Lowkick's Haru Guide/Discussion

  • Hello all, I just wanted to share my information/experiences and look to discuss current endgame with Haru.


    First I would like to start off with Haru's skill tree for the current cap of level 55. This is my build: https://swskillsim.leayal.tk/haru/?lv=55&1=5&2=3&3=5&5=1&6=5&7=5&10=5&11=5&12=5&14=3&18=5&19=5&20=3&21=5&22=2&23=5&1002=5&1001=3&1003=2&1006=2&1005=3&1007=3&1010=1&1009=3&1011=3

    PvP build update:


    Now that Gameforge has released PvP on 3/12, I have adjusted my skill tree a little to add in stun. There are two skills that provide stun, Bladequake and Arena Storm. There were some skills that I maxed out that were still somewhat weak even when maxed, so I removed points from them to get stun for PvP. While I think getting only Bladequake to max with extension looks good on paper, trying to hit opponents with it is another story. If it was an instant move, I'd probably only use that since it has a fairly low cooldown and a 5 second stun. However it is difficult to hit players with that skill, especially if there is lag involved. I reluctantly maxed Arena Storm for the additional stun. While it has a long cooldown, hitting players should be much easier with it since it has a large AoE, whereas Bladequake has a small linear range.



    5/5 + Extension 3/3.

    One of the basic skills, deals good damage, a main staple in everyone's build. The extension increases range/damage/SA break.

    Storm Strider


    The second basic skill Haru has. This doesn't deal a whole lot of damage, but it does do moderate SA break. I mainly use this to dash towards enemies, but it is in my rotation to help deal SA damage when fighting bosses. I never use the extention, so that's just a waste of a point for me. If I ever reset my skills I probably won't be putting any points into this unless there's nothing else to use my points on.

    I changed this to 1/5 since I put the points elsewhere, still 5/5 + Extension 1/1 isn't bad.



    The last of the basic skills for Haru. This is a pretty weak skill even when maxed. The advantage of this skill is the extremely low cooldown which makes it nice to use as the start of a skill combo. I still use this skill as a stand alone when all of my other skills are on CD, before using basic attack.

    2/5, I had 1 point left so I put it into this.



    A very useful buff that allows Haru to regenerate SF of up to 3% per hit when maxed. I would recommend maxing this since I sometimes find myself starved for SF which happens sometimes in parties. I follow up this skill with either rain of blades or wind rupture most of the time.




    I found this skill just "ok" while I was leveling Haru, since I was mostly solo'ing dungeons and you can hit a lot of mobs with this if you line them up. I didn't find this skill particularly useful for my play style, hence the reason I have 0 points in it. This skill may have some merit since it is somewhat a ranged attack but for PvE I just don't need this skill in my rotation. When PvP comes out I might respec and max this for the stun extension.

    0/5, could see some players wanting to use this for the ranged attack benefit though.

    I took this to 5/5 + Extension 3/3 to use the stun in PvP.



    1/5, I removed points from this to get Arena Storm's stun for PvP



    Deals a fair amount of damage and combos well with First Blade.




    A very useful skill that has good utility. It's another gap closer for when Storm Strider is on CD, it has good SA break, decent damage, decent AoE unless you get the extension I got, then it is a very good AoE, and it can also be used to dodge bosses while attacking, instead of just using shift dodge. Prior to me putting points into the extension I missed quite often with the AoE, perhaps because I'm bad, but with the extension I never miss.

    5/5 + Extension 3/3



    An utterly lackluster ability, even when maxed. If they ever change how +% attack damage works in game then I'd definitely consider maxing this, but as of now I find it pretty much useless.

    5/5 + 3/3 Extension for stun



    Has high damage and SA break. Also has some utility since you can use this skill to dodge.




    The DoT effect from the burn is extremely powerful when you stack them all in one spot, a very clear max with max extension.

    5/5 + Extension 3/3



    Haru's kamehameha wave. I have no clue what yields better dps, a 2 charge shot allowing you to start using your other skills, or a 3 charge shot. I mainly use a 2 charge shot, but there are some circumstances where I will charge it to tier 3. One being in steel grave with hordes of mobs. The tier 3 allows you to hit multiple areas. Some other instances are the golem like creatures in Bandit Highway where they jump up and can't be dealt damage when they are at 3.5 bars of HP, and the Matrix sentinel looking creatures in Iron Castle while waiting for them to come to the corner.

