come to us !

    Falko in his mind : Ho man… you will be dead at the next second if you continue… Wait… I can run to the main door and open it at this point !

    With the distraction, Falko is running to the main door then opens it calmly...

    Unknown : You really want to die don’t you ?!

    Unknown 2 : We don’t need more blood in our hands, our objective is to kill the guys right h…

    Falko : It’s me you want right ?

    The Masked man look at him as he was at the main door ready to run.

    Unknown : You damn bastard !

    Falko in his mind : At least i can run from here now…

    Unknown 2 : Hey ! Stop moving or i kill this citizen !

    Falko hear the voice… Literally stop moving and turn back he saw the masked man holding a Young Girl.

    Falko : How could you ?!

    Unknown 2 : It was not my intention… But you give me no choice. Although it was a good choice of you to get out of here… The Fire you did is already spreading through all the ground of the Manor.

    Falko : Wait… Where the other ?!

    Unknown 2 : The other ? Oh you mean other Citizen ? Still inside I guess ? The Manor will soon collapse so I suggest you to give up.

    Falko :

    Falko realised that he cannot do anything anymore… He was at the mercy of the criminal… At best he can do was trying but one wrong move the citizen is killed.

    Strange Girl Voice : Enough of this !

    Falko : huh ?

    Unknown 2 : Who is here ?!

    The unknown person coming to the masked man in a flash then hit him… The masked man was pushed away and the citizen was taking near Falko although, the Manor has collapse because of the strong wind that suddenly blew by it.

    Strange Girl Voice : oops I guess i got a bit too far hehe.

    Falko : But the citizen as still inside !

    Strange Girl Voice : Oh, Don’t worry about it we saved them before doing the action.

    Falko : heh ?

    Guard : Miss Latisha, we’re done here !

    Falko look to the way where the man is talking and can see all of the Citizen from the Manor Safe. He was relieved, but now they still have these masked man to deal with…

    Unknown : Well it seems our mission has failed.

    Unknown 2 : Should we retreat ? *He stand up*

    Unknown : Yes, let’s retreat for now…

    Latisha : No no No ! You won’t get away !

    Unknown : Too late !

    Latisha is rushing to them but they disappear in front of her.

    Falko : Damn… We don’t even know who they are… *look angry*

    Latisha : Don’t worry about it, they will come back again for you.

    Falko : Well thanks for the help… but… How you know i was in danger though?

    Latisha : Let’s just say i have some spies around the city *winks* What you gonna do now anyway ? You don’t have any place to stay any longer.

    Falko : Well…. Ahhhh… I guess since the beginning you knew i was here yesterday.

    Latisha : Yep ! I was trying to… See if you can at least manage this by yourself.

    Falko : I guess i failed ? Anyway… Let’s not just stay here. The citizen of the Manor need to find a new place as well…

    Guard : We can manage it. Just need to find what we need to do for you.

    Falko : hmmmm… Hey, since you know that i was here yesterday. Looking at you, i guess it's the good time to see the king and check what he wants about me ?

    Latisha : *surprised* well, i suppose you can at least see what he wants. After what come next is your choice.

  • Sorry for the long term of waiting. But as you know, Since Soul Worker is now out i don't actually put much time into the Novel (Don't worry, i still working on it !)

    Hope that if those still reading this Thread you will enjoy the Next Chapter soon !


  • Sorry for the long wait ! Here the next Chapter !

    Chapter 5 : Something

    I speak with Latisha to see what i can do right now, definitely for sure i can’t stay anymore at this place… But the good thing at least the people inside will also have a new home. I hope the guard will find it fast because it is still night time. As for myself, i will be going to the castle with Latisha and see what the King want about me. We walk calmly with nothing much to say. Sometimes our eyes intersect. I wonder what is she thinking about. She seems perfectly a normal girl to me.

    The road was not long, we arrive at the castle a little later. On entering, I realize how the entrance was large, I did not even believe my eyes. I was so amazed by the beauty that I did not even hear the people calling to me.

    Latisha: You're back on earth again. I wonder what you thought.

    Falko: Not much ... I was just looking at how beautiful the castle was, but let's not waste time, let's go see the king.

    Latisha nods in agreement and we leave to see him. Opening the big door, we approach quietly towards the king on the throne. The royal guard stared at us whispering words to each other, although, I know that they are talking about me. We have arrive near the king before the stair climbing. I stop and wait for the king response. it was short, the king turns, stare at me and takes a deep breath.

    King: Welcome my young friend. It's finally an honor to meet you.

    Falko: The pleasure is mine your highness. *Bows*

    King: The formalities are not necessary. You can get up.

    Falko: I heard from this young lady that you wanted to see me. Can I know why?

    King: Are you the direct kin of hum? Well in this case, i will tell you everything. Do you know the legends that are told everywhere?

    Falko: Hmm ... There is alot of legend that I don't really know specifically.

    King: Do you know that all the people in the worlds all have their power buried in their hearts?

