• Wondering if there’s is some sort of rankings?

    Power level,

    Highest level first,

    Highest pvp level,

    Guild points

    I was just wondering how players are ranked and what ranking systems are there ?


  • Individually speaking your “rank” is determinate by a colored letter next to your name. After reaching level 55 your exp will be transformed into points which will unlock different letters and colors for your rank. Colors (lowest is white, highest is blue) and letters (starting from D and going to A) will change on how much points (exp) you’ll get after you reached the highest level in game.

    If you’re looking for competition instead, there will be a sort of highscore for the fastest clearance in casual raids (last carnival and junk hive).

    Less competitive (or at least that’s what I think) are going to be steel grave timescore and most liked room. That’s all what popped up in my mind right now.

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  • Haru: what does the scouter says about his power level?

    Erwin: ITS OVER 9000 xD

    Sorry but i was forced to write this v.v

  • I have played a few games with rankings, Like BDO and Lineage 2 Rev. Never much cared for them, though getting a high ranking was fun most of the rankings were bought(Lineage 2 Rev) or farmed with bots(BDO).

  • There will be ranking for Arena PvP, there's a PvE ranking for daily D6 raid. In the past there used to be a ranking for fastest dungeon clear times from endgame dungeons, but it was disabled long ago since it was buggy as hell.