    5/5 + 2/2 Extension



    Haru's ultimate skill. No comment needed.



    Best equipment set is the vicarious calling set with the glacial accessories for our current endgame, as they give the best dps stats out of all the other sets. Rookie raids are the only thing we have atm that can be considered endgame. The raids themselves aren't difficult, so having the best dps for fast clear times makes the most sense. Haru having the highest base HP and defense of all four available characters made Haru the most likely candidate for a tank build. The game mechanics, along with lack of aggro skills, makes classes such as a tank non-existent in this game. Still, having higher HP/Def is a good thing for Harus since she is a close distance fighter.

    If you aren't lucky with farming Ark Ship for glacial accessories or are unable to buy them from the market, the deep void accessory set is very solid alternative. The big difference between the two sets, is 5% crit and 10% armor break bonus from the glacial set over the deep void, however you do get 1% boss damage and 50 more crit damage with the deep void set. Raw stats on the glacial set are also slightly higher but depending on your server, the deep void set is a much more affordable option.

    It might be obvious, but I will state it just in case. The most important piece of equipment to focus on, is your weapon, aka the vicarious calling set weapon, Vanguard's Will. Since dps is the current BiS stats, it makes sense to focus on the piece of equipment that gives the most dps. The Vanguard's Will (Blueprint) drops from Ark Ship Episode 4 Manic. The Blockbuster (blueprint) which make Big Hit boots also drop from there. I would also suggest focusing on upgrading your weapon to +7/+8, and farming rookie raids to get mats to make a level 9 soulstone, as those will give you the biggest dps increase.

    As far as stats for equipment goes, crit % and crit damage are the main two I see Harus focus on. I've seen other players also like attack speed for Haru, but from my limited experience with it, I'm not impressed with attack speed. It may be that I haven't stacked enough of it to see what all the fuss is about, but I have gotten to ~140% attack speed with buffs and didn't notice that much of a difference. The third stat I focus on is armor break/penetration which ignores x% of enemy defense. Attack might also be good as a third stat, but you would need most of your equipment to have it for it to make a difference. With a +7 Vanguard's Will, players generally have around 9000 max attack, so adding 300 attack from 2-3 piece of equipment isn't really going to make a noticeable difference. If you get it on all your equipment, then it would be a significant boost.

    For equipment I would prioritize as this, but this is only my preference: Crit Rate > Crit Dmg > Armor Break > Attack > Attack Speed > Super Armor Break

    I also value movement speed, HP +, HP% +, and additional damage: boss.

    Additional damage: basic, reduced damage: boss, and shorter cooldown also seem ok. I'm not sure how often I "miss" to warrant having partial damage as an option.

    Accuracy/Evasion/Defense/Reduced damage: basic all seem pretty worthless atm. +XP isn't terrible since even after reaching level 55 cap you still use exp for ranking.


    As for titles I think there are two really good ones.

    #97 which you get for clearing 1000 districts with S+ ranking and gives you: Attack + 5.40%, Accuracy + 56.40, Kill on HP recovery +39.60, Critical Damage + 774, and Attack Speed + 5%.

    #113 which you get from acquiring 50,000 BP and gives you: Attack + 9%, HP - 4.50%, Damage in District 6 + 5%, Critical Rate + 5%, and Damage on bosses + 5%.

    Here's my stats as of April 4th:



    I'm not a F2P player, but even still, F2P can farm akasha transmitters daily using alts and doing 100% progression clear in Rucco, so there is really no reason on why everyone can't get these cards eventually. Also, when talking about akasha cards assume that I am referring to the tier 3 or max tier version unless otherwise specified. For the 2*+ cards, I have them as the hidden versions since upgrading to tier 3 takes quite a bit of resources and I don't want to level a normal card only to get the hidden version some time down the road and have to then again spend tons of resources leveling that up to replace. I've also rated the cards from 1 star to 5 stars next to their names based on my experiences with them and how useful I think they are. If there is a question mark next to their names, it means I haven't leveled them up to tier 3 and used them. I also won't be going over any akasha cards that regen SF since Haru regens SF on her own just fine, nor cards that deal with only +% attack/def/eva/acc as these are pretty much useless at the present time.