    Falko: I heard about it, yes. I even saw the demonstration of Miss Latisha.

    King : With what you saw. Would you like to check what is your former power? Since you do not really know who you are.

    Falko: I'm not going to say that i'm not curious to know it. But, if there is a way to do that, I'll be grateful to know more about myself , I want to know who I am, except that I do not know where I come from because I do not remember much of my past.

    King: Well, on that, we will be taking you to the specific place for that. We leave right away. It's not far. It is inside the castle. After that, I will have another question to ask you.

    Falko nods.

    King: Latisha. Would it be possible to accompany this young man to the Room of Trial ?

    Latisha: Very Well...

    Latisha looks at me and I thought on the other hand her look is more different from before, more mysterious and not easy to understand. I might know more about her one days or another, but for the moment I walk with her to the test room. As usual during our walk, I look around the decoration of the castle. It's quite strange to feel like you're here, It's rare to have outsider come to the castle. Besides, during my thoughts, I walk into without realizing on Latisha.

    Falko: Oh Damn, forgive me!

    Latisha: We have arrived.

    Falko: Hm?

    I look in front of me. The only thing I see is a big door with a mysterious Emblem ... I do not remember what this Emblem mean but by dint of looking, I feel my heart filled with pain in all directions. Latisha looks at me ... She does not seem to be surprised.

    Latisha: I wonder if you're the person everyone trusted in the past ...

    Falko: Hm?

    Latisha: No, it's nothing. Touch the door with your hand when you're ready and it will open for you.

    I clearly hear what Latisha spoke of course but for the moment, I am waiting for the pain on my heart to dissipate.

  • Chapter 6 : The True Power

    I am here, sitting on the ground waiting my pain to stop… It really hurt… I wonder that if the pain hurts a lot, it meant i have a good power inside of me… Nothing is really sure… The pain has now disappeared, as i stand up and open the door, enter and the door shuts by itself. In front of me i can’t see anything, the fog was too dense but i still walk forward… I wonder if they would have set some trap… It is a Room of Trial after all !

    The Fog disappeared by itself and i can see some weird Emblem on the wall, it’s the same emblem i saw on the door. They didn't have any Trap during my travel and i can see in front of me an mysterious Monolith… I Walk calmly to it and look…

    Falko : This Monolith sure is strange…

    I look a it more carefully and somehow, i wanted to touch it. The moment i touched, a mysterious Aura is enveloping my hand… By reflexion, i release my hand and the Aura disappeared.

    Falko : Hmmm… I didn’t feel(sense) anything dangerous coming from this Aura… I guess, better give it a try and see.

    I touched once more with all my hand and wait until something came, the aura began to enveloping my hand. The feeling of that is not really that bad and is actually relaxing. The Aura began to be like a circle, i release my hand from the monolith and the aura still continue enveloping it… Guess he got used to it… Looking to my hand i hear a sound at side of me, it was a kind of holographic screen and the king appear from it.

    King : I see the Stone is used to you now.

    Falko : Yes… But, i don’t know what it mean. I don’t actually feel anything new.

    The King laugh by my comment.

    King : You will see soon enough.

    From those words i look back at the Aura. Without noticing, it had traveled around my body but at some moment, the Aura stopped… Like it was entering me. Once the Aura surrounded my Body the feeling of the relaxation disappeared and i can see a kind of glyph on my chest.

    King : Looks like is done. You may now be ready for your test.

    Falko : How do i know i have the power ?

    King : Try to thinking about something you wanna protect.

    Falko : Alright…

    A sound of a Door opened behind the Monolith. I walk to it and enter. Like the previous one, the door shuts by itself. walking while I looked for the next door but this room was a Labyrinth. When i thought i got lost, a Monster appears in front of me.

    Falko : Looks like is the test the king talked about…

    I try to think on something i truly want to protect but nothing comes to my mind … I try to think on something i love but nothing happens either… I try to think on something else but instead the monster is charging against me, good thing i had time to dodge

    Falko : Ah… It won’t be easy.

    Another monster appears and both charge against me. Dodging one was easy but dodging two… Is not like i have an high speed but, I look on my hand and saw i was holding some kind of Sword.

    Falko : Wonder if it can kill them…

    Both Monster are near to me and by reflex, i swing my arms. Both monsters look like paralyzed and they disintegrate the minute that follows …

    Falko : Well ! At least i know i can defend myself with this!

  • Chapter 7 : A time for myself

    As I was a bit surprised that I could be killing them, I look into my hand the sword I was holding.

    Falko: Is not really a normal sword… I can feel it. Now, what was this feeling… The feeling to want to protect…

    I was here, sitting on the wall and waiting for all the answers to my question.

    Falko : Is that really something i need to protect ? Or it is something i want to find ?

    The more i think the more come to my Mother and Father that i never know. I closed my eyes and thinking how they could look like… I was too obsessed by my mind that i see some light even with eyes closed. I open it and my Sword was shining.

