1000 S+ Rank runs Mini Guide

  • Requirements:

    - lv50 with chargeable Rupture

    - buy panties from Grutin shop or Cash Shop (fan service), u will be jumping in 3rd room

    Recommended boosts to bring:

    - aspd + run speed gears/titles (i run with 130% aspd, 120% run speed)

    - Baalride card + Naran card (aspd + run speed one)


    Rucco Town Best Showtime ep1 normal mode

    i choose this map over R Square since mannequins are very much contained in small rooms/linear hallways so it's easier to aoe and hit all of them at once

    Rucco Town R Square ep1 manic mode

    i choose not this map since mannequins are too spread out and they take time to spawn in 2nd room, it is still doable but u need at least 65 combos to get S+, plus u need to undress everything but a level 1 weapon

    Time it takes per S+ rank run at Best Showtime:


    Explanations on how to run:

    Best Showtime ep1 normal mode consists of 4 rooms (1st hallway, classroom, 2nd hallway, boss room)

    ur goal is to reach 3rd room asap and here is how i recommend

    1st hallway - run to the end and summon Baalride

    classroom - use bladewall

    2nd hallway is the KEY ROOM where u need to follow these instructions below to get 58+ combo for S+ rank rating

    - 1st, run and jump over to the end of the hallway (DO NOT hit anything and make sure ur Rupture is NOT on cooldown)

    - 2nd, charge ur Rupture ONCE and fire it from the end of the hallway

    If u fire it off correctly, u will destroy all mannequins, balloons, desks and chairs in the hallway which will net u enough combos for S+

    - if u fail, u can still rack up ur combos upon 2 balloons, possible grutin appearance and mini boss + 4 clowns in the stairs right b4 boss room

    Jump and Slash n 'Burn' Jokaquin in boss room

    My Thoughts:

    This is my 1000 S+ rank runs mini guide for Haru only!! Lots of nosebleed due to fan service =^.^=


    Lv1 [SoraMetca] Lv60 [SoraMitsuka] Lv60 [RemGalleu]

    Tenebris Server

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  • Eikko

    no idea, but i really like to find out who has the energy to run 5000 runs of S+ rank

    and then give them a medal of NEET lol

    it's a joke xD

    just like my 3rd sentence under Requirements


    Lv1 [SoraMetca] Lv60 [SoraMitsuka] Lv60 [RemGalleu]

    Tenebris Server

  • i posted a pic below of what S+ rank result will look like at Best Showtime Ep 1 normal mode

    this is me running under 1min to try and achieve 1000 S+ rank

    ALL DONE now <3

    u only need around 65 combo to get S+ rank (around 38,000pts)

    hope it helps =^.^=



    Lv1 [SoraMetca] Lv60 [SoraMitsuka] Lv60 [RemGalleu]

    Tenebris Server

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  • fuudo

    for Stella and Haru this title will give them the best attack speed boost in the game by far

    title also gives 1484 Crit Dmg boost

    the only downside is no Crit boost

    imo, i really like this title =^.^=


    • GCF.PNG

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    Lv1 [SoraMetca] Lv60 [SoraMitsuka] Lv60 [RemGalleu]

    Tenebris Server

  • fuudo

    for Stella and Haru this title will give them the best attack speed boost in the game by far

    title also gives 1484 Crit Dmg boost

    the only downside is no Crit boost

    imo, i really like this title ^^

    That sounds amazing, do you mind posting a screenshot? Thanks!

  • I have updated the guide to include more recommendations and tips on how to improve ur per time run at Best Showtime

    due to an error on my first Haru, i'm forced to replay her

    this means another 1000 S+ rank runs for me D:

    although i did speed up my per run using tips above, took off 13 secs =^.^=

  • Get the title for the character "Erwin" is also easy. I spent 50 seconds for one dungeon. The combo counter is 95+.

  • How to S+ run for every character:

    Step 1: get F-ARIA (akasha);

    Step 2: use it to wipe the 1st room of R Square Manic;

    Step 3: clear the rest of the dungeon. Yes, it really doesn't matter what you do from this point onwards.


  • combo counter required for Best Showtime is 58+

    although i tend to overdo it LOL

    also, F-ARIA at R Square Manic isn't the best

    only the 1st run is 44sec+

    rest of the runs after 1st run will be 50sec+

    due to cooldown timer for F-ARIA to be reuse again

    every run after 1st run, u will have to wait about 10secs in 1st room b4 using it again on mannequins

    although R Square does have 1 less room to clear

    ie: F-ARIA works due to new combo system revamp which now includes AR card's hit count

    ps: bring some bonus keycard if u can, i kept redeeming soulsanctum page when i get it from Best Showtime clear rewards

    opened 10 and got 2 mannequin part and sold 500mil each $.$


    Lv1 [SoraMetca] Lv60 [SoraMitsuka] Lv60 [RemGalleu]

    Tenebris Server

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  • Nah, there is no new combo system, they've just added a new font to the numbers. Some akashas still don't count towards the combo score. Those that can proc Shades do though, that's how I knew F-ARIA would work.

    And I don't have to wait on its cooldown due to the fact that them loading screens last a long time for me ...

    U can even overdo it and achieve over 150+ combo score, but I don't think that's necessary ^^

    Or u can run it with a buddy. You clear 1st room, him 2nd room and u both get enough score :whistling:

    Also, thanks for the money making tip.

  • Kind of old post but it's still necessary, so excuse me:
    I find R Square Hard 1 to be the best. Fastest time I saw (i.e. when i actually paid attention) was 43 seconds, rest ranging around 43-47, and it's really easy too.
    There's a video somewhere on the forums about it, but it didn't do or explain everything right.
    1st room is just level 2 rupture clear;
    2nd room is the one where you need at least 70 hit combo. You can either run to the other side of the circle in the middle (behind the enemies and boxes), bladewall, storm strider and basic attack to get it,
    OR, the *safe* way, launch slash n' dash on one of the fire hydrants, that gets you a lot of hits easily since the fire hydrant is like a tri-orb, it only gets destroyed a few seconds after you finish pummeling it.
    for the boss room, storm strider --> rain of blades,
    OR, the one i find slightly faster, storm strider --> slash n' dash (if you don't use it in the 2nd room). This one has no animation lock, kills around as fast if not faster, and you have time to run to the door before the "clear" scene comes in to waste your time.

    Edit: maybe i should mention, for me personally a cycle is around 1 minute 15 seconds, counting in entering, loading, clearing, boss cutscene, killing, end scene, exiting and entering again