Experience/Fast Leveling guide

  • Basic rules of leveling fast

    1. Get as many EXP bonuses as you can.

    2. Always try to get the highest dungeon rank (SS). If you're in a party, additionally try to reach the highest position at the end of the dungeon.

    3. Always accept all side quests in town.

    4. If you can, always do the dungeon that has a story quest to complete.

    5. Complete and deliver all side quests that you can do while doing story quests.

    6. Don't backtrack to previous dungeons to finish old side quests if you can proceed forwards with the next story quest.

    7. If you're too low level to enter the dungeon that has the next story quest, then you'll have to consider what's the best next step to take. Usually, this means going into the highest level dungeon on Episode 4 normal mode, killing all mobs, then dying to boss and clicking Forfeit. This is usually the best way to level up until you're able to enter the dungeon with your next story quest.

    Sometimes it might be better to choose a different Episode than Episode 4, if that different Episode has some side quests you can complete without clearing the dungeon and still be able to save FP by dying to boss and clicking forfeit. The experience from finishing those quests might be high enough to make the trip more profitable than doing an Episode 4 and forfeiting to boss.

    There might be some situations where you have a lot of side quests that can only be completed by finishing a dungeon. In some rare cases, the experience from those quests might be high enough that finishing a dungeon would be more profitable, in terms of EXP/FP, than dying at boss.

    In some cases, you might want to complete a certain side quest in order to unlock another side quest for the next dungeon that you'll do once you reach a higher level, if in the end it allows you to get more experience for the FP you spent during the day.

    It all comes down to calculating what gives you the most favorable EXP/FP ratio. Keep a calculator nearby and note down experience you get from each dungeons' mobs and each dungeons' Clear EXP. Also keep an eye on how much EXP each side quest gives. Remember that some side quests can be completed before you finish a dungeon, while other will require a full complete dungeon run. Put all the information together and calculate if it's worth finishing a dungeon, or if it's better to die at the boss and save some FP.

    Basics about experience

    Experience in this game comes from 3 sources:

    1. Killing enemies in dungeons,

    2. Completing a dungeon ("Clear EXP"),

    3. Completing quests (main quests, side quests and repeatable quests).

    It's important to know that your EXP bonuses (from gear, titles, events, etc.) only apply to experience obtained from killing mobs. They do not increase experience gained from completing a dungeon or completing any quests.

    Clear EXP can be increased by getting a better rank at the end of a dungeon. SS rank will give you 100% of the Clear EXP for your dungeon, S rank will give you 70%, A rank will give you 50%. The lower ranks (B, C, F) give you even less, but you won't have to worry about getting them (unless you're absolutely atrocious at dodging mobs and take forever to finish a dungeon).

    Rank at the end of the dungeon is tied with how many points you obtain on the ending screen. To gain more points (and therefore increase your dungeon rank), follow those rules:

    - clear the dungeon as fast as you can (below a certain time you don't get extra points anymore),

    - avoid getting hit (taking a few dozen hits usually means your chances of getting SS rank will be very low),

    - make a lot of high combos,

    - deal more damage than other party members (does not apply if you're playing solo).

    You also get a very small increase in Clear EXP (ranging from +2% to +10%) if you're playing in party. To reach +10% bonus from Clear EXP, you must be in a 4-man party, and you must place 1st among your party members at the ending screen. Lower party size and lower ranking among party members means you get less bonus to your Clear EXP.

    Being in a party also slightly increases experience you get from killing mobs. Each party member gives +2% experience for killing mobs, up to +6% max if you're in a 4-man party.

    You might think it's worth it to level up in a party, considering the small bonuses mentioned above. The answer might be suprising, but it's not always worth it. Due to the fact that there's many people in a party, not everyone will receive the same experience after finishing the dungeon. Not everyone might get SS rank, which will translate into some party members being higher level than others. Also, even if everyone gets SS rank, people will get different Clear EXP bonus due to the fact that people in higher finishing place (1st/2nd/3rd/4th) will get more of Clear EXP bonus than people in lower places.