    Note: You can use cards with the same name as long as they are of different star rankings, such as Shade. So for instance, you cannot equip both Shade 2* and Shade 2* (hidden) at the same time nor Shade 2* (tier 1) and Shade 2* (tier2-3), but you can equip Shade 1* and Shade 2* at the same time.

    TLDR: Big Plastica, Rita, Worker Ex Machina, Shade, and Megiddon's Rage MK2 for my top picks.



    Active: Two hands appear and carry out a large area attack, disappearing after. Effect: Paralysis. Cooldown: 1 min 18 sec

    There is only one card that is 1* that I recommend everyone getting, and this is that card. This is such an amazing card. It summons two ginormous hands that blocks the view of everyone nearby while doing some decent AoE damage to mobs. Useful in Ark Ship and I've done ~4 minute runs with a pug group that had multiple players using this card. Is also relevant in the rookie raids. With Haru being mainly a close range fighter, this card strengthens our weakness quite a bit.

    TORU **

    Passive: When using evasion skills you have a 20% chance to regenerate +5% HP. (Cooldown: 15 sec)

    Definitely not a mandatory card. This is mainly for the new players trying to clear steel graves. You can regen your HP while in the midst of fighting or kiting, or at the end/beginning of each phase you can roll around until you regenerate enough HP to continue on. There are some other cards that can replenish your HP, Selene being another good option, but with Toru, there is no cast time/animation lock.

    SHADE ****

    Passive: On a direct hit there's a 10% probability that you gain a +20% crit rate for 3 seconds (cooldown: 15 seconds).

    A good alternative until you get the 2* version. I don't know how stacking 1* and 2* versions work, but you can equip both at the same time.

    TOMMY *

    Passive: Every minute: HP +2%

    When I first started trying to clear steel graves I was looking for cards that could regenerate HP. This one is the bottom of the barrel and is pretty useless.


    Active: You summon multiple Viperesses who together attack enemies in the vicinity. Cooldown 1 min 44 sec

    Pretty much a weaker version of a tier 1 Rita. It's meh at best, not worth investing into getting it to tier 3.


    Active: Arachness draws in enemies from up to 20m, stuns them and then disappears again. Cooldown: 1 min 44 sec

    This is basically a no SF cost Bladewall that you can use every 1 minute and 44 seconds, it even has the same animation as Bladewall. Pretty much garbage.

    SELENE *****

    Active: During the skill Selene regenerates up to 15% of nearby ally HP. Cooldown 39 sec

    It's a good card for healing. 5 stars because it has a cute animation.


    Passive: On a direct hit there's a 10% probability that you gain a +5% attack speed and move speed for 5 seconds (cooldown: 10 seconds).

    A decent passive for a 1*, however there's better options once you get 2*+ cards.

    BAALRIDE ****

    Active: The Baalride throws enemies into the air in a large surface area attack and then disappears. Cooldown: 1 min 18 sec

    I just only recently found out about this card while I was running LC with a guild member that used this. While not as good as Worker Ex Machina, this is a close second. This deals moderate damage in a huge AoE that destroys trash mobs completely. This is an excellent choice and I highly recommend you getting this one.



    Passive: When equipped: +25% stamina every 5.5 seconds.

    I love rolling around as Haru and this card allows me to do more rolling.


    Passive: On a direct hit there's a 15% probability that you gain +5% attack speed for 4.5 seconds (max. 3x stack).

    As I stated earlier, I haven't been impressed with more attack speed for Haru, so I give this only 2 stars.


    Passive: On direct hit there's a 5% probability that you gain +19% stamina.

    I haven't used this since I've been using Megiddon, but this seems like a good alternative.

    SHADE *****

    Passive: On a direct hit there's a 20% probability that you gain a +20% crit rate for 4.5 seconds (cooldown: 10 seconds).

    Crit for days with this card.