    Falko : Could it be…

    I think more to my father and my mother and my sword shine more brightly.

    Falko : Guess i found my answers. Not time to rest. i need to finish this trials otherwise, they think i die inside.

    I am walking toward the exit… I beat every monster that was trying to block me… That was a bit too easy… Maybe these monster was not here to hurt me but more for a little training. I saw the light of a door. Seems to be the exit i wanted to found but…

    Falko : It is… a big monster ?

    i walk toward as the strange thing see me.

    Unknown : Welcome to the exit of the trials. I am the guardian of this door. You shall need to hit me at least once before passing by.

    He does look like a monster but i had some feeling that this monster is not an illusion like those i fighted before arriving here. He was having a Dragon Head but his body looks more Human. As his weapon… it was an Axe.

    Falko : If it’s what need so be it.

    I stand in battle mode waiting him to charge but… nothing happens… Looks like that i to charge myself… That will be my first charge during this trials. I run to him and swing my blade, it got blocked not by his weapon but by his

    arms… Was a bit surprised but i dodged the smash of his weapon with a back-step. I was looking to his arms but it not even have a scratch.

    Unknown : Not bad but not enough. Is that really your true power ?

    I feel useless against this big monster but i need to found a way to hit him… He doesn’t even want to attack me… he more like here, standing and wait. I tried to charge and charge again.

    Unknown : Not enough ! Try more thinking of what you need !

    I got hit for the first time by his big punch and got pushed away.

    Falko : Damn… So it’s how it feel to get hit ? It hurt… Guh !

    Unknown : So what ? Is that all master?

    Falko : Wait… *stand up* Master ?

    Unknown : Oh, i talk a bit too fast… Bah, is not important for now.

    I’m at loss of thought but i cannot stay here forever. If only i could have more power… As i was waiting trying to find an answers my sword was shining but not the same light i saw before.

    Falko : What’s happens… ?!

    I’m looking at my sword and it was actually pointed to my other hand… I look into it and a Flame appear.

    Falko : Hmmm… Maybe if i try that… i could possibly hit him…

    I remain standing like a pole and I walk with my hand along my sword. My sword was absorbing it and i can feel a bit more power go through my body. My sword was transforming to a greatsword… It’s a bit heavy but i can handle it. I try to make a slash with it and the flame from my sword shot to where i was swimming and it was going through of my opponent. It hit him but barely.

    Unknown : Ah ah ! That is what i was looking ! It’s good enough, you may passed the test.

    Falko : I would want to but…. I… think i used… too much… power… *fall*

  • Oh i completly forgot to send also here... Well, here a new chapter !

    Chapter 8 : The life in the castle

    Falko has succeeded with the test trial and got transported into a guest room. Inside of the castle was animated, all people prepared an festival but what kind?

    Latisha : Is everything ready here? Make sure that all is in their right place before he woke up.

    Maid : Leave everything to us !

    Unknown : Hey! *waves hands*

    Latisha look on the direction of the voice and see him waving his hands. She does the same.

    Unknown : Is everything all right?

    Latisha : Yes. What about you?

    Unknown : No trouble outside. Let's hope that nothing disturb this harmony.

    Latisha : Is our guest still sleeping ?

    Unknown : Ah ! He must be tired from what he faced yesterday.

    Latisha : *facepalm* You was gentle with him or not ?

    Unknown : Should be. *thinking* Wanna check if he awake ? If you do, i come as well. Curious about the face he would made.

    Latisha : All right. Let me just get done of these decoration first.

    The preparation for the festival is coming to an end soon. Just some little thing is needed to make but can be done during the festival. That is to make the festival a bit more animated. At the time, Latisha has done with her own preparation.

    Latisha : Tell me... It is really needed to make this festival ?

    Unknown : Is the King that wanted it. We may know about it from his voice soon.

    Latisha : Well... Let's hope then. Wanna go if he awake ?

    Unknow : After you !

    Latisha and his friend walk to the guest room. They salute everyone that came to their direction, they look around and everyone is happy. More or less... Latisha knock on the door of the guest room but no respond. She wait for five minute as she enter in the room. They look on the bed but no one was in...

    Latisha : Where did he go again ?

    Unknown : Getting food maybe ?

    Latisha : Let's wait for him then.

    They wait for some minute as talking to each other. They can hear an door opening. They look on the direction of the sounds.

    Falko : Fuahhhh ! It's refreshing ! Hum ?

    He look to the bed and can see Latisha and the big guy staring at him.

    Latisha : Wawawawa.... you could say you was in bathroom !

    Falko : Whoa Calm down ! Is not like i hear anything when you entered ! The maid say i could get an bath !

    Latisha : B-but !

    Latisha look at him. She can clearly see that Falko was naked. She blush and lost of word

    Latisha : I'm out. Tell me when you're done wearing something !

    She goes to the door furious and close the door.

    Falko : Did i do somethings wrong ?

    Unknown : Hum ? Maybe ?