    You might find yourself not getting SS ranks in a party as often as you would get them by playing solo. This alone outweights all the potential party bonuses to your experience. Also, sooner or later, one person in your party will be too low level to enter a dungeon, while the rest are 1 level higher and could enter said dungeon, which creates a necessity for higher-level party members to repeat doing a previous dungeon, while they wouldn't have had to do that if they played alone.

    Another thing you need to know is that usually, later Episodes of a dungeon have more mobs, therefore you get more experience from the later Episodes. However, those later Episodes also consume more FP. You'll have to note down how much experience you get from each Episode and calculate which Episode gives you the most EXP/FP ratio.

    As for the Difficulty of your dungeon: on higher difficulties, you receive more Clear EXP compared to lower difficulties (assuming you get the same rank at the end of the dungeon). It is, however, difficult to get SS on those higher difficulties due to it taking more time and you getting hit more. If you cannot get SS on a higher difficulty, then you'll get less Clear EXP than if you got SS on normal difficulty.

    However, most of the time the amount of experience from killing mobs is the same on all difficulties, or minimally higher. The biggest difference (5~10% on average, sometimes up to 15%) is generally on Episodes 1 and 2. Episodes 3 and 4 usually have smaller jumps in terms of mob experience across difficulties, so the increased FP cost (usually over 10% more FP) on higher difficulties means it's usually not worth it to do higher difficulties of Episode 3 or 4 dungeons if you're planning on dying at boss. Normal difficulty of Episodes 3 and 4 usually gives better EXP/FP ratio.

    If you're planning on doing full dungeon runs on higher difficulties, then first of all, make sure you're able to get SS rank on the higher difficulty, and secondly calculate the total amount of EXP/FP ratio. Only consider doing a higher difficulty if the ratio is better than on lower difficulty (which most of the time isn't, apart from some situations where you have quests that can only be completed on higher difficulties). If you're planning on doing the suicide method described later on in the guide, then most of the time it's not worth to do it on the higher difficulties, as the experience from mobs is usually the same or only slightly higher, while the FP cost is higher than on lower difficulties, so the EXP/FP ratio is usually better on the lower difficulty.

    Sources of experience bonuses

    You can get many experience bonuses in the game. I'll try to list the most common ones:

    1. Experience bonuses from green stats on your gear - you might be lucky to obtain a piece of gear that has a random stat with experience bonus attached to it. You can find those random stats on:

    a) all 4 pieces of armors

    b) pendant

    c) necklace

    2. Experience bonuses from equipped titles - the best title you can get while leveling is obtained by spending 300k Zenny on equipment repairs. You can either get this title naturally by playing, or you can die over and over to District 6 mobs and keep repairing your equipment. It's boring but doesn't use any FP.

    3. Experience bonuses from using EXP books - you can buy them from Booker TV in District 6 or obtain them from random in-game RNG boxes, from events etc. There's 3 tiers of those books, and you can activate all 3 of them at the same time if you want (their effects will add up).

    4. Experience bonuses from events - those change over time and are server-specific.

    5. Experience bonus from daily District 6 Raid bonus - after District 6 raid is finished, every day everyone on the server receives an experience buff for one hour.

    6. Experience bonuses from special gear and set bonuses - there is one piece of level 16 unique weapon that gives a +10% EXP bonus; you can drop recipe for that weapon in the first Candus City dungeon (very low chance), and you can craft the weapon later at Zenith in any town. There's also one accessory set that gives you a +10% EXP bonus from set effect. Those accessories drop in N-102 dungeon.

    7. Experience bonus from having a high Account Rank - you increase your Account Rank by gaining experience on a character that has reached level 55. Higher Account Rank gives more experience bonuses to characters that still haven't reached level 55.

    8. Experience from random dungeon bonus - some of the dungeons will randomly give you a buff. You can see what kind of buff each dungeon/episode gives by looking on the icons at dungeon select window. The EXP increase is pretty insignificant (5% if I remember correctly) so you shouldn't pay too much attention to it.