    Passive: Every second you have a 35% chance that your move speed increases +10% for 4 seconds (cooldown: 11 seconds).

    This procs quite often and the +10% movement speed is noticeable. I use this occasionally when I solo run dungeons. Also works in District 6.

    SCRAL ***

    Passive: On Killing monsters you receive 20% more dzenai.

    Ok so I've ran some rookie raids and receive around 300k-400k DZ a run, so this card would effectively be giving 60k-80k DZ extra per run. That's an extra 600k-800k for non vip per day, and 1.2m-1.6m for vips if expending all EP on rookie raids.


    Passive: On a direct hit there's a 17% probability that you gain +10% HP (cooldown: 60 seconds).

    Again, another card I was testing to replenish HP in steel graves. I prefer Toru over this one, but I don't use HP regen cards any longer since hitting level 55.

    KAIRON **

    Active: Kairon appears, reduces enemy HP for 10 seconds and then disappears. Cooldown: 1 min 48 sec

    After testing some more I bumped this up from a 1 star rating, to a 2 star rating. This card is not completely useless, it deals a fair amount of damage to trash mobs and has an ok AoE range. I would not recommend leveling this card up, since there are better options to spend your resources on, such as Worker Ex Machina. I will say that this card does have a pretty cool animation.



    Active: You summon an Asphalt Golem for 70 sec, who makes all monsters in the area its target. Cooldown: 1 min 48 sec

    There's not many occasions where I like using this as it blocks a large portion of the screen for me when this is out.

    I read that in future content this card will be useful.

    GWEN & GLAIN *

    Active: Hits all enemies below elite rank and throws them into the air for around 4 sec. Cooldown: 1 min 48 sec

    I haven't tested this one out much, doesn't seem to be that useful, and I'm not sure what elite rank mobs are (I'm guessing the mobs with super armor). Animation on this one is just a pillar of light, no cool animation that have these two come and kick up the mobs.

    LEX **

    Active: Enemies within 17m suffer damage and are drawn in for 7 sec and are then finally paralysed for 5 sec. Cooldown: 1 min 48 sec

    It's an ok card if you don't have any other option for an active, but it doesn't do much damage, and it doesn't draw in mobs fast enough for me. Sadly Lex doesn't come out and appear, instead there is a floating mine-like object.


    Passive: When equipped: attack damage +8% and crit rate: +3%.

    Again, with the way +% attack damage works in this game right now, makes this card unattractive, although the +3% crit rate is nice.


    Passive: When equipped: max. HP +30%

    +30% HP is no laughing matter (it gives +30% of base HP so for level 55 Harus it's 6825 HP), however the additional HP isn't really useful currently. You may want to use this while learning some endgame mechanics such as I-frame dodging through the fire at Last Carnival, or the last boss in Iron Castle, but you can just as easily use a respawn rune and use a +dps card instead. Plus those mechanics are fairly easy to learn and you shouldn't really have trouble with them once you get it down pat. This card may come in handy in future content like PvP.


    RITA *****

    Active: A coin appears with a range of 7m. It inflicts damage on enemies and continually draws them in. Radius : 30m Cooldown: 1 min 48 sec

    One of my most favorite cards. Tricky to get the placement correct at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's ezpz.


    Active: You summon a Steel Shinobi who possesses 10 different buffs. After summoning, you receive the HP Loss effect. Cooldown 1 min 48 sec

    Buffs are nice and all, but I'm not sure how much buffing it's doing. Also it's stationary and has a small radius you have to be in, in order to receive the buff. As Haru I move around quite a lot, so there's not much synergy here.

    HEL & SELENE ****

    Active: Selene and Hel regenerate the HP of nearby allies by up to 50% and also paralyse enemies. Cooldown: 1 min 48 sec

    This heals the most out of all the akasha cards. Useful in some situations, such as the new LC raid where there is a lot of heavy AoE. The animation is nowhere near as cute as the 1* Selene card.


    BIG PLASTICA *****

    Active: Upon destruction you summon you summon 7 orbs, which provide 3 special buffs. Cooldown: 1 min 48 sec

    I finally got this to tier 3, and I must say that everyone who said this was a beast of a card was right. As much as I love Rita, this card blows that card out of the water. I am only able to pull off 4-5 ruptures per golden orb, and sometimes I hit the other golden orbs with my wind rupture and waste them >.< I will need more practice with this one to fully utilize it.

