Steel Grave guide

  • Basics About Steel Grave

    1. Steel Grave is an instanced dungeon that can only be accessed solo and a limited number of times per day (5 times). You cannot enter Steel Grave in a party. You cannot revive inside Steel Grave.

    2. The main purpose of doing Steel Grave is to get materials and blueprints to craft level 35 (Grave Guard Mk I), level 45 (Grave Guard Mk II) and level 55 (Grave Guard Mk III) unique gear at Zenith NPC in every town. You can also obtain various materials, AR Card Keys, BP and unique accessories. You'll need the level 55 Grave Guard gear to craft Aurite gear, which will be necessary to do Primal dungeon during endgame.

    3. Daily entry limit to Steel Grave resets at 9AM server time. It can also be reset by using an item obtained from finishing Steel Grave blue quests, daily attendance, Booker TV NPC in District 6 and in-game events.

    4. To access Steel Grave, approach the purple portal located in any of the cities mentioned below:

    a) Candus City (go straight when you enter the city, portal is at the top of the stairs).

    b) Grace City (go right when you enter the city).

    c) Ruin Fortress (portal is on the left part of the city).

    5. Steel Grave consists of 15 Chapters. At the beginning, only Chapter 1 is open. Clearing Chapter 1 will unlock Chapter 2, clearing Chapter 2 will unlock Chapter 3, and so on.

    6. Each Chapter consists of 5 Stages. You must clear all 5 Stages to complete a Chapter. Clearing each Stage gives you BP and boxes with random items inside.

    7. Steel Grave can be divided into 3 important "parts":

    a) Part one consists of Chapters 1-5.

    b) Part two consists of Chapters 6-10.

    c) Part three consists of Chapters 11-15.

    8. Material boxes from Part two drop more (and better) materials than material boxes from Part one, and material boxes from Part three drop more (and better) materials than material boxes from Part two.

    9. Chapters 1-4, 6-9 and 11-14 only give you boxes with materials. Chapters 5, 10 and 15 give you less boxes with materials, but they additionally give you a box with blueprints to craft Grave Guard gear. The chance to get a blueprint from a box is not 100%.

    10. Every Stage has a low chance to activate a Hidden Mission. Completing those missions will reward you additional boxes with materials.

    11. The tables below show rewards you get from each Chapter in Steel Grave. In the third row (Material Boxes), "4 + 4" means you get 4 material boxes from the first 4 Stages, then in the 5th Stage you get a box that has 4 material boxes inside. In the fourth row (Blueprint Boxes), "1 + 1" means the 5th Stage gives you a box that has 1 weapon blueprint box and 1 armor blueprint box inside.

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5
    BP 127 150 172 195 217
    Material Boxes
    (Tier 1)
    4 + 4 4 + 4 4 + 4 4 + 4 4
    Blueprint Boxes
    (Level 35)
    - - - - 1 + 1

    Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10
    BP 240 262 285 307 330
    Material Boxes
    (Tier 2)
    4 + 4 4 + 4 4 + 4 4 + 4 4
    Blueprint Boxes
    (Level 45)
    - - - - 1 + 1

    Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15
    BP 352 375 397 420 442
    Material Boxes
    (Tier 3)
    4 + 4 4 + 4 4 + 4 4 + 4 4
    Blueprint Boxes
    (Level 55)
    - - - - 1 + 1

    Tips for Farming Steel Grave

    1. Start doing Steel Grave on your first day when you reach Candus City and farm it everyday until you get the level 55 Grave Guard gear, needed to craft Aurite gear. Alternatively, you can craft Aurite gear from Raid gear, but it's faster and cheaper to craft Aurite gear from Grave Guard gear.

    2. On your first day, you probably should stop at Chapter 3, as Chapters 4 and 5 might be too difficult for you when you're around level 15-20. If you're a Stella, you can get further in Chapters more easily thanks to self-healing skills.

    3. You should be able to clear Chapter 5 around level 30-35 without too much problem. The blueprints from Chapter 5 are used for crafting level 35 Grave Guard gear, so you should try to get those blueprints by the time you hit level 35.

    4. Once you clear Chapter 5 and if you only want to farm materials to craft your gear, you should do Chapter 6 instead as the material boxes from Chapter 6 give you more crafting materials than material boxes from Chapters 1-5. Chapter 6 is also considerably easier than Chapter 5.

    5. Similarly, once you clear Chapter 10 and if you only want to farm materials to craft your gear, you should do Chapter 11 instead as the material boxes from Chapter 11 give you more crafting materials than material boxes from Chapters 6-10. Chapter 11 is also considerably easier than Chapter 10.

    6. If you only want to farm material boxes, then you should do Chapters 1, 6 or 11 only. Of course, doing Chapter 6 will be better than doing Chapter 1, and doing Chapter 11 will be better than doing Chapter 6. The reason why you should only do those three Chapters for materials is because they are faster to clear than other Chapters and give the same number of material boxes (for each respective Part of Steel Grave).