    Basics and in-depth analysis of FP (Fatigue Points)

    FP (Fatigue Points) are required to enter dungeons. You get 200 FP per day, and you can get additional +150 FP from using 3x Vitamins that give +50 FP each. Don't use the Vitamins that give you +20 or +30 FP, as you can only use a total of 3 Vitamin-type items per day. If you use, for example, one +20 FP and one +30 FP Vitamin, then you can only use one +50 FP Vitamin for the rest of the day.

    You can get +50 FP Vitamins from S-Coin machines in Grace City, Ruin Fortress and Grasscover Camp. You can also get them randomly by using 3 Bonus Keys at the end of a dungeon, or randomly from in-game RNG boxes. You also get them from daily attendance calendar and in-game events.

    Please be aware that a Vitamin can only restore your FP up to 200, so don't use a Vitamin if you have more than 150 FP.

    There's also a rare Vitamin that restores 100 FP per use. It usually only comes from events. There is no usage limit on that Vitamin.

    There's a few Mat social items in the game that you can use to sit on them in town. Up to 4 additional people (apart from the person who casted the Mat) can sit on it to recover FP. If the owner of the Mat logs out or stands up, the Mat will disappear.

    Mats recover 1 FP per minute, but your FP needs to be lower than 200. Some of the special Mats increase more FP per minute, or let you sit on them longer. All of the Mats are event-only and probably won't be available at launch. so most likely you won't have to worry about them

    If you want to level up as fast as possible, you need to understand how FP system works. Let's say a dungeon requires 14 FP to enter. Half of that value (7 FP) will be consumed upon entering the dungeon. The second half will be consumed when you do any of the following:

    - complete the dungeon,

    - leave the dungeon by pressing escape and selecting the option to leave or close the game

    - forcefully close the game process or unintentionally crash the game.

    There's, however, one scenario when the second half of the FP is not consumed. That's if you die inside the dungeon and while dead, click on the "Forfeit dungeon" button. You will exit the dungeon without consuming the second half of the FP.

    You might ask, what's the point of knowing that? It's a very important point. Let's say that killing mobs in a dungeon gives you 300k EXP, and completing the dungeon gives you additional 200k EXP, and the dungeon requires 14 FP to enter. If you complete the dungeon normally, you would have used 14 FP to gain a total of 500k EXP, which gives about 35.7K EXP per each FP consumed. But, however, if you die to the final boss of the dungeon, then click forfeit, you'll only use 7 FP, but gain about 295k EXP (bosses give a very small amount of EXP, let's just assume it was 5k EXP in our scenario). This means you have obtained about 42k EXP per each FP consumed. That's more than 35.7k EXP per FP if you completed the dungeon normally.

    It's important to always calculate which option would give you the best EXP/FP ratio, as your daily FP are limited and you cannot simply grind all day to reach the level cap super fast. You'll be limited by how much you can play daily, so you should always consider what actions will get you the furthest before you run out of FP.

    This is important in the later levels, where you'll find yourself too low level to continue with the next story quest. This will force you to re-do some of the dungeons you already cleared. And this is where the big min-maxing of EXP per FP comes into play.

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  • Can you also forfeit in a Group Dungeon? And if 3 out of 4 Forfeit, will the 4th one gets the highest rank including all group bonuses?

    You won't get the Clear EXP party bonus if you're the only one that finishes the dungeon. But you'll get exp bonus from killing mobs if they still haven't forfeited.

  • Hi ICE, nice guide. Very well thought out. I just want to add something extra. I'm not like the most knowledgeable person but in current Kr, It's way more advanced than what it was way back. And since we are getting the very beginning of SW, we'll lack somethings compared to the current Kr.

    In current Kr, you get mats that help you recover FP when you afk on it. Some dungeons in Kr have specific buff they grant (increase drop, increase exp, increase dmg etc)

    Also doesn't expert mode of those dung give more exp? or am I mistaken.