    900 G GRUTINS ?

    Active: 10 Grutins appear and join in the fight for around 35 sec. Cooldown: 1 min 48 sec

    Same thing as with Big Plastica, I need more 5* cards to level this. I do use this in it's tier 2 version and it seems ok for single bosses, but I prefer to use Rita and Worker ex Machina as my two actives atm.

    Edit: 4/9/2018: Akasha card Scral updated.

    Edit: 4/10/2018: Akasha card Kairon updated, Big Plastica akasha card updated, changed font color of active akasha card descriptions.

    Edit: 4/12/2018: Changed skill tree for PvP. Updated some akasha cards.

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  • I personally use attack speed on haru to quickly finish my normal combos. Not having to chug SF pots all the time helps a lot saving money(since obviously, costumes are endgame)

    Plus attack speed is tied to the animations. The faster the animations are done, the faster you can do something else.

    Although it may be preference to play-style so its not something to seriously talk over.

  • Does that mean maxing this skill only grants 1 stamina more per second?

    At max level you have 50% more default stamina regen. That being 3 means you receive 1.5 more stamina each time. Like you I don't use it and if you use a Megiddon tier 2/3 you don't need that passive

  • I personally use attack speed on haru to quickly finish my normal combos. Not having to chug SF pots all the time helps a lot saving money(since obviously, costumes are endgame)

    Plus attack speed is tied to the animations. The faster the animations are done, the faster you can do something else.

    Although it may be preference to play-style so its not something to seriously talk over.

    Thanks for the response. I can see the benefit of being able to do your normal attack combos faster for the SF regen. I have issues with SF in pug groups sometimes when they kill mobs too quickly for me to combo.

    Does that mean maxing this skill only grants 1 stamina more per second?

    At max level you have 50% more default stamina regen. That being 3 means you receive 1.5 more stamina each time. Like you I don't use it and if you use a Megiddon tier 2/3 you don't need that passive

    Ahh thanks. Yeah now that I think about it more, even if I didn't use the Megiddon, the extra stamina regen still doesn't seem like it's worth that much. If the game calculates the regen by 4.5/sec instead of the 4/sec it shows when maxed, it still would take roughly 13 seconds to recover 20 stamina for an extra dodge.

  • with BIG PLASTICA card

    Haru can fire off 6 Rupture OR 3 Slash n' Burn OR 3 Rain Blades per golden orb

    if used with correct timing, u can easily decimate monsters and boss

    with hidden version card, max # of golden orb to appear at once is 7

    ofc, u can only go through about 3 golden orbs due to 15sec orb duration

    have fun blasting off Rupture one after another

    i know my Haru-Haru is enjoying it to the fullest!! =^.^=

    once i get advancement, i will spam Sword Fall instead

    Lv65 [Soragear] Lv65 [SoraMetca] Lv65 [RemGareu]

    Biscuit Guild admin

    Tenebris Server

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  • My eyes are bleeding coz of that RED FONT! T_T anyways thank you for this guide bro Lowkick22

    Sorry, I changed the font to orange instead, which matches the in-game color of the active cards.

    Maybe if we get stamina fixed to give 5/second instead of the 3/second we have now, max stamina would be more useful

    I would agree to that. After I made this guide, I dumped in my 4 remaining SP into stamina just because there's nothing else to do with it.

    Wow, that sounds OP! My plastica is sadly at tier 1 while my grutin is at tier 2 since commanding an army of cute grutins seemed more pleasing to me.

  • Worker ex machina the visual effect takes away my situational awarenes each time someone uses it.

    i truly hate it with a passion. lol

    but thats me


  • Worker ex machina the visual effect takes away my situational awarenes each time someone uses it.

    i truly hate it with a passion. lol

    but thats me

    I sometimes try to troll with that card and use it in the 5th zone of Last Carnival where you need to dodge past the flames. So far I've been unsuccessful since the animation is slow and people usually run past the hands before they get to come down :c