    7. If you need blueprints, farm Chapter 5 (for level 35 blueprints), Chapter 10 (for level 45 blueprints) and Chapter 15 (for level 55 blueprints) only.

    8. Always read the messages that pop on your screen inside Steel Grave, they give you tips on how to clear each Stage. Some Stages can be tricky, and I'll include a list of troublesome Stages later on in the guide with tips on how to clear them.

    9. If you're running low on HP, you can try equipping gear with HP bonuses, crafting some healing AR Cards (check the Recommended AR Cards guide for more information) and picking up the green healing boxes dropped by enemies inside Steel Grave. Try using tactics that won't get you hit too many times: don't get surrounded by enemies, use hit-and-run strategy if the enemies have Super Armor, practice dodging and learn enemies' attack patterns.

    10. Materials from Steel Grave can be shared between your characters by using your bank. This means you can use your alts to farm some materials, then put the materials in bank and retrieve them on your main. Materials from Steel Grave are also tradeable on the market.

    11. Don't bother farming accessories from Steel Grave. It takes too much time and luck to get a full set, and you won't be needing any of them at level 55 anyway. If you manage to get lucky then sure, feel free to use them if they have good stats. But don't focus your time and effort on farming them by any means.

    Tips for Difficult Steel Grave Stages

    There are a number of Stages in Steel Grave that bring a lot of trouble to most players. I'll make a list of those Stages and give some advice on how to clear them more easily.

    1. Chapter 7, Stage 4:

    Wait for all the mobs to spawn first. Run away from mobs until a controller appears on the map. The mobs have very high HP, so it's not recommended to fight them head-on. Operating the controller will deal damage to everyone on the map, including you. It will damage you and enemies for 90% of maximum HP, so make sure your HP is over 90% before using the controller. If your HP is lower than 90%, then hit the green box to heal yourself first. Once the enemies' HP is reduced by 90%, you can easily finish them off with a few skills, but be careful not to get hit or you can easily die. After killing the 1st wave of enemies, repeat the process with the 2nd wave of enemies. Make sure your HP is over 90% before operating the 2nd controller. Use the 2nd green box if you need before operating the 2nd controller.

    2. Chapter 10, Stage 3:

    In the middle of the room, you'll see an object in the ground. Every 30 seconds, this object will pop out from the ground, then shortly after it will give you a debuff that quickly drains your HP. To remove this debuff, you'll have to break a green box. There are 4 green boxes total, one in each corner of the room. Make sure to break a green box as soon as you receive the debuff. Your goal is to kill all enemies, while keeping an eye on the debuff and healing it as soon as you can with the green box. Try to fight enemies close to a box and observe the device in the middle of the map. Be careful not to break a green box by accident. You can also try to count to 30 in your head to know when the device is going to appear and give you the debuff.

    3. Chapter 13, Stage 4:

    The whole ground will be covered in a force field that will drain your HP every second that you stand on it. Quickly jump on the floating platforms on your left and climb to the top. There will be 10 floating platforms. Stepping on the 3rd, 5th and 9th platform will activate an explosion on that platform. Use your dodge to avoid taking damage from the explosion, but be careful not to fall off the platform. Dodge about 1 second after you see the explosion animation starting. You must reach the last platform to activate a switch to disable the force field on the floor. The distance between some platforms is big enough that you might need to use a dash jump to get over the gap between platforms. If you have the air dash skill, you can try using it to quickly get from the 1st/2nd floating platform straight to the last platform.

    4. Chapter 14, Stage 4:

    You must activate a controller every 30 seconds to stop the AoE attacks that will happen across the whole map.

    5. Chapter 15, Stage 3:

    The easiest and fastest way to clear this room is to go to the very end of the map, then wait for all the enemies to gather and kill them with AoE attacks. If you stand near the end of the map, you won't get hit by any of the lasers that appear on the map. Don't destroy the green box until you kill the last enemy in this room - this box will give you a movement speed buff that is very useful in the next Stage.

    6. Chapter 15, Stage 4:

    You'll face off with floating platforms again. Some of the platforms are partially invisible (3rd, 5th and 9th platform). Explosions will happen on the 1st, 4th, 7th and 8th platform. If you still have the movement speed buff from the previous Stage, you'll probably be fast enough to get between platforms before the explosions happen, but it's risky as you might get hit while in the air and you might fall off easily. You can also try doing the strategy with using air dash to quickly get to the last platform from the 1st or 2nd platform.

    7. Chapter 15, Stage 5:

    The enemies in this Stage have a lot of HP. If your gear isn't good, then it'll take a long time to kill those enemies. You can greatly reduce their HP by dragging them into the explosion circles that pop out on the map. However, be extremely careful as those explosions will deal a lot of damage to you as well and can easily kill you.

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