    As that unique weapon you mentioned, i doubt they will include that in this version. In the early days, it was just the episode 4 that had an expert mode and those didn't drop uniques. Unique blueprints only started from casual raids, then onward.

    So some of these things might be included in our version but I doubt it. Just decided to put this out there, just in case.


  • We won't be lacking anything substantial or too important, is my best guess.

    Yes, forgot to mention those FP mats, I'll add info about it to the guide. Thanks for reminding me.

    Yup, there's also this random 5% EXP boost for entering a specific dungeon, but it's not high enough to warrant choosing one dungeon over the other. Kinda forgot about it since it's so unimportant.

    Hard and Expert/Maniac mode for dungeons that matter (Ruin Fortress dungeons) give most of the time slightly more (+5~10% on average) experience from killing mobs, but also consume over 10% more FP. This makes them most of the time unprofitable if you're planning to die at boss and only care about experience from killing mobs. Also, I've noticed that usually Episode 1 and Episode 2 have the biggest increase in mob exp across difficulties, but usually you would want to farm Episode 4 on normal mode instead as it gives better mob exp/fp ration (most Episode 4 dungeons don't notice any significant increase from mob exp across difficulties, and about half of them stays exactly the same).

    The biggest difference across difficulties is Clear EXP. But it's only barely profitable (considering increased FP cost) if you can SS those dungeons (usually Episode 4) on higher difficulties, which is difficult to do even for experienced players due to the fact it takes more time and you're bound to take more hits.

    The patch where only Episode 4 had a Hard mode is so old, that we won't be even starting with it. But you might be right that the unique level 16 weapon might not be available at launch. It doesn't matter too much as this weapon is hard to drop and most people won't be lucky enough to get it anyway, and it'll get replaced by a better weapon in another two days or so. It's not that big of a deal to bother with that weapon, unless you get lucky and drop it on your story quest runs.

    I've updated the guide with stuff you brought up, thanks!

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  • Glad to be of help. ;) cheers


  • Thank you very much

    I just gave a quick read for now but I’m sure I’ll come back to this when the game releases

    Great job owo

  • Thanks alot of the guide I was wondering why at level 11 im already stuck grinding to be able to enter the next dungeon.

    Or am I doing something different wrong, cuz 11 seems to be early to have to rerun previous dungeons?

    For example im doing Tower of Greed episode 4 and im getting like 7% xp per clear (i die at boss)

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  • are you running manic? if not, you should be.
    you get more xp having 3 other pple in the party.

    at lv11 you should be using your first unique(gold) weapon from ep4 manic, can farm or buy, pretty cheap on market too.

  • are you running manic? if not, you should be.
    you get more xp having 3 other pple in the party.

    at lv11 you should be using your first unique(gold) weapon from ep4 manic, can farm or buy, pretty cheap on market too.

    The guide says that if you die at the boss it doesnt rly matter if u got normal or manic. Unless that changed?

    But I guess I will try that.

    Also should i just forgo all stats and equip everything that has enemy xp on it? Or will I gimping myself?

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  • Maybe they changed the exp gain in dungeons. When I played KR and JP, I never had the problem of being too low level for next dungeon in Rocco. First time I experienced it was in Candus in the 2nd dungeon. Still, the main rules of getting the most experience out of your runs should be the same. Compare exp gain in different difficulties to see if they changed it as well. In KR/JP, the difference between Normal and Maniac was quite small and it was usually not worth running Maniac as it required 2 more fatigue points than Normal, so you'd most often end up getting less experience per fatigue point if you did Maniac. Test it out in failforge server, maybe they made Maniac more worth it to being ran.

  • I think the guide only applies to the current kr/jp version and not our outdated beta version.

    1. Normal/Hard/Maniac all share same FP cost

    2. Maniac mobs gives around 3x the exp of normal mobs. This means running maniac mode is the only viable way to level if you are stuck at a level.

    3. Clear bonus is almost non existent. The current value is around 10% of the original value. Ruined Fortress dungeons only give me like 50k clear bonus at SS which is